Do first-person-shooters HAVE to be shooters?

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: An interesting thought crept in this morning as I was traversing the interwebz. We are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of shooting/violence driven games. Especially First-Person-shooters.

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secretcode1938d ago

If you want to get technical, you still shot stuff. But instead of enemies, you shot at walls and floors.

fairyblaster1938d ago

Article is onto something. The creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, is currently working on a 1st person shooter, and surely no guns will be involved. WTF

The_KELRaTH1938d ago

I see no reason why it couldn't be a 1st person platform game of which the majority never fire at anything.

There were a few on the Atari 800 so not a new concept.

PopRocks3591938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Portal is not a conventional shooter at all. I figured by "shooters" this article was talking about shooting things with bullets. Portal took that entire concept and warped it. Not to mention it was still in a first person perspective. From where I'm standing, it counts.

EDIT: The first of half of Mirror's Edge counts as well.

lilbroRx1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

If it doesn't have shooting then its not a first person shooter to begin with. Its game of that uses a first person view like King's Field or Pathologic. That would be a First Person "insert genre".

This title makes no sense.

ssj271938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Or like Driveclub the next gen PS4 evolution racing games.. is all and always in FPview..

But if we get technical to the question, yes a fps need to be a shooter to be a fps.. most stupid question ever.
But to be fair he may not be stupis, I don't think the writer understand what fps means = "first person shooter ".. walla know he knows it and he was just not's ok, we learn new things ever day.

admiralvic1938d ago

It's a conceptually flawed statement, since you can't be a puzzle game without having a puzzle, nor can you make a hack and slash with no melee based combat. Thats the whole point of having a genre, since it groups similar things together.

Also Portal isn't an FPS, it's a first person puzzle / platformer. While you can make a case for the portal being a shooter over the portal gun, the gun still in fact shoots.

Agheil1938d ago

what about Mirrors edge? Time trials at least show a FPP is a possibility.

BeZdaBest1938d ago

well skyrim is first person.. and you shoot magic..

idk just putting it out

PopRocks3591938d ago

Skyrim certainly counts. I just listed Portal since it seemed like the most practical choice. Mirror's Edge is also a good option.

GuyThatPlaysGames1938d ago

That's like saying should Madden be a sports game?

PopRocks3591938d ago

I think a better comparison like that would be "Do all sports games need to be Madden games?"

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GribbleGrunger1938d ago

Well the short answer would have to be yes, a first person shooter has to contain guns. That is, after all, the nature of the beast. If, on the other hand the question is, 'do first person perspective' games have to contain guns, I'd say absolutely not.

secretcode1938d ago

To be honest, the entire concept of this article to me is basically like "What if you took the racing out of a racing game" or "What if Puzzle games had no puzzles."

GribbleGrunger1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Without definition genres wouldn't exist. They're just the best option we have to make selection a less painful, time consuming process. Once a genre is identified with one or two particular traits, the traits themselves become the genre ... hence FPS (shooter) which by it's very existence depends upon the inclusion of guns.

... this is an INSANE proposition.

Hydralysk1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

That's still a bit limiting.

There's nothing saying a shooter needs guns, it just needs the ability to shoot. You could make an archery game, a catapult/trebuchet/ballista game. As long firing projectiles is the main gameplay mechanic it doesn't really matter what you are firing.

In terms of genre definition itself though, video games are kind of screwed up as is. We define genres in games by their mechanics, FPS, RPGs, Puzzle Games, and games are the only medium that does this. No one has ever defined movie genres by the cinematography techniques used, or books by the way they structure their paragraphs, rather it's about the tone it's trying to express, drama, action, comedy, horror, romance, ect.

This probably happened because early games had little outside of their gameplay, but it's lead to this situation where we are unsure of how to classify games that buck the common mechanics of it's genre as the gameplay these genres were associated with continues to evolve.

FragMnTagM1938d ago

Eloquent and extremely well put. +Bub.

Kennytaur1938d ago

A first person game does not have to be a shooter, but then it's not a first person shooter is it?

ExCest1938d ago

A First-Person Shooter isn't a First-Person Shooter if it doesn't have shooting and at least a small focus on it. It's like calling a game an RPG while the game has no elements of role playing.

A first person game without a focus on shooting, or shooting at all, would just be a first-person ____.

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