Game Slave: The Spiderwick Chronicles Review

Game Slave writes: "The Spiderwick Chronicles is the latest offering of the shameless tie-in title, with nothing to personally redeem it. So insipid in its construction and imaging that not even the cheapest studio would have created its like without a major movie release to prop it up. Its not that games aimed at younger or broad-spectrum players are by any means intrinsically bad, as the Kingdom Hearts series would attest, but for the life of me I cant think of any game worth the time that was based on 'young fiction'.

The basic game structure of Spiderwick will have you playing one of three siblings (one fast, one strong, one ranged - natch) and a little house-elf helper, with whom you will enjoy a series of go-fetch missions with similar looking goblins to grind through there and back. Most of these will be sorties into the woods surrounding the safe base of Chez Spiderwick."

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