Microsoft Destroys Xbox 720 as PS4 Levitates Sony

Has Microsoft destroyed their Xbox brand?

The Xbox brand has from the start tried to disconnect itself from Microsoft, if you look at your controller and box the Microsoft logo’s are barely visible.

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StrongMan1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

"Xbox used to be associated with core gamers and big titles, in the early days of the 360 there used to be awesome demo’s coming out all of the time, now they are most Kinect family game demos.

They are trying to tap into the same source Nintendo used to sell loads of Wii’s now look where it got them with the Wii U.

Microsoft’s first party titles and amount of studio’s compared to Sony are laughable

I’ve been an “Xbox guy” since the original one came out, but now I’m seriously doubting the Xbox brand as to first party titles."

I think that sums up how almost all hardcore gamers feel about the Xbox brand these days. MS should take a long hard look at what abandoning the hardcore did to Nintendo when they tried to get them back with the WiiU. MS also needs to consider on thing since they want to take over the living room and that's the fact that casuals already enjoy free apps for free with their Android phones, iphones, PS3s, Wiis, WiiUs, Apple tvs, Google tvs, and all other devices completely ad free so they will never pay MS to rent these free apps. XBL is a free app rental service where you rent free apps that are free everywhere else. The PC gamers didn't fall for it and neither will the casuals.


Thats obvious. When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games.

Sandmano1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I think their going to try and target the casuals trying to be the next Nintendo. In terms of console players the Ps4 will be the last stronghold if you will for the hardcore...

CommonSense1576d ago

You people sure do love to speculate. Especially when it's negative speculation towards MS and positive towards Sony.

Maybe we should be criticizing articles like this instead of going along with them

Eh, who am I kidding? It's N4G.

brodychet1576d ago

Shh @CommonSense , don't speak too loudly. ...They'll hear us.

kreate1576d ago

the thing is....

Halo, gears, forza is all they need for the nextbox to succeed.

hard joe1576d ago

Halo is left by bungie
Gears is left by epic
They're just empty shells of their former selves

b_one1576d ago

hmm, there are lots of nice titles... on PS just for casuals - funny how i told my friends to buy Wonderbook for thier kids, it ended as i expected they had fun along with thier kids...

zeee1576d ago

Clearly, this is a flamebait article. Looks to be the work of a novice writer or so-called "gaming journalist".

I have said this before, and I will say it again. It is too damn early to predict anything! Do we know more about PS4? Yes, of course. Do we have any 'official' information regarding 720? No!

We can't compare these consoles since one of them hasn't even been unveiled so far.

People should wait till May 21 to even start comparing. I guess, even after May 21, we should further wait for E3 where more of each console will be revealed. I think from price to software and even hardware, we'll have all the juicy details come E3.

But until that time comes, can we just enjoy our video games on OUR choice of platforms?

humbleopinion1576d ago

I seriously don't get the fuzzy logic behind articles such as this one (well, coming from a website called "society and religion" maybe I shouldn't expect much, not to mention the ignorant commentators here claiming which console is targeting casuals and which is targeting hardcore gamers.

For example, the writer specifically mentions "EA is the worst publisher ever and Ubisoft is copy pasting their business model, I don’t want to be stuck with just their AAA titles and a lot of gamers I’ve talked to on Xbox Live agree."

Don't like AAA games? That's all good and fine. But the top and most hardcore experiences this side of Bioshock Infinite are Monaco and Battleblock Theatre. One of them is an 360 exclusive while the other is currently only available on PC and 360, and both are definitely not AAA.
Both are offering amazing gameplay for single and multiplayer, coupled with a very unique art style: not exactly the games I'd recommend for the casual player who wishes to be dazzled by cinematic experience and cares less about the actual challenge.

If the current batch of games serves as clue about the future direction Microsoft is taking (and I don't think it does), then it seems to me the Microsoft's focus is on pushing more small-scale indie games on their platform, not going all out in a casual marketing blitz. These games are as far away from Nintendo as I can think.

joeorc1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

"You people sure do love to speculate. Especially when it's negative speculation towards MS and positive towards Sony.

Maybe we should be criticizing articles like this instead of going along with them

Eh, who am I kidding? It's N4G."

I know its frustrating Some Times, but in the focus That Microsoft toward the 1st party efforts for Hardcore Gaming rather than the Focus toward more Casual type Game experience's is not unreasonable About Microsoft's Focus or in this case Lack there of.

I do think this piece was over the top, but on the same token if you look what has happened recently this generation of the people in charge of the xbox platform it self, there may be a reason why people are a lil uneasy about Microsoft's Focus.


ED fries: Left after 18 year's over at Microsoft help create the xbox platform.

Robbie j Bach now [former Microsoft executive]

Ray Ozzie [now gone]

Peter Molyneux Hall of fame just like Mark Cerny

Also now Gone!

Nat Brown one of the [xbox founder's] Gone

as a matter of fact


Kevin Bachus [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Seamus Blackley [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Ted Hase and Otto Berkes [both founder's of the xbox project and now both are gone]

J Allard

the key people that help create the xbox project and made a pitch to bill gates, all loved Gaming and Were Gamer's at heart, all now no longer with the Xbox Project. look at both Nintendo and Sony's core people in key positions to keep hard core gaming in a front and center focus for their companies. They both has not lost this Many of the people who founded the principle and development of a game console for Gamer's.

Granted 3rd party is great and all but 1st party is just as important to the value for consumer's just as much if not more so than the 3rd party offering's. that's what people are worried about the people that made the case for the xbox from even being a reality in the market at all is all gone! that say's quite a bit on Microsoft's focus for a number of people.

loulou1576d ago

pure rubbish fanboy flamebait, wrote especially for hits from n4g. and ofcourse it is the hottest story...

with non other than strongman, without doubt one of the worst fanboy trolls on n4g as the first commentator.

n4g is a joke

Anon19741576d ago

If they're smart, they'll go after the casuals hard. They started to tap into the market with Kinect and struck a chord. With casuals completely unaware that the Wii-U even exists, or that it's not just a Wii accessory, Microsoft could capitalize on this by going hard after the causal market that seems to be relatively untapped since the Wii craze died down.

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Septic1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

"Microsoft’s first party titles and amount of studio’s compared to Sony are laughable "

Halo is laughable?

Gears of War is laughable?

The Forza games are laughable?

These games are all killer apps and are either the best or near best in their respective genres.

I'll agree with the point about the lack of first party titles however, the potential library of first party games MS could have is tremendous. It's just a matter of them utilising that potential (or not).

"Thats obvious. When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games."

Yeah you wish.

Neko_Mega1577d ago

But you can only milk something for so long, look at the Wii U. It had a new Mario game and yet that hasn't really help Nintendo much and Mario sales better then mostly everything else.

insomnium21577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

There's bound to be fatigue with Geow, Halo and Forza. Same way there is fatigue with Uncharted, GOW and Resistance on PS3. Make more than 2 games per gen and it's likely to suffer from fatigue. I just don't see people getting excited over pretty much the same game with a new plot over and over.

GOW is an exception to my "more than 2 games"-rule but that has been around since PS2 pretty much as Halo and Forza has so...

@williamsson below

"None of this crap about one being better because it sold more."

Well the sales doom for PS3 is what started this. It's stupid I know.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1577d ago


are those all the titles you can name that microsoft has lol

thats because thats all they have lol how horrible....

Gears has been selling less and less since the first..
Halo isnt as big as it once was since they released so many of it..
Forza might be the only one that is decent...

3 games can only be fun for so long lol.. sony has so many ned gen PS4 ftw

Skips1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


Damn, when Mario and Monter Hunter ( ) don't help. You know something's up.

Relying on the the same old franchises will get to you somewhere along the lines, which Nintendo seems to be showing.

Microsoft may need some new ones fast.


"Gears has been selling less and less since the first.."

That's just due to fatigue, same can be said for God Of War. (But the difference is people actually liked the new God Of War) so you may have a point. lol

I don't think Halo will ever lose its' relevancy though. Just as Gran Turismo will never lose it with Sony.

But considering they don't put out Gran Turismo games NEARLY as much as Halo) despite it being Sony's NUMBER 1 franchise and it doing Halo numbers. Fatigue will hit Halo LONG LONG before it hits GT.

Jek_Porkins1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I agree with what you're saying 100%, Microsoft has the potential to have a stellar launch lineup because it certainly looks like they have been working on new games for the next Xbox over the last few years.

I look at Xbox Live as the core online service though, anyone who plays Gamebattles or games competitively like I do knows what I mean, the number of competitive online teams on games like COD and Battlefield have a striking 10 to 1 ratio in favor of Xbox Live on a site like that.

I think Microsoft went a different direction then Sony, saving new IP's for the next Xbox, opting to give 360 owners the games they bought a 360 for in the first place, Halo, Gears, Forza ect..

Is that a wrong approach? I don't think so, it might tick some off, but I enjoy those games, and if it means they'll have the best possible launch lineup on the next Xbox, I'm all the more in favor of it.

No two companies are going to do things the same exact way, what works for one, might not work for the other, doesn't make one way wrong or right.

LordDhampire1577d ago

Halo series died after bungie left, halo 4 while people say its a good game, it doesn't have the pazzazz of the other ones.

Gears of War...ha...gears of war died of natural causes after 3, judgement just drove a steak through its heart. Plus the series is finished so thats gone.

Forza is a racing game, nothing really unique about it, theirs already ahandful just like Iit to choose from, but hey racing not my things so I cant really say which ones the best I prefer nfs over GT or Forza

Why o why1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Laughable in amount septic, c'mon dude.

Like sony has an exclusive for more genres than ms does. All but one of this gens goty were on the ps3 with many of them being exclusive. Ms only had 1 and that was before the ps was released..mass effect I think.

When I used to think of hardcore gaming I used to think ms and sony...fixed. ms now release more kinect exclusives than core ones...from most reasonable people's view that means a shift in direction...not an absolute one, because there will always be a halo forza and gears but a substantial one for sure..

Kudos for being brave enough to actually say ms should step up on the 1st party are a brave entity. Some people on n4g seem to feel that just because they like wii type games the rest of us should just fall in line. Nah, not me. Ill enjoy many casual games but no way did I spend 5bills on a console for those. I want core games and that hasn't changed just because thats what's 'in' now.

@Jek, saving their ips for next gen....and you're fine with that. Some of those ips have slept for a whole damn gen yet me saying this probably gives you a reason to say I'm being unreasonable. Why sleep on these older ips if your fans want them.

MS kinda act like a great steeplechase horses...never jumping too high, just clipping the fences and doing enough to get over. Sony fans must just be more demanding by nature. Maybe all of the 'no games' and 'aaa' taunts 360 guys used to scream got to our heads...lmao. How things have changed huh

, on your last point about launch titles.....Theres a strange model one of the console makers used. It was to support their system to the end by releasing sequels to its mainstays but jumped even higher than it needed to by releasing 3 new ips in the same year their next console was due to be released....madness. oh, and they seem to have enough in the tank for new ips and sequels for their mainstays for next gen too... must be crazy.. Their fans/customers cant want that ..nah. they're jumping too high

PockyKing1577d ago

I think there is some truth in this statement.

"When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games."

The 360 started out great but the lack of exclusive content is really starting to show. Halo, Gears and Forza are all great franchises no doubt, but how much of the same three franchises can you play on a year to year basis.

The biggest 360 exclusive that I've heard of in recent is State of Decay. Thankfully that's looking to be a great open world XBLA zombie game, so I'm excited for that.

konnerbllb1577d ago


You don't know what you're talking about. Gears 3 sold more than gears 1 and 2 combined.

Gridloc1576d ago

Yeah all 3 laughable. All 3 of these so called killer aps were developed by totally different developers. Due to the fact of fatigue or Microsoft's, do it our way or take the highway.

4lc4pon31576d ago

@everyone. I always thought mario was a pretty stupid game. Never could see why everyone got into it as they did.

Jaqen_Hghar1576d ago

looks like his wish came true

zlpw0ker1576d ago

yes,halo and gears of war is laughable,the gaming world doesnt revolve around shooting games and I for one is piss tired of ot,its nothing new,its all the same,go play old MOH,now that is a shootng game.

I agree,forza is not laughable,I think its good acing game series,but I havent tried much,but what ive seen its really good,but some weird controls.

I see xbox as shooting console,nothing more,maybee perhaps some eksklusive in some other genres,but nothing special.

I have grown out of shootng games since like 10years ago or something.and when MS is conecentrating on kinect bullshitt it will be their downfall,I could care less for 720 or ps4,both consoles,so im not a ps4 fanboy,but I really like ps3,but mainly cuz it got great racing games,hack n slash games and BC and a good controller that has been the same since PSX era

_-EDMIX-_1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

No one in there cartoon minds is thinking MS as "hardcore" thats just now out of the question. To say "Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable" etc doesn't really help.

Nintendo has there Smash Bros and RE's sometimes but believe me, a couple IP's doesn't just make you the "hardcorez" kid on the block. It has to do with a steady stream of new IP's on a regular basis.

Sony has shown they will support new IP's TEN FOLD! ie Uncharted (4 games) InFamous (3 games) Resistance (4 games) Killzone (6 games, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSV and PS4) LBP (4 games) Motorstorm (4 to 5 games not sure on that one) but the point is, when Sony does a new IP it isn't like Alan Wake (in MS defense it wasn't there IP when it started off so..) Crackdown, Shadowrun, Mech Warrior, PGR, viva pinata.....Blinx. Its just when MS makes a new IP......your right to worry. First off they don't do it often, second, they barely even support most of there new IP's past a second game. You get 2....maybe and then they axe the team or sell the IP as they've done many times before.


Don't give me that "what about Gears Of War?" What about it, I'm pretty sure we were talking about MS IP's. When did MS buy The Gears Of War IP from Epic? Link? I would like to know. LOL!

Put it this way, MS would have had a GREAT line up of games HAD they had kept those 12 to 13 studios they let of from 2007 to LOL. If Fasa, Ensemble, Bizzre Creations, Bungie, Bioware etc had all be making games for MS still, you would had seen a lot of Mass Effects, PGR's, Halo War's sequel, a game other then Halo by Bungie etc. Hell, they might have made Destiny for 720 and MS would had owned the IP for all we know (I would get a 720 for that game alone). If they still owned those teams, made more new IP's or just supported the ones they owned, they would be doing fine. They are in last place for a reason. But remember, MS didn't "lose" 13 studios, they "let" them go. Clearly they had other plans past 2007 ie Kinect.

Mind you, many have notice the strange change in MS around 2007, as noted by Newsweek's N'Gai Croal http://www.gamercastnetwork...

LordHiggens1576d ago

Gears of War is actually in fact....laughable....

Jaces1576d ago

Wow, three heavy hitters that have all passed their due date. Nice. I won't be holding my breath for the nextbox reveal.

braydox211576d ago

its not halo or gears or even forza thats laughable but its the fact that there is only those big three titles or three studious that make those franchises. there is no others that really stand out you have Halo as their Flagship while gears and forza i know there are a few other games but even so those are rare to see them recently its not just laughable but is quite sad that microsoft are not really arming themsselves with more exlcusives to include more variety to show that they are more than just the adrenline filled junkie games, their support of early dlc is definatley apreaciated but what i think microsoft needs to do with the kinect is make slower paced games heck even a kinect game of chess where you sit down and focus just moving pieces with your hand, playing chess with kinect i think that would be alot of fun or at least be more suited to the kinect.

Shuyin1576d ago

The only "killer" franchise of these 3 is Halo, lol. Gears is mediocre and Forza is decent but nothing too special. It's always amusing to me when Xbox guys name their exclusives and it's ALWAYS "Halo, Gears and Forza" while Sony gamers list dozens of IPs.


freezola751576d ago

^ Damn 106 disagrees.. oops 107 now.. wow I don't think I have seen that many going in the opposite direction...

on topic tho, does anyone think that M$ will blow us away with their new console? IMO, the jury is still out.. maybe they can turn their ship around.

Full benefit of the doubt given.

But seriously, It looks like only one console manufacturer gets it.. trample on your most loyal consumers and watch your sales do a face plant dive, like this..

oh peace.

Nathaniel_Drake1576d ago

GeOW is not a first party title