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Submitted by Sandmano 1020d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Destroys Xbox 720 as PS4 Levitates Sony

Has Microsoft destroyed their Xbox brand?

The Xbox brand has from the start tried to disconnect itself from Microsoft, if you look at your controller and box the Microsoft logo’s are barely visible. (PS4, Xbox One)

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StrongMan  +   1020d ago
"Xbox used to be associated with core gamers and big titles, in the early days of the 360 there used to be awesome demo’s coming out all of the time, now they are most Kinect family game demos.

They are trying to tap into the same source Nintendo used to sell loads of Wii’s now look where it got them with the Wii U.

Microsoft’s first party titles and amount of studio’s compared to Sony are laughable

I’ve been an “Xbox guy” since the original one came out, but now I’m seriously doubting the Xbox brand as to first party titles."

I think that sums up how almost all hardcore gamers feel about the Xbox brand these days. MS should take a long hard look at what abandoning the hardcore did to Nintendo when they tried to get them back with the WiiU. MS also needs to consider on thing since they want to take over the living room and that's the fact that casuals already enjoy free apps for free with their Android phones, iphones, PS3s, Wiis, WiiUs, Apple tvs, Google tvs, and all other devices completely ad free so they will never pay MS to rent these free apps. XBL is a free app rental service where you rent free apps that are free everywhere else. The PC gamers didn't fall for it and neither will the casuals.


Thats obvious. When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games.
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Sandmano  +   1020d ago | Well said
I think their going to try and target the casuals trying to be the next Nintendo. In terms of console players the Ps4 will be the last stronghold if you will for the hardcore...
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CommonSense  +   1019d ago | Well said
You people sure do love to speculate. Especially when it's negative speculation towards MS and positive towards Sony.

Maybe we should be criticizing articles like this instead of going along with them

Eh, who am I kidding? It's N4G.
brodychet  +   1019d ago
Shh @CommonSense , don't speak too loudly. ...They'll hear us.
kreate  +   1019d ago
the thing is....

Halo, gears, forza is all they need for the nextbox to succeed.
hard joe  +   1019d ago | Interesting
Halo is left by bungie
Gears is left by epic
They're just empty shells of their former selves
b_one  +   1019d ago
hmm, there are lots of nice titles... on PS just for casuals - funny how i told my friends to buy Wonderbook for thier kids, it ended as i expected they had fun along with thier kids...
zeee  +   1019d ago
Clearly, this is a flamebait article. Looks to be the work of a novice writer or so-called "gaming journalist".

I have said this before, and I will say it again. It is too damn early to predict anything! Do we know more about PS4? Yes, of course. Do we have any 'official' information regarding 720? No!

We can't compare these consoles since one of them hasn't even been unveiled so far.

People should wait till May 21 to even start comparing. I guess, even after May 21, we should further wait for E3 where more of each console will be revealed. I think from price to software and even hardware, we'll have all the juicy details come E3.

But until that time comes, can we just enjoy our video games on OUR choice of platforms?
humbleopinion  +   1019d ago
I seriously don't get the fuzzy logic behind articles such as this one (well, coming from a website called "society and religion" maybe I shouldn't expect much, not to mention the ignorant commentators here claiming which console is targeting casuals and which is targeting hardcore gamers.

For example, the writer specifically mentions "EA is the worst publisher ever and Ubisoft is copy pasting their business model, I don’t want to be stuck with just their AAA titles and a lot of gamers I’ve talked to on Xbox Live agree."

Don't like AAA games? That's all good and fine. But the top and most hardcore experiences this side of Bioshock Infinite are Monaco and Battleblock Theatre. One of them is an 360 exclusive while the other is currently only available on PC and 360, and both are definitely not AAA.
Both are offering amazing gameplay for single and multiplayer, coupled with a very unique art style: not exactly the games I'd recommend for the casual player who wishes to be dazzled by cinematic experience and cares less about the actual challenge.

If the current batch of games serves as clue about the future direction Microsoft is taking (and I don't think it does), then it seems to me the Microsoft's focus is on pushing more small-scale indie games on their platform, not going all out in a casual marketing blitz. These games are as far away from Nintendo as I can think.
joeorc  +   1019d ago
"You people sure do love to speculate. Especially when it's negative speculation towards MS and positive towards Sony.

Maybe we should be criticizing articles like this instead of going along with them

Eh, who am I kidding? It's N4G."

I know its frustrating Some Times, but in the focus That Microsoft toward the 1st party efforts for Hardcore Gaming rather than the Focus toward more Casual type Game experience's is not unreasonable About Microsoft's Focus or in this case Lack there of.

I do think this piece was over the top, but on the same token if you look what has happened recently this generation of the people in charge of the xbox platform it self, there may be a reason why people are a lil uneasy about Microsoft's Focus.


ED fries: Left after 18 year's over at Microsoft help create the xbox platform.

Robbie j Bach now [former Microsoft executive]

Ray Ozzie [now gone]

Peter Molyneux Hall of fame just like Mark Cerny

Also now Gone!

Nat Brown one of the [xbox founder's] Gone

as a matter of fact


Kevin Bachus [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Seamus Blackley [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Ted Hase and Otto Berkes [both founder's of the xbox project and now both are gone]

J Allard

the key people that help create the xbox project and made a pitch to bill gates, all loved Gaming and Were Gamer's at heart, all now no longer with the Xbox Project. look at both Nintendo and Sony's core people in key positions to keep hard core gaming in a front and center focus for their companies. They both has not lost this Many of the people who founded the principle and development of a game console for Gamer's.

Granted 3rd party is great and all but 1st party is just as important to the value for consumer's just as much if not more so than the 3rd party offering's. that's what people are worried about the people that made the case for the xbox from even being a reality in the market at all is all gone! that say's quite a bit on Microsoft's focus for a number of people.
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loulou  +   1019d ago
pure rubbish fanboy flamebait, wrote especially for hits from n4g. and ofcourse it is the hottest story...

with non other than strongman, without doubt one of the worst fanboy trolls on n4g as the first commentator.

n4g is a joke
Anon1974  +   1019d ago
If they're smart, they'll go after the casuals hard. They started to tap into the market with Kinect and struck a chord. With casuals completely unaware that the Wii-U even exists, or that it's not just a Wii accessory, Microsoft could capitalize on this by going hard after the causal market that seems to be relatively untapped since the Wii craze died down.
Septic  +   1020d ago
"Microsoft’s first party titles and amount of studio’s compared to Sony are laughable "

Halo is laughable?

Gears of War is laughable?

The Forza games are laughable?

These games are all killer apps and are either the best or near best in their respective genres.

I'll agree with the point about the lack of first party titles however, the potential library of first party games MS could have is tremendous. It's just a matter of them utilising that potential (or not).

"Thats obvious. When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games."

Yeah you wish.
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Neko_Mega  +   1020d ago
But you can only milk something for so long, look at the Wii U. It had a new Mario game and yet that hasn't really help Nintendo much and Mario sales better then mostly everything else.
insomnium2  +   1020d ago | Well said
There's bound to be fatigue with Geow, Halo and Forza. Same way there is fatigue with Uncharted, GOW and Resistance on PS3. Make more than 2 games per gen and it's likely to suffer from fatigue. I just don't see people getting excited over pretty much the same game with a new plot over and over.

GOW is an exception to my "more than 2 games"-rule but that has been around since PS2 pretty much as Halo and Forza has so...

@williamsson below

"None of this crap about one being better because it sold more."

Well the sales doom for PS3 is what started this. It's stupid I know.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   1020d ago | Well said

are those all the titles you can name that microsoft has lol

thats because thats all they have lol how horrible....

Gears has been selling less and less since the first..
Halo isnt as big as it once was since they released so many of it..
Forza might be the only one that is decent...

3 games can only be fun for so long lol.. sony has so many ned gen PS4 ftw
Skips  +   1020d ago

Damn, when Mario and Monter Hunter ( ) don't help. You know something's up.

Relying on the the same old franchises will get to you somewhere along the lines, which Nintendo seems to be showing.

Microsoft may need some new ones fast.


"Gears has been selling less and less since the first.."

That's just due to fatigue, same can be said for God Of War. (But the difference is people actually liked the new God Of War) so you may have a point. lol

I don't think Halo will ever lose its' relevancy though. Just as Gran Turismo will never lose it with Sony.

But considering they don't put out Gran Turismo games NEARLY as much as Halo) despite it being Sony's NUMBER 1 franchise and it doing Halo numbers. Fatigue will hit Halo LONG LONG before it hits GT.
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Jek_Porkins  +   1020d ago
I agree with what you're saying 100%, Microsoft has the potential to have a stellar launch lineup because it certainly looks like they have been working on new games for the next Xbox over the last few years.

I look at Xbox Live as the core online service though, anyone who plays Gamebattles or games competitively like I do knows what I mean, the number of competitive online teams on games like COD and Battlefield have a striking 10 to 1 ratio in favor of Xbox Live on a site like that.

I think Microsoft went a different direction then Sony, saving new IP's for the next Xbox, opting to give 360 owners the games they bought a 360 for in the first place, Halo, Gears, Forza ect..

Is that a wrong approach? I don't think so, it might tick some off, but I enjoy those games, and if it means they'll have the best possible launch lineup on the next Xbox, I'm all the more in favor of it.

No two companies are going to do things the same exact way, what works for one, might not work for the other, doesn't make one way wrong or right.
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LordDhampire  +   1020d ago
Halo series died after bungie left, halo 4 while people say its a good game, it doesn't have the pazzazz of the other ones.

Gears of War...ha...gears of war died of natural causes after 3, judgement just drove a steak through its heart. Plus the series is finished so thats gone.

Forza is a racing game, nothing really unique about it, theirs already ahandful just like Iit to choose from, but hey racing not my things so I cant really say which ones the best I prefer nfs over GT or Forza
Why o why  +   1020d ago
Laughable in amount septic, c'mon dude.

Like sony has an exclusive for more genres than ms does. All but one of this gens goty were on the ps3 with many of them being exclusive. Ms only had 1 and that was before the ps was released..mass effect I think.

When I used to think of hardcore gaming I used to think ms and sony...fixed. ms now release more kinect exclusives than core ones...from most reasonable people's view that means a shift in direction...not an absolute one, because there will always be a halo forza and gears but a substantial one for sure..

Kudos for being brave enough to actually say ms should step up on the 1st party are a brave entity. Some people on n4g seem to feel that just because they like wii type games the rest of us should just fall in line. Nah, not me. Ill enjoy many casual games but no way did I spend 5bills on a console for those. I want core games and that hasn't changed just because thats what's 'in' now.

@Jek, saving their ips for next gen....and you're fine with that. Some of those ips have slept for a whole damn gen yet me saying this probably gives you a reason to say I'm being unreasonable. Why sleep on these older ips if your fans want them.

MS kinda act like a great steeplechase horses...never jumping too high, just clipping the fences and doing enough to get over. Sony fans must just be more demanding by nature. Maybe all of the 'no games' and 'aaa' taunts 360 guys used to scream got to our heads...lmao. How things have changed huh

, on your last point about launch titles.....Theres a strange model one of the console makers used. It was to support their system to the end by releasing sequels to its mainstays but jumped even higher than it needed to by releasing 3 new ips in the same year their next console was due to be released....madness. oh, and they seem to have enough in the tank for new ips and sequels for their mainstays for next gen too... must be crazy.. Their fans/customers cant want that ..nah. they're jumping too high
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PockyKing  +   1020d ago
I think there is some truth in this statement.

"When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games."

The 360 started out great but the lack of exclusive content is really starting to show. Halo, Gears and Forza are all great franchises no doubt, but how much of the same three franchises can you play on a year to year basis.

The biggest 360 exclusive that I've heard of in recent is State of Decay. Thankfully that's looking to be a great open world XBLA zombie game, so I'm excited for that.
konnerbllb  +   1020d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. Gears 3 sold more than gears 1 and 2 combined.
Gridloc  +   1020d ago
Yeah all 3 laughable. All 3 of these so called killer aps were developed by totally different developers. Due to the fact of fatigue or Microsoft's, do it our way or take the highway.
4lc4pon3  +   1020d ago
@everyone. I always thought mario was a pretty stupid game. Never could see why everyone got into it as they did.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1019d ago
looks like his wish came true
zlpw0ker  +   1019d ago
yes,halo and gears of war is laughable,the gaming world doesnt revolve around shooting games and I for one is piss tired of ot,its nothing new,its all the same,go play old MOH,now that is a shootng game.

I agree,forza is not laughable,I think its good acing game series,but I havent tried much,but what ive seen its really good,but some weird controls.

I see xbox as shooting console,nothing more,maybee perhaps some eksklusive in some other genres,but nothing special.

I have grown out of shootng games since like 10years ago or something.and when MS is conecentrating on kinect bullshitt it will be their downfall,I could care less for 720 or ps4,both consoles,so im not a ps4 fanboy,but I really like ps3,but mainly cuz it got great racing games,hack n slash games and BC and a good controller that has been the same since PSX era
_-EDMIX-_  +   1019d ago
No one in there cartoon minds is thinking MS as "hardcore" thats just now out of the question. To say "Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable" etc doesn't really help.

Nintendo has there Smash Bros and RE's sometimes but believe me, a couple IP's doesn't just make you the "hardcorez" kid on the block. It has to do with a steady stream of new IP's on a regular basis.

Sony has shown they will support new IP's TEN FOLD! ie Uncharted (4 games) InFamous (3 games) Resistance (4 games) Killzone (6 games, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSV and PS4) LBP (4 games) Motorstorm (4 to 5 games not sure on that one) but the point is, when Sony does a new IP it isn't like Alan Wake (in MS defense it wasn't there IP when it started off so..) Crackdown, Shadowrun, Mech Warrior, PGR, viva pinata.....Blinx. Its just when MS makes a new IP......your right to worry. First off they don't do it often, second, they barely even support most of there new IP's past a second game. You get 2....maybe and then they axe the team or sell the IP as they've done many times before.


Don't give me that "what about Gears Of War?" What about it, I'm pretty sure we were talking about MS IP's. When did MS buy The Gears Of War IP from Epic? Link? I would like to know. LOL!

Put it this way, MS would have had a GREAT line up of games HAD they had kept those 12 to 13 studios they let of from 2007 to LOL. If Fasa, Ensemble, Bizzre Creations, Bungie, Bioware etc had all be making games for MS still, you would had seen a lot of Mass Effects, PGR's, Halo War's sequel, a game other then Halo by Bungie etc. Hell, they might have made Destiny for 720 and MS would had owned the IP for all we know (I would get a 720 for that game alone). If they still owned those teams, made more new IP's or just supported the ones they owned, they would be doing fine. They are in last place for a reason. But remember, MS didn't "lose" 13 studios, they "let" them go. Clearly they had other plans past 2007 ie Kinect.

Mind you, many have notice the strange change in MS around 2007, as noted by Newsweek's N'Gai Croal http://www.gamercastnetwork...
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LordHiggens  +   1019d ago
Gears of War is actually in fact....laughable....
Jaces  +   1019d ago
Wow, three heavy hitters that have all passed their due date. Nice. I won't be holding my breath for the nextbox reveal.
braydox21  +   1019d ago
its not halo or gears or even forza thats laughable but its the fact that there is only those big three titles or three studious that make those franchises. there is no others that really stand out you have Halo as their Flagship while gears and forza i know there are a few other games but even so those are rare to see them recently its not just laughable but is quite sad that microsoft are not really arming themsselves with more exlcusives to include more variety to show that they are more than just the adrenline filled junkie games, their support of early dlc is definatley apreaciated but what i think microsoft needs to do with the kinect is make slower paced games heck even a kinect game of chess where you sit down and focus just moving pieces with your hand, playing chess with kinect i think that would be alot of fun or at least be more suited to the kinect.
Shuyin  +   1019d ago
The only "killer" franchise of these 3 is Halo, lol. Gears is mediocre and Forza is decent but nothing too special. It's always amusing to me when Xbox guys name their exclusives and it's ALWAYS "Halo, Gears and Forza" while Sony gamers list dozens of IPs.

freezola75  +   1019d ago
^ Damn 106 disagrees.. oops 107 now.. wow I don't think I have seen that many going in the opposite direction...

on topic tho, does anyone think that M$ will blow us away with their new console? IMO, the jury is still out.. maybe they can turn their ship around.

Full benefit of the doubt given.

But seriously, It looks like only one console manufacturer gets it.. trample on your most loyal consumers and watch your sales do a face plant dive, like this..

oh peace.

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Nathaniel_Drake  +   1019d ago
GeOW is not a first party title
MrBeatdown  +   1019d ago

"I think Microsoft went a different direction then Sony, saving new IP's for the next Xbox, opting to give 360 owners the games they bought a 360 for in the first place, Halo, Gears, Forza ect..

Is that a wrong approach? I don't think so, it might tick some off, but I enjoy those games, and if it means they'll have the best possible launch lineup on the next Xbox, I'm all the more in favor of it."


"Is that a wrong approach?" Is that a serious question?

Saving the new IPs for next gen? They'd have to have been saving them for the next Xbox since the 360 launched.

The last noteworthy new IP Microsoft released was Alan Wake. That was three years ago. Anything released prior to that had to be given the green light years earlier. Prior to E3 2005 in Alan Wake's case, considering that's when the game was announced.

You know what came before Alan Wake? Ninja Blade. Too Human. Lost Odyssey. All 2008 games that had to have been in development since the 360 launched, if not earlier.

How many new IPs have they produced since then?

You can pretend MS has been "saving new IPs" but it's been painfully obvious since the new IPs started drying up in 2008 that new IPs outside of casual Kinect stuff have been nothing but an afterthought since very early in the 360's life. If MS actually made an attempt at something new anywhere from 2007 to 2010, we'd have seen the results of it over the past few years, and they'd still be able to move on to next-gen with ample development time. But that didn't happen, did it?

Hell, the one new IP announced in years... Ryse... has been dangled in front of us at E3, TWICE, as a 360 game, and now 360 owners supposedly aren't even getting that, just so MS has something "new" to show off for their next Xbox.

That isn't "saving" anything. That's just flat out not trying, and at best, screwing over existing hardware owners so they can sell their next piece of hardware to those they failed the first time around.

Yeah, I would say that's the "wrong approach", and more than a few people "might" be ticked off about it. I know I've never bought a console early in its life with the expectation that the yet to be announced games would consist of nothing more than sequels to four franchises, three of which were older than the 360 itself. And I certainly never thought to myself that then being asked to pay $400 or $500 six or seven years down the line was an acceptable alternative, or in any way excused the non-existent effort we've been treated to for years.
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MikeyDucati1  +   1019d ago
The last Halo was laughable. GOW was good but missing something that was prominent in the other Gears. No argument with Forza.

Fanboys always lying to themselves. The last Halo isn't even a bleep on the radar anymore.
BattleAxe  +   1019d ago
@ Septic,

"Halo is laughable?

Gears of War is laughable?

The Forza games are laughable?

These games are all killer apps and are either the best or near best in their respective genres."

These kinds of comments just make me want to put my head through a window (with annealed glass). I've played Gears 1 & 2 and I've played bits of Halo 2, 3, ODST and I beat Halo: Reach, and both of those game series are just simply average. The only reason that they've sold the huge amount of units that they have is because of marketing. When kids see Master Chief on Seven Eleven Big Gulp cups and little toys at Burger King, they tell mommy and daddy that they want an XBOX 360 and Halo for their birthday or for Christmas.

The only reason I ended up playing any of these games was because I bought a 360 Slim for only $100. Gears of war is especially boring and mediocre, while Halo: Reach wasn't too bad, the multiplayer was fun, but while the multiplayer for Halo games is reliable and competent, there's nothing mind blowing about it. The graphics are very average and the gameplay is old.

You just can't even compare what Sony's studios are doing to what Microsoft's studios are doing, as Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, Evolution studios, Sony Bend and Media Molecule are all working on a much higher level. There isn't one Xbox 360 exclusive that even comes close to the quality of the first Uncharted game, which was released way back in 2007.

Halo 3 Commercials:
v=m1AknQSfEPU&list=PLAD7D FFA81EF4544B&index=5

Instead of Steve Balmer yelling DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS, he should have been yelling MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING. Everytime a Halo game comes out all we see is a massive barage of commercials from Microsoft. No wonder the game sells. McDonalds is crap food, but people eat it because they see Mcdonalds adds on TV, on the sides of busses, on billboards, on the radio and in their mail.
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Realplaya  +   1019d ago
@Neko_Mega Look at the number of mario games sold on the Wii U and compare those numbers against other games on other systems. Nintendo basically made money on every game sold. So basically that right there means that as long as they make a Mario game and they sell 2 plus million there making full profit.
KONAAs  +   1019d ago
the new Halo sux so much theres alot of people returning it to the stores, u can only milk it to a point
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1019d ago

Yeah no matter how great your logic is sheep will never listen.

People are to stupid to remember that Sony has more first party studios than MS.

Do the math sheeps of N4G why do you think the past 2 years lacked any new Ip's?

21st of May, we'll see what happens.
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Major_Xbox  +   1019d ago
Oh well I see you have no more bubble left
NobleTeam360  +   1019d ago
@ insomnium Uncharted is suffering from series fatigue? GOW and Resistance I get but not Uncharted.
extermin8or  +   1019d ago
no it's laughable that that is all they really have these days non kinect-Ryse after all is apparently kinect based :/
ufo8mycat  +   1019d ago
Funny Spetic you only mentioned the 3 games. Gears Halo and Forza.

Gears has run its course
SO has Forza especially since GT5 is out
Halo 4 was awesome, but how long can you milk that?
Septic  +   1019d ago
Okay, let me spoon feed my point to you guys:

*What console exclusive fps matches Halo?

* Isn't Gears heralded as one of the best third person shooters that resulted in a slew of imitators not only copying its game mechanics (that it refined from killswitch before you fanboys pounce on me) but also the Horde mode it came up with?

* N4G won't like this but haven't the Forza games been heralded at the top of the racing genre? The reviews speak for themselves.

I've already stated that new ips are thin in the ground for MS but was making a point about the quality of the ones I listed, ones which resident Strongman, who gets well said bubbles for posting sweeping praises for Sony, said were laughable.

You fanboys need to learn to give credit where credit is due.
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Oh_Yeah  +   1019d ago
Honestly imo the good must have games which you could not get on ps3 werent Halo, Gears, or Forza but it was The Witcher 2 and Alan Wake but you can get those on pc too.

Crysis > Halo
Dead Space > Gears
Midnight Club LA > Forza

Then again this is only opinion, but my taste in games are impeccable none the less.

And as far as exclusives vs exclusives go, Sony's variety blows Microsoft out the water..2 decent shooters and a racing vs rpg, action adventure, hack and slash, shooters, racers, interactive movie games, survival horror, etc. Sony basically has every genre covered.
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Knight_Crawler  +   1020d ago | Well said
Society and Religion.Com - LMFAO!

Seriously where do people find these sites?

Website Admin 1: Hey lets write an article about society?

Website Admin 2: Nah too lame.

Website Admin 1: Ok how about religion?

Website Admin 2: Nah, wont generate any hits.

Website Admin 1: You know I heard folks over at N4G go bananas over XBox doom articles.

Website Admin 2: Hi5! Flamebait headline is top page guaranteed baby.

Edit: Also am I the only one who notices the typo in the headline? shouldn't it be "PS4 Elevates Sony"
#1.3 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(32) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
AO1JMM  +   1020d ago
Nailed it

#1.3.1 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(9) | Report
Wagz22  +   1020d ago
I just read society and religion and then I stopped.
scott182  +   1019d ago
C'mon, there are doom and gloom articles for both systems and they are both equally ridiculous. Why even defend a system against it anymore? The reason these articles come up in the first place is because people act butthurt over them and sound defensive....
freezola75  +   1019d ago
Funny.. I agree

but where was this rhetoric when ALL of those Sony is Doomed articles flooded N4G??

My how ppl react when the pendulum swings to the opposite side of things.

As if the last 5 or 6 years was a cake walk for the likes of Sony and Nintendo. ALL we saw was Microsoft in the spotlight...

Look, I would like to see all of these respective companies, return to their original position of influence, us.. the core gaming audience.

Not the quick buck from the pseudo gamers because when it's all said and done, they will forget about you.. but the ones whom you have forsaken, the ones who was there day 1, the ones who couldn't live without their consoles... no matter how many times it broke down on them and they went and bought another one, they are the ones who will remember that when the next gen consoles come around.

They are the ones who will vote with their dollars. Peace
#1.3.4 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report
AlphaJunk  +   1020d ago
I keep reading where people like you talk about all of these first party "hardcore" games Sony produces, yet I don't see Sony fans buying them up. Look at one of their main AAA titles, GOW: Ascension; Sony fans aren't buying this title at any kind of record pace - yet look at Gears of War: Judgement (without the Marcus Fenix as the main character), it is selling better (although barely than the latest God of War. So who is selling to hardcore gamers, again?? All those hardcore Sony fans don't seem to be buying the main AAA "hardcore" title like GOW: Ascension on the Sony console any faster than the one available on the Xbox - GOW:Judgement. Or maybe it's that there are so many great "Hardcore" games on the PS3, that it's detracting from the sales of Sony's AAA title. yeah, whatever.
panbit86  +   1020d ago
Try this for a second. Count how many quality exclusives each console has and then you'll see why on one the sales are more spread out between ips... it's not that hard! ;)
GalacticEmpire  +   1020d ago
"I don't see Sony fans buying them up"

They do it while your back is turned or you're asleep, silently they walk the rooftops of gamestop, like deadly gaming ninjas.
noctis_lumia  +   1019d ago
ofc when i only get 3 ip's this entire gen ofc sales will be double

while on the other multiples exclusives form diff genres are out day one so no hard to figure why sales are spread out...its called CHOICE and sony has that
AlphaJunk  +   1019d ago
ahhh, more choices - good answers all (rolling my eyes).So, could any of you please tell me what those other awesome choices are at the moment that would warrant being bought over GOW: Ascension which is a MAJOR Sony title???
Why o why  +   1019d ago
I think both gow ascension and the latest gears of war have both suffered from franchise burnout or fatigue as jamal put it. I remember guys like you talking that same crap about heavy rain and look how that turned about alan wake, or crackdown 2..seems there are games that don't do halo and gran turismo numbers all over the place and luckily for us some of those games you spoke of bore sequels so as far as I'm concerned, I got more games to play.

If you only have 80 quid to spend you can only buy 2 games no matter how many are available. Simple economics. Love this teh sales notion that has almost become more important than actual gaming for some. Alphas next console will look like a cash till with calculators for controllers. Keep on calculating;)
AlphaJunk  +   1019d ago
@Why o why:So, you're saying people are burned out on GOW: Ascension?? Since you know so much about "simple economics" and are doing the calculating (poorly) it seems, again what are the other "awesome" IPs or choices that are being bought over GOW: Ascension right now? And if you have only 80 quid to spend on two games, then how do you have more games to play again? Seems like you should learn to use a calculator; And you should also learn how to stay on point because I can already tell you're cooze is hurt and you're not very bright.
Why o why  +   1019d ago
Lol, insults but I'll try and make it clearer for your oh so brainy self.

Both games have underperformed because people are probably tired of them. I would bet money that if both games were fresher they would attract more buyers, 'the last of us' for example.

Another point was that there's only so much games you can afford to buy or make time to play from month to month on top of backlogs. Im included in that category as ps plus has increased my backlog and ill pick up ascension and gears at a later date.

You picked god of war ascension but I know that gow 3 done much better for sony as did the previous gears for ms but hand picking ascension whilst ignoring other games that have come out this year like ni no kuni shows you're not about objectivity just fanboyism. I could say the same about anything on the 360 that wasn't a shooter but that's being selective.

It would be stupid for sony to keep funding games that don't sell so the likelihood is they're collectively doing just fine saleswise. MS on the other hand decided to stray away from the games that didn't have mass market appeal especially over the past 3 years compared to its early 3 years where they were braver with their ips.

Keep on calculating ;)
#1.4.7 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report
jcnba28  +   1019d ago
Well said.
Bigpappy  +   1020d ago
So you guys saw the 21st of May already? How do you do the magic that you do.

Would you guys please give M$ a chance to present their own console? I know you guys can do a better job that those A'holds, but after they spent all these years and money preparing, we might as well give them a crack at it. I mean what are the chances that they actually have something interesting to say. We all know Sony got it in the bag. The next gen starts when Sony say it starts, and they have already spoken. But I still would like to hear M$ make a fool of themselves, even if just for laughs. So please stop submitting crap, factless, articles!
omi25p  +   1019d ago
Strongman complaining about about a piece of plastic he doesn't own?

No, it can not be!
ma1asiah  +   1019d ago
Can someone name one big multiplayer title on Playstation seriously please let me know outside of multiplat titles. NO argument that Playstation has some of the best singler player exclusives around I wont argue with you there. But I know your Killzones, your Resistance, etc etc dont even come close to series like Halo. Unchartered has a strong single player but multiplayer as a TPS title does not come close to eclipsing Gears of War even Gears Judgment with all its faults and flaws has better multiplayer than Unchartered does.

As a competitive player I will stick with the community that meets my needs and at present I am sorry to say that Playstation does not do that at least for shooters, maybe other genres BUT definitely not shooters.

I mean you think of games that feature in MLG, eSports circuits or are apart of any other big tournaments etc they mostly are never Playstation titles unless it is a sports title or maybe a fighting game.

Yes MS do need new IP's but by and far even the few they have still do better than those currently available on Playstation. google sales figures for Gears of War Judgment and God of War Ascension and you will find that as much as Judgment has been the biggest let down in the Gears of War series to date it still sold more units then Ascension.

Another point is when they talk about early gameplay leaks it has over the past two years been an Xbox 360 title that has made big headlines Halo 4 and Gears of War 3....I dont see people freaking out if the latest Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, Little Big Planet, GOW or any other Playstation title gets leaked early.

So now I am starting to think what do you people call HARDCORE games as outside of single player games and games with small multiplayer communities I dont see any big HARDCORE game on the Playstation unless it is Gran Turismo.

You can't quote any game that is a multiplat title such as COD etc as they are not exclusive to Playstation.
#1.7 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
ILive  +   1019d ago
Killzone, uncharted, journey are some of the ones I could name on top of my head. Go to to find out how many hours, collectively, people have played the game. Come back; tell me what you think? 8 million plus hours have been spent playing the game and counting. Another example, uncharted two. I cant begin to tell you how many hours have been spent playing that game.

You have won the award for the most idiotic comment for the day in my book. Plain fanboyism dribble. You say gears of war multiplayer being better than uncharteds multiplayer like it was a fact. Look opinion up in the dictionary. Your comment has fail written all over it that it is just ridiculous.
ma1asiah  +   1019d ago
@ ilive

"Microsoft reports that the launch pushes the franchise to $3.38 billion in lifetime earnings. Halo 4 also saw more players than ever online, with 4 million in its first five days. 31.4 million hours were spent playing, pushing the franchise past five billion hours to date"

When I can find the figures for Gears of War I will post those as well 8 million hours is not as much as you may think

ohhh wait on I guess that is straight up fanboyism even though I complimented Playstation on having some of the best single player games available that are not multiplat titles.
#1.7.2 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report
ma1asiah  +   1019d ago
I cant find actual figures for Gears of War 3. I do know that as of November 2012 Epic had confirmed that Gears of War 3 had sold 7 million copies.

Now I have used Team Deathmatch figures only due to it being the most popular mode now if you consider that 4,338,332 unique xbox gamertags appear in the quickmatch (not ranked or private) leaderboards. If they all played a minimum of 2 hours each in this one mode alone then that would equal 8,676,664 hours spent playing just that one mode in Gears of War 3. So 8 million plus hours is really not that many.

Granted it is not an accurate depiction but considering I have logged in close to 2000 hours playing KOTH in Gears of War 3 by myself then the actual figures would not be impossible to imagine that they far exceed 8 million plus.

BTW I never mentioned anywhere in my original post bar Gears of War Judgment vs GOW Ascension sales figures that anything was fact
#1.7.3 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report
talisker  +   1019d ago
@ma1asiah: go check PS3 is the most popular platform to play BF3 online, worldwide, with 4.4 M players recorded. Of course I know more people play COD nowadays than any other MP game (Halo included).

But I generally agree Playstation nation is more SP oriented. It probably has a lot to do with demographics. When you grow older, shooting people online isn't that appealing and you can't really compete with teenagers in games which are based on your reflexes.
jimbobwahey  +   1019d ago
The only big PS3 exclusive game with populated multiplayer is Uncharted 3. Every other PS3 game with multiplayer is pretty much completely dead online.

Twisted Metal, Starhawk, Killzone etc, nobody plays them. The only big multiplayer franchise the PS3 has when it comes to exclusives is Uncharted, that's it. Last time I put Twisted Metal in there was literally 3 people playing, Killzone 3 couldn't put me in a game with more than 5 people playing and Starhawk has equally pitiful numbers.

I wouldn't say Uncharted is bad though, I really like the fast-paced combat and emphasis of movement and verticality, it creates something really unique. The PS3 is definitely starved of popular exclusive multiplayer games, nevermind good ones.
LoveOfTheGame  +   1019d ago
This is what I have always believed. Into the middle of this gen some friends who were just getting into gaming would always ask which console they should buy. I always responded, and still would, if you want to play games with friends you know buy a 360. If you are going to play by yourself, whether offline or online, get the PS3. It just always SEEMED that xbox's online community was much more prevalent than PS3's.
snipab8t  +   1019d ago
Your're kidding right? I know that Playstation now has more exclusives and so on...but you are completely wrong when you said that people think of hardcore gaming when someone says playstation. Hardcore gamers using console will always choose 360 simply for the fact that the average gamer is much more skilled and offers more of a challenge than a Playstation gamer. Whenever I use a playstation 3 to play games like battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3 I find it so easy on playstation when compared to 360 because I get like 50 kills and less than 10 deaths when compared to like 30-20 on xbox.
KrisButtar  +   1019d ago
I know you said Xbox this and PS that, I don't play favorites but what interested me is,

I've never heard of the same 3rd party game having a different difficulty depending on system. I would think that (insert game) would have been the same difficulty across whatever systems the title was all on.

Is A.I different for each game or is it the same between systems? Could another reason be you are better at one controller over another? maybe even something else. As I really don't see see getting programed at different difficulties but if I'm wrong, thats cool to :) as that just means I will buy which ever versions is the hardest.
#1.8.1 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report
JamieL  +   1019d ago
@ KrisButtar
He means the multiplayer portion of the game. In online battles he's saying the 360 gamers are more skilled than their PS3 counterparts.
Nafon  +   1019d ago
lol "When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games." no.
sak500  +   1019d ago
Wow nothing's been revealed of 720 and you guys are already writing it off as a casual machine ala wiixx. Since most of you one sided fanboys wont like what MS will show at reveal so you are having your 15 mins of fame speculating demise of MS's next console. I won't say anything positive or negative before the reveal but just hope MS had core gamers in mind when they were designing 720 otherwise it will become jack of all and master of none.
Ausbo  +   1019d ago
"When people think PlayStation people think hardcore games. When people think Wii and Xbox people think casual games."

Xbox is definitely not associated with casual gaming yet. When people think Xbox, they think of Halo and Gears of War. Those are not casual games. A lot of MLG gamers would disagree with you too.

However, i only own an xbox, and i am disappointed with the direction Microsoft is going. They aren't considered all casual yet though. I still have hope for this generation and thier new box. We shall see.
DOMination-  +   1019d ago
To many people above:

MS first party studios: 22
Sony first party studios: 13

Turn 10, black tusk, 343i, Lionhead have two teams. Rare has three.

Lets wait until 21st
jimbobwahey  +   1019d ago
Are you sure that Turn 10 has two teams? You're not thinking of Forza Horizon are you? The developer for that game (Playground Games) isn't a part of Turn 10, they're an independent studio and their next game is multiplatform.

I just ask because I've never known of Turn 10 having two teams before, just that they outsource a lot of content creation (modeling cars for example) to get content done faster to meet their two year release schedule.
bigfish  +   1019d ago
Dont you mean Sony destroys XBox 720?
strauser360  +   1019d ago
As somebody who has never owned a ps3, I am most likely getting a ps4 over a 360 if all the allegations come out to be true about the next xbox.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1019d ago
I won't say anything bad about xbox.

But I can't wait for the last of us!!
TAURUS-555  +   1019d ago
RIP xbox
malokevi  +   1019d ago
"Microsoft destroys Xbox720"

Microsoft destroys a slang term for their as-of-yet unannounced and not-officially-existant console.

No, no, the author of this article doesn't have too much time on their hands...
Gamer Muzz  +   1019d ago
I don't understand.
How is MS trying to tap Nintendo's market?
If we're talking about the kinect...well, what about the Move? If I were going to say one is more directed toward Nintendo's market, I'd say the move, since it's a complete ripoff and If you think MS only shows Kinect Demos, then you haven't looked at their game library recently.
Also, Since you're mentioning it, though Wii U sales have been sparse in the first months of 2013, it's accumulative sales worldwide aren't as bad as many would have you believe. In fact, it had a better launch (Globally) than the PS3 or the 360.

You said:
"Microsoft’s first party titles and amount of studio’s compared to Sony are laughable"
REALLY? Worldwide, MS has 26 in house studios, 21 of which are devoted to game development.
Sony Computer Entertainment has 16.
So how is their number "laughable" when compared to Sony's?
As for first party titles, there are about 138 exclusive PS3 titles and
about 174 xbox 360 exclusives.

so your misinformation and opinion "sums up how almost all hardcore gamers feel about the Xbox brand these days"?
Well, let me add my perspective. I'm a 30 year veteran/hardcore gamer that has collected video game history and studied the industry for nearly two decades as well as built and operated my successful retail video game store for about 15 years now. I own and play all of the current gen consoles as well as the Wii U (and the other 200+ consoles in my collection) And when I think "Hardcore Games" I most certainly do not exclude the 360.
DonFreezer   1019d ago | Bad language | show
GalacticEmpire  +   1020d ago
I wouldn't say destroyed the Xbox brand, more changed. They are moving away from the gamer audience that elevated them to the point they are in the first place. thing is a lot of the 'feautures' of the new Xbox will probably be built into TVs in the near future anyway, just look at samsungs smart tvs, they even have kinect-like gesture and voice control.
#2 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
The_Infected  +   1020d ago
I just don't like the way Microsoft is going with Xbox. I'll wait and give them a chance come May 21st to prove me wrong.
GribbleGrunger  +   1020d ago
'Levitates'? Or were you thinking 'elevates'?
#4 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
from the beach  +   1020d ago
kneon  +   1020d ago
A levitating PS4 would be pretty cool though, you wouldn't have to worry about making space for the new console, just let it float somewhere near your TV :)
jimbobwahey  +   1019d ago
That's what happens when you have little 12 year old fanboys writing 'articles' here on N4G.
stage88  +   1020d ago
It's like MS don't want to succeed...
Williamson  +   1020d ago
I remember during the ps2,xbox, gamecube era it wasnt about a console beating another. It was either you owned one of the 3, 2/3, or all of them. None of this crap about one being better because it sold more.
BitbyDeath  +   1020d ago
That era was before we became always online.
#6.1 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mydyingparadiselost  +   1020d ago
I miss a less business oriented world. Too many people see games as profit tools instead of experiences or artful worlds, customers are now called consumers and wanting to buy a complete and full game is now gamer entitlement. I just want want to play good games and be treated like a person instead of a profit tool for the industry.
Karpetburnz  +   1019d ago
Agree, I don't remember people bragging about PS2 sales back in the day. Console wars weren't that big back then.

And then when Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, suddenly a huge amount of Xbox fanboys stormed the internet and bragged about how the Xbox 360 is beating the PS3 in sales, The fanboys were so bad back then. No wonder why PS3 fanboys give Xbox crap now.
PunisherRevenge  +   1019d ago
@Williamson, yea those were the good'ol days. Now all we have are little kids crying about PlayStation every five minutes. Oh an by the way I still own and play all three of mines.
Jek_Porkins  +   1020d ago
What a garbage article, lol.

Let's wait and see what's up on May 21st, anyone who thinks Microsoft is just going to let go of the market-share they have is crazy. Anyone who believes rumor over fact, or spouts ignorant fanboy dribble that has just been regurgitated over and over, needs a wake up call.

To think Microsoft has abandoned any one group is wrong, had Microsoft come to the stage first and showed Kinect 2.0 and a share function on their controller, people here would have dogged them to no end, but Sony shows their Kinect type camera, Move and a share/social function and it's the greatest thing ever.

Microsoft has the potential to blow everyone away, they do indeed have the most first party studios right now, they have great relationships with third party studios, and as a mostly 360 gamer, I've been relatively happy with the games output, both physical and XBLA.
CommonSenseGamer   1020d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(7)
sway_z  +   1020d ago
I think if a lesson was learned here, it was Sony. Wait under 21 or so days to see the direction MS truly take Xbox.
MasterCornholio  +   1020d ago
Well ever since Kinect Microsoft has tainted the image of the Xbox brand plus all their talks about services doesn't help at all. Maybe Microsoft will go back to their roots and concentrate on the core but after the past few e3s with Kinect as the star of the conference I severely doubt that.

Motorola RAZR i
Software_Lover  +   1020d ago
The damned thing hasn't been showed/released yet. Give this $h!t a break. The features of these consoles will continue to grow and constantly updated, its the nature of the beast.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1020d ago
Lmao pethetic fanboy artice has to write this to make himself feel good.
Who appoves these troll articles. I think Stungman is writing these articles because he is always the first to post on them.
CrowGoblin  +   1020d ago
Xbox brand trying to distance themselves from Microsoft? Are you kidding? Microsoft has done nothing but force it's MS branded services, IE, Bing, etc. into it's gaming console.
revben  +   1019d ago
xbox is the future of Microsoft, believe and it can play games 4 gb of ggdr5 and 8gb of ddr3 will play plenty games
SDF Repellent  +   1020d ago - LOL, where do you guys even find sites like these?

"The Xbox brand has from the start tried to disconnect itself from Microsoft, if you look at your controller and box the Microsoft logo’s are barely visible."

Tell that to Apple, you know there is no "APPLE" word logo anywhere when you look at all their products; and yet, they sure are doing fine. N4G is sinking lower and lower everyday with these stupid fanboy-made-up articles. OBTW, Strongman is probably the one posting this. He and his alternative account, Superman, are always the first to post after their submission. How many accounts do this guy have??
#13 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1019d ago
A man sees an Apple on every Apple device. A man thinks people make the connection lol
GABRIEL1030  +   1020d ago
In the begining 360 was a nice surprise, a powerfull machine with a nice price ( 299 USD), with great new IP's like "Gears", Mass effect and old friends like Halo and GTA. Later the company introduces Kinect and all the MS attention was for the new toy; the Xbox 360 became in the new Wii, with a lot of casual and bad games and the worst the company burned its exclusive IP's like Halo (5 games), Gears (4 games) and Forza (3 games). But the things were worse, a COD and Assasins Creed games per year, the DLC politic and pay for the online. The 360 forgot its fans.
#14 (Edited 1020d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
from the beach  +   1019d ago
God of War (6 games), Uncharted (4 games), Gran Turismo (5 games).

We can talk about IPs being 'burned out' anytime you like!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1019d ago
God of War=2 games per system. Uncharted=3 games on PS3 and 1 on Vita, Gran Turismo=6 games on 4 systems. That's far different from having a bunch of game crammed into 1 cycle. It's how many on a console not how many overall. For instance Zelda has kept from burning out by having only 1 or 2 on each system. Sony made Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Beyond, Motostorm, Heavenly Sword, LoU, Puppeteer, Resistance, Infamous, LBP, and Journey just this gen.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1019d ago
But the difference is The Last Of Us is by Naughty dog, GT has been out since 1997 or 1998. God Of War is spread out on 3 different systems. It has nothing to do with a lot of old IP's getting used.....its that THATS ALL THATS BEING DONE!

Yes, God Of War might get a bit lame, yup Uncharted may not be your cup of tea, GT series may not be for everyone, but when you have Heavenly Sword, InFamous, The Last Of Us, DriveClub etc (the list goes on people) you don't get put in a area where its "play it or your SOL"

When you get a 360 and fall comes up your either playing Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable.....thats about it folks. If your not playing any of those IP's I"m questioning why on earth you even own a damn 360. You can own a PS3 without actually owning ANY of the games your listed and be fine. I for one am not a Uncharted fan (yes I know people GOTY and all) but The Last Of Us will get my money DAY 1! Didn't play Motorstorm, but Driveclub is getting a day 1 from me. THATS what new IP's do.

Its not about having old IP's (thats ok) its about having MORE then just old IP's.
from the beach  +   1019d ago
It's not different at all! You can do it per year, per console, per cycle, whatever - all are just stipulations to try and swing the count one way or another.

Games per franchise is the only way. Man up!

Microsoft introduced Gears of War, Dance Central, Viva Pinata, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Blue Dragon, Gunstringer, Kameo, Lost Odyssey, Ninja Blade and Shadow Complex just this gen.
#14.1.3 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(15) | Report
Hicken  +   1019d ago
The games he mentions, and the numbers beside them, indicate how many releases they've had on ONE console.

To counter, you list games with multiple entries across a minimum of two consoles.

CEOSteveBallmer  +   1019d ago
The issue here is not about burning up or milking a game. The real issue here is yes Sony does release sequels to games but "Atleast" they release "New" IP's. Heavy rain doesnt have a sequel, Nino kuni doesnt have one, heavenly sword doesnt have one, demons souls doesnt have one and so on. Microsoft on the other hand, doesnt release too many new games instead they go with "hey lets just milk the franchise so that we still have something new to show". So dont get angry because we are "Right"
from the beach  +   1019d ago
No, to counter I pointed out that Sony release just as many games in their series as Microsoft do.

God of War on PSP is the exact same thing as it is on PS2 and on PS3, but somehow they don't count in 'oversaturating' series? Hell, they've all appeared on PS3 anyway!

In your mind they're effectively new IPs because they're on a different console.

Of course, it's a different tact when this crap comes up against Nintendo games - they only release one NSMB per system so, of course, it's 'burned out' because of "too many releases per year", or whatever.

Turn that one against God of War (6/8) or LBP (5/5).
#14.1.6 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
Tales RPG addict  +   1020d ago
Kinect has in a number of ways hurt Xbox 360 and thats why i jumped ship and went back to playing my PS3. I grew tired o Microsofts shit and thats why im sticking PS4 mostly next gen. PS34 will kick ass and i get a feeling that MS will have a hard tome next gen. COD exclusive map packs will get tiresome and the whole Xbox catering to FPS mostly will in time having gamers tired of shooters and wanting something New.Kinect 2 built in wont help them any itll be shitty and inferior like the current Kinect which is a ripoff of the eyetoy which came out first.
AO1JMM  +   1020d ago
Garbage article is garbage
RuleofOne343  +   1020d ago
Blah blah blah more shameful articles that have no merit or should have never seen the light.
i3eyond the Circle  +   1020d ago
The most competitive of gamers play on Xbox. Even the PlayStation dominated Madden challenge for years is an Xbox event now.

98% of games are 3rd party. Xbox has them and so basically it has all the most played games of this generation. Anyone hardcore about gaming is fine with either system....they miss nothing but a few titles if they can't afford both.

Xbox is established kiddos and dreaming up some demographic of gamers rather then saying some random bias bastards who haunt forums being a percentage close to 0.0008 are the ones leaving Xbox because its the dooooomed.

Don't expect it to not defeat its predecessor in all aspects and expand the xbox brand even farther.
Objective  +   1019d ago
Precisely. Sony fanboys conveniently ignore the fact that the vast majority of good hardcore games are multiplatform and ad nauseum play up the exclusive card as if all exclusives count for much. Truth that hurts is only a handful of exclusives in each camp matter, the rest that matter are on both platforms. The only Sony exclusives I enjoyed are Uncharted, Singstar and GOW. That's less than what exclusives I enjoyed on the 360. And in any case the many other games I've enjoyed are multiplatform.
ILive  +   1019d ago
The thing is, you people try to justify some of these things with your own personal stance. For gamers, i would hope, exclusives, again, is what mainly separates each console. Its not the gimmicks, online functionality, or any other crap. We buy systems to play games. You saying you only like uncharted or gow does not make the rest of Sony's first party offerings obsolete. Pretty sure others like infamous, little big planet, Resistance, and the rest. You enjoy multiplats more, good for you. But dont be saying they are the only thing that matters because its what you prefer.
#18.1.1 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report
EffectO  +   1020d ago
Software_Lover  +   1020d ago
SAD, fanboy blogs like this will make it to the top in no time.

I'm going to make a website right now so I can get famous on N4g and get some google ad money.
YNWA96  +   1020d ago
If there is anything worse than dumb soccer fans who can only come up with your team sucks dick or whatever, its the fanboys on these articles.... Who the fvck cares what system people buy.... Just enjoy the thing....
Keep-It-100  +   1020d ago
PlayStation is the HOME for hardcore gamers! don't get me wrong i loved my 360, but the way ms seems to be heading (according to rumors)is going to kill it off, hope the rumors are wrong so us gamers will benefit by a good console war!
Objective  +   1019d ago
Funny you mentioned Home and hardcore in the same sentence...
#22.1 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
KevonDaDon  +   1019d ago
PlayStation was the system of choice for me before the xbox came out. I was cheap I admit back then. Not having to buy a memory card every month was good enough to get me to try the xbox out. Since then, I been hooked. The hardcore gamers are on certain games not systems. Exclusives are not a settling point for people who I talk to on the PSN and on xbox live. That is a concern only for people who post on these forums. Uncharted was fun for a while. So was Halo. But I'm not going to regret missing either. To tell the truth as I see it, gamers on these sites are selfish, bored, broke, overly addicted to both companies that is talking your money regardless of how, and love to argue like little females. The only thing Sony did was release some of its specs. The only thing Microsoft did was release a date that they will talk about something. Somehow, all this other stuff appears every day about this and that and you people rant and rave like its gospel. No one even know the name yet but everyone think they know what it will do. Drink some water, enjoy everyday of your life and wait until Sony or Microsoft say something, not the random guy on the web.
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Majin-vegeta  +   1020d ago
Lol at the 360 cheerleaders playing the innocent card.Yet im.sure most were on the hate train of the PS3 at the beginning at this gen.My my how times change.
StraightedgeSES  +   1019d ago
You saying this makes me wounder. Are you guys going to use this excuse when the ps5 comes out?
Karpetburnz  +   1019d ago
True, Xbox fanboys attacked Sony and PS3 at the start of this gen, saying crap like "PS3 is doomed". Now That the boots on the other foot, its not so nice.

I'm not saying articles like these are good, cause in my opinion they're just flamebait, but Xbox fanboys had it coming.
KillrateOmega  +   1020d ago
" PS4 Levitates Sony"

So the PS4 is using it's mutant power of Telekinesis to psionically hold aloft the entirety of Sony (A multinational conglomerate)? o.O

F*ck the Nextbox! I'm going to get the console with Omega-level psionic power!
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   1019d ago
A man thinks you deserve another bubble.
airgangstarr   1020d ago | Trolling | show
4lc4pon3  +   1019d ago
xbox started strong but imo died a few years ago. M$ shifted focus on stupid kinect and lost focus on bringing real games and IPS
sway_z  +   1019d ago
Long before the PS brand, Sony has had interests in Gaming. Sony manufactured the (very popular in Japan) MSX computers which hosted the very first 'Metal Gear Solid' game. Sony has developed/released games since the 1980's under a subsidiary label.

Sony designed the never released SNES CD-ROM and partnered with many other companies. I remember MS releasing Flight/Train Sims in the mid 90's, but these were very niché titles that probably had the hardest of core followings.

All console makers are in this for the profit (naturally), but you get the feeling Sony believe in the heritage of gaming too.

Xbox will do well and PS will always have a following...much like Nintendo does.
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lema008  +   1019d ago
This is laughable. It's like damn if you do, damn if you don't. Anyone who plays games know who produces the Xbox brand by now.

Like someone else pointed out- Apple does it and it's acceptable, no complains.

If Microsoft is not plaster everywhere there might be a good marketing reason why. Microsoft is Windows. I can remember when they were on the receiving end of a lot of hate and probably still are because of windows. Are they to blame for some of the hate besides just your computer crashing. Yes, like trying to force you to accept certain apps included with their windows- they took a lot of flak for that!

The Xbox is Microsoft's successful little baby. Like it or not, they want everyone to know who's responsible for this popular console.
McGamer  +   1019d ago
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but it is getting old with N4G pushing all of these pure troll articles that are created for the soul purpose of trolling.
LogicStomper  +   1019d ago
That's all this website is now. Expect nothing less than flame-bait, fanboy-ridden articles that are rinsed and repeated weekly to get blood-soaked again from the fanboy wars.
Venemox  +   1019d ago
Oh look another shitty biased poorly written article by some random guy featured on the N4G's hottest list. What a surprise!
trancefreak  +   1019d ago
Exactly! It was very opinionated and lacked substance and supporting evidence to the authors convictions.

Not much to read nor see I just wrote a reply there and moved along.
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