All Age Gaming Podcast Episode 11 - Nintendo lets the world down, skips E3?

Boosty from All Age Gaming writes "The All Age Gaming team are back with Episode 11 of their podcast. This week, we discuss the news from around the world including Nintendo's supposed "no show for E3", plus Microsoft sets a date for their next Xbox unveiling which we discuss. We also take a look at the latest reviews up on the site, take a look also at whats coming out, take your reader mail questions and a whole lot more. So tune in!"

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PSNintyGamer1906d ago

They will be at E3. has everybobody suddenly lost their ability to read?

Games_R_Us1906d ago

No, notice the ? mark at the end, that denotes a question, not a factual statement. Its designed to get you to listen where we go on to discuss what Nintendo's E3 involvement wil actually be.

Supercheezman1906d ago

How ironic saying everyone has lost the ability to read when it was only you xD

SpiderVicious1906d ago

It is a very cleaver way to get people to listen as it leaves the options open to the results of the podcast :)