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It’s a strange thing indeed, that what makes Riptide fun is also its biggest weakness as a game.

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konnerbllb1823d ago

Awwww look. This "journalist" is trying to be different. That will bring in the hits.

MrAnderson1823d ago Show
phantomexe1823d ago

The game is all over the place from 4 to 9. I'm rather enjoying the game myself.

Deku-Johnny1823d ago

Well it was never going to be Game of the Year but it's not as bad as this review says so.

HaileyAnn1823d ago

Ok, this game is awesome. So what if it is still kinda similar to the other game. All of the reviews I have read says this game sucks... But i don't think so. I would rate this game probably a 9. Dunno abotu you people but, its freaking awesome. Personally, I like games that are alike. But anyway, this game is amazing, with graphics and gameplay. :)

godslayer4291823d ago

not even close. the game is a blast to play, no freezes or game breaking glitches(ps3 version)easily a 7-8 out of 10

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