OXM: Lost Odyssey Review

OXM writes: "The problem, as far as we can see it, is that as Xbox 360 owners, we're spoilt. A five-month onslaught of gaming delights and expectation levels have reached an all-time high. It might explain our initial deflation that comes the first few hours into Lost Odyssey. After a scorching prologue, this J-RPG stumbles, and it is not until the first plot twist and boss battle that it regains its confident stride. The term 'slow burner' has never been so apt.

It's sad, but slightly expected, that it takes a while before the game's charms conquer the lingering disappointment. After all, this is a J-RPG from Mistwalker Studios - a studio whose workforce consists of Final Fantasy veterans. If Blue Dragon was the ode to the genre's past, Lost Odyssey was promising to emulate the shift to an adult tone the genre adopted post-Final Fantasy VII. In that respect, the developer has performed magnificently, with themes of mortality, war and politics weaved into a storyline that, for the most part, is assured and engaging. That there are elements of cliché sentiment and overly emoting characters is a pitfall of the genre - hallmarks that hinder it from escaping traditional boundaries."

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