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Call of Duty: Ghosts - New Story, Setting, Cast & Next-Gen Engine Says Retailer

Online retailer 'Tesco Direct' has once again outed the next Call of Duty game known as Call of Duty: Ghosts but this time has shed some light on what we can expect to see from the upcoming title in saying...

UPDATE: A listing for Call of Duty: Ghosts has also appeared on a Spanish retailer site called “Xtralife.es”. The listing was posted for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update A potential teaser for Call of Duty: Ghosts has appeared on the franchise’s official site. A new teaser page has appeared on the site that shows an image that is slowly being built, based on Tweets using the #CallofDuty hashtag. More info have been updated on the article.

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Sandmano  +   509d ago | Funny
Yeah new engine that will last them the next 7 years...
THE-COMMANDER  +   509d ago
Can people just stop saying this, if you dont like what they are doing then dont buy their game and leave them alone, im not defending anyone here i just dont like people who just jump into any COD article and start throwing jokes and trolls that we have tired of hearing it.

I really love COD games,i know that the game need many improvments but i still love it no matter what because the fun factor is still there, and me and my friends have great times playing COD.
Sandmano  +   509d ago
I use too have a great time playing COD I loved it Ive been play online since COD 2 but recent entries have just been lazy. Their taking advantage of their blind user base who will buy anything they ditch out.

Its still somewhat fun... for like 2 weeks after release.
_QQ_  +   509d ago
You love 1 COD game you love them all right.IT's not COD that people have a problem with, its the influence it has on the industry, Everyone wants another COD clone, Everyone wants online,The annual release of the same game will overshadow any game, Companys want Devs to make games that are like COD, The worst thing are people who think being good at that babies game makes them a "Hardcore Gamer". I have fun playing splitscreen Cod with friends too, but we only have COD MW. same game as the rest.
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joab777  +   509d ago
I don't blame Activision for anything they do. What they have done is sell a bazillion copies of an IP to gamers worldwide. Why invest in anything new if its still making money. I guess they feel that now is the time to move ahead with next gen coming.

Now I know that the first leaks claimed next gen only and now they r saying its this gen only. My guess is that it will be this gen but will release on next gen too a few months later. But they don't want everyone to know b/c they want ppl to pay twice. Everyone will need it day 1 and then those who go next gen will need it cuz its better.

Here's to hoping they can continue to walk the tightrope...change enough to keep it fresh while keeping ppl happy. I do give them credit for this cuz so many hav changed IPs to get more ppl to play and end up selling less.
iamlegend9999  +   509d ago
Bubbled, people just like to bitch about games other people like but when someone talks about a game they like they get butthurt. I still like cod even though i haven't played in months. Still gonna keep getting new cod games until the end of time. Its like a tradition kinda
RioKing  +   509d ago
Some of you guys on here are making too much sense right now, is this still N4G?

"Here's to hoping they can continue to walk the tightrope...change enough to keep it fresh while keeping ppl happy."

That's EXACTLY what they've been doing, and it is a fine line to walk on. Haters want a complete overhaul (to something that will not make it the cod that millions love) and the fans will not want that.
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Pl4sm4  +   509d ago
never stop hating cod because cod has killed so many games and game companies . its gotta be made fun of and hated for , for all time .
slapedurmomsace  +   509d ago
@Commander. I enjoy them too. I think their single player campaigns were the best for FPS's this generation. Though I will admit I loved killzone 2 and may put it number 1. I have enjoyed every single COD release this gen, though will say MW3 multi player was weak and the maps weren't very good. I liked the way Blop2 perks and attachments were set up, and think the maps are much much better. For a simple half hour to kill, or if you want to play for hours, hard to beat COD's value. And where are all the complainers about Madden and MLB The Show They're released every year with basically a $60 charge for a roster update, and yet that's ok.
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artdafoo  +   509d ago
Oooh im sorry Bobby, we forgot you make millions of this Doodie every November. But last i checked were still allowed to express our opinions. New engine ? Im Calling mega BS, same old engine with some improvements, more than likely.
nukeitall  +   509d ago

"You love 1 COD game you love them all right.IT's not COD that people have a problem with, its the influence it has on the industry,"

Then perhaps you should be upset with the people attempting to copy CoD. I'm sure Activision is upset with them too!

It seems to me people want this annualized game more than what *YOU* like. Deal with it!
Braid  +   508d ago
New setting, that I expected.

But new engine? How the hell did that happen?
ps3_pwns  +   508d ago
cod sucks dude quit trying to make it cool again. its for dudebros who dont know what good games are.
FreakdoutKid  +   508d ago
i dunno how u got so many disagrees though ur right
rataranian  +   508d ago
u mad bro?
XB1_PS4  +   508d ago
Am I the only one excited to see if they do anything different with a new engine?
UnholyLight  +   508d ago
I don't see how this will be the case again for the next gen. The only reason they left it was because they only saw need to update it a little bit to remain on top of the FPS category. It obviously worked, much to my disdain. It also made them boatloads of money without having to invest heavily in an engine that would become obsolete and put them behind the competition when they would need to make a PS4/XboX CoD game down the road...forcing them to update the engine again on top of the huge development costs.

^^Although of course they could have gone the DICE route and made a new engine and ran it at a fraction of it's true power and then optimized it for the PS4/XboX
Intentions  +   509d ago
Hmmm, Guess we have to actually see if these given facts are true before we judge.
biRdy  +   509d ago
Nice to see new tech
The_Infected  +   509d ago
And It only took 7 years:)
Ezio2048  +   509d ago
Exactly :P
Finally we shall get to the a next gen COD, may be.
Raccoon  +   509d ago
7 years? That's about a console lifespan...
The_Infected  +   509d ago
thezeldadoth  +   508d ago
this 7 years thing is annoying. You just try to spin something positive into a negative. What about all of valves games using the same engine since 2004, only updated. Same with COD. What about most games this generation using the same Unreal 3 engine. Nobody cares about that. The games still looked good and ran smooth. What happens when you make a new engine every year? You get games like crysis that are so poorly optimized that you can't max it at 60fps without spending 1000 dollars, and even then it still dips.
majiebeast  +   509d ago
Ah man now i cant make the "Everything is futuristic except the engine" joke.
sway_z  +   508d ago
BiRdy ..cool name, my girlfriends nickname is Birdie.

Anyways, back on topic...I can see this selling more on Xbox 360, not just because of timed-exclusive DLC, but also many PS gamers are going to transition to new (PS4) hardware. It may be that the cost of doing so affects some PS3 game sales.

It will do well, but because of the above, it probably will do better on X360.


I didn't notice 'Next Gen Engine' prior to commenting, making what I have typed pretty much irrelevant lulz :/
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Serjikal_Strike  +   509d ago
If true, this is the game Microsoft will use to gain buyers of the next xbox.
Microsoft will have exclusivity deals again with Activision
irokster  +   509d ago
What is it with you kids and being misinformed? Sony and Activision have a partnership that I'm guessing is pretty much what the Xbox has right now but should take effect until next gen.
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Jek_Porkins  +   509d ago
Sounds interesting, but with all rumors, I don't believe it until I see it. Would be nice though.
M-M  +   509d ago
I guess we'll find out in a few days.
Hdz54  +   509d ago
I'm going to guess the new engine is designed for next gen consoles and current gen will get a scaled down version a la Frostbite 2 on PC vs PS360. Looking forward to the reveal!
Majin-vegeta  +   509d ago
Lol they've been saying that for the past few years.Its just a tweaked engine lol.
Relientk77  +   509d ago
New engine? interesting lets see it
Npugz7  +   509d ago
Good! It's about frigid time!!!
Ray186  +   509d ago
Why don't I believe them.
mediate-this  +   509d ago
I love this franchise, I loved it since cod2 on xbox 360. the problem with the series is lack of innovation, but I still love it.
Salooh  +   509d ago
3 more days :)
FantasyStar  +   509d ago
While I do like the idea of a new engine and thus, new opportunities for gameplay: I'd rather have a smooth frame-rate over a pretty picture any day.
Salooh  +   509d ago
Next generation can do both. It's not like Call of duty will evolve graphics to sacrifice anything in gameplay. lol.
NarooN  +   509d ago
New engine: New visuals, same gameplay.

New game comes out, people suddenly praise the engine, then the next game gets announced and people talk about how the engine is already stale and how broken the game is.

Rinse, repeat...
Soldierone  +   509d ago
According to one of the managers I know, this isn't the only game being shown off rather soon. Plus some of the games have direct ties with MS, and since the curtain is finally lifted more next generation projects will be announced and shown off. Instead of saying "for PC" it will be next gen.
piniliby   509d ago | Spam
piniliby   509d ago | Spam
slapedurmomsace  +   509d ago
I'd like to know if the current gen 360/ps3 will get a new engine or at least a scaled down version. Supply of the new consoles during the holiday season is going to make it laughably difficult to pick one up before the holidays are over.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   509d ago
Yow yippie yow yippie yay another COD :-D. Can't get enough of it right guys??. Wow new story, wow new setting, wow new engine. Honestly COD could be more better if they also implement what Battlefield has especially the accuracy of the hit detection. Many gamers proved in their videos that COD still has some bugs. Like the bullet hit accuracy and delayed player view when for example I saw you but in a split second you cant see me yet so I have the advantage of shooting you first. But none of those issues are found in battlefield 3.
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RTheRebel  +   509d ago
BF4 looks like the same generic krap
Not a fan of COD but, if they use a new engine COD will again dominate BF4
Good strategy on Activision part rehash same engine and introduce new engine that completely blows people minds away *If they use a new engine
braydox21  +   508d ago
wait im pretty sure BF3 suffered the same problems of hit detection since im pretty sure rocket launcher beats rifle in terms of power, and yet that seemed not to be the case as for some reaason a rocket at point blank range wont kill a guy, still though the game was a helluva alot of fun, Bf4 is definatley woth looking forward too.
CapsLocke  +   509d ago
If this as "next gen" as new Battlefield 4, then LOL.
slapedurmomsace  +   509d ago
edit and re-try sir.
Tultras  +   509d ago
Cod has the fun factor still present which most games seem to miss out on.

I suggest everyone to stop being graphic whores or stop buying COD games.

Why would the COD formula change? People seem to love it, besides the vocal whiny minority which is represented by the community at N4G. Why attempt to fix something which isn't broken?
Ken22  +   508d ago
Really you don't think this is broken?And you find this fun??



PSWarlord   508d ago | Off topic | show
KontryBoy706  +   508d ago
COD should be a PSN/XBL title. The small effort they have been putting into it lately is pretty lackluster. I believe people would be satisfied with a multiplayer only version for $25
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venom06  +   508d ago
its gonna be HILARIOUS when the CoD nerd fanboys on N4G find out this really isn't true and it's not a TRUE new engine, but another "updated" version of the Quake engine....
illtornworld  +   508d ago
Im looking forward to what infinity ward is up to, theyre a really good developer, maybe theyll make it really fun and fast pace action,
Mathew9R   508d ago | Spam
Dlacy13g  +   508d ago
I gotta say I have little faith in a new engine if its still running on the older current gen platforms. I know it could be scaled up, etc... but I just don't get that good vibe about a new engine for old tech.
Hazmat13  +   508d ago
in all honesty if you compare the first COD MW to MW3 or Black Ops 2 there is a big difference. but that was in a span of 6 years or so, so yeah they update the engine but with very small detail.
imXify  +   508d ago
Next gen engine running on Vita would be freaking EPIC !
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