Intel Is All Set To Roll Out The Next Gen

It’s been a wonderful journey for the people at Intel. Starting of from the humble days of 8085 microprocessors which couldn’t process 8 bit of data, now we have 64 bits processors, and even ones with several megabytes of cache memory.

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AzaziL1853d ago

This is why I love/hate PC gaming. Just upgraded my rig to the "latest" gen CPU 6 months ago, only to see it put to dust in a year or so.

Saryk1852d ago

It's not that big of a deal. I bought 3 3570K this year and they will be good for a long time.

decrypt1852d ago

"This is why I love/hate PC gaming. Just upgraded my rig to the "latest" gen CPU 6 months ago, only to see it put to dust in a year or so."

It doesnt really matter. People who bought I7 920 5 years ago even today can overclock it to around 4GHZ and give any new CPU a run for its money.

Mr Tretton1852d ago

I'm always glad to see the tech advancing, it's long and boring waiting on console tech for gaming, I like the idea of being able to update every few years instead. What comes out today will be even more improved and similarly priced a few years from now.

jeffgoldwin1852d ago ShowReplies(2)
NarooN1852d ago

I use AMD myself, but even the 2nd Gen Intel I chips are putting up great performance to this day. If you already have one of those or an Ivy bridge, you don't *need* to upgrade. Hardware doesn't just Go extinct just because a newer part comes out.

yeahokchief1852d ago

Looking forward to this to see what kind of price drops it brings.

hiredhelp1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Just upgraded my rig to the "latest" gen CPU 6 months ago, only to see it put to dust in a year or so.

You have nothin to fear your PC will run fine for next gen and then some I'm sure.
I'm still running on a sandy bridge I'm happy as long as its quad core mid-to high level video card you will be good.

For me only thing I'm looking to upgrade As a Enthusiast is another AMD 7970 purely for higher FPS but really not needed.
Now if you have the money you like to keep upto date then with INTEL firmly having the monopoly on CPU market well lol you could be out dated in next year or 2.

Be honest intel been rather crazy with cpu's recent years we've had Q Series first ever quad cors we've then had the 1366 series witch got replaced with the 1156-55. Series then did silly thing brought out 2011 complete new board CPU then they brought ivy bridge backwards compatable for 1155 sockets good move and now this unless I've missed one.
All this in less than 5years ? Madness na I'm golden for the time thx intel.

DeadlyFire1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I use Core 2 Quad [email protected] Ghz and have no problems at all so far. When I see considerable slow down then I will upgrade. Right now everything runs fine. No need to upgrade every year.

Haswell and beyond is set to integrate GPU into CPU up to 1 Tflop potentially so GPU + these new APU combo chips should work wonders with graphics in the future. If you have one of these and a 4.5 Tflop GPU card then you have 5.5 Tflops potentially.

AMD and NVIDIA are also doing the same with their CPU/GPUs with hybrid designs for the CPUs up to 1 Tflop by 2014/2015.

FlyingFoxy1852d ago

I bought an i7 at launch back in late 2008, the i7 920 and its close even today compared to newer processors in games. Only difference is that the newer ones are a bit faster at the same speed and overcloxk more.

My next upgrade will be when its worth it, probably when ddr4 ram comes out. The time you never upgrade is when something much faster is around the corner, thats just foolish. But i7 processors have been powerhouses from the start. Just been a bit stagnant lately.

jeffgoldwin1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

The thing with the latest (3rd gen) i7, is not so much speed, but they run cooler, more power efficient, and have integrated graphics hd 4000 inside them now.

Haskell will be the same way. Only small speed increases because they really aren't needed atm. Basically minimal benefits to desktop users.

ChrisW1852d ago

I'm not going to upgrade my CPU / Motherboard until the CPU base speed is 4.0+Ghz and the newest RAM (DDR4?) comes out.

In the mean time, my i5-750 suites me more than just fine!!!

ninjahunter1852d ago

:p you might wanna get comfy then haha. i5 models are pretty beastly anyway you slice it and ram is not a reason to upgrade. The slowest model of ddr2 will treat you the same as the fastest model of ddr3 as long as you have plenty of it.

ChrisW1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

I figure it might be another year+ before they get 4.0+Ghz CPUs... They'll most likely go for multicore 6, 8, or 12, but with lower or current hertz. I might go for a 12 core, but they'll have to give me a good reason to.

As for RAM, I know!!! I keep telling people that speed makes little difference. I have 16Mb of DDR3 2133Mhz, and it makes little difference from when I had 4Mb of 1600Mhz. And the reason why there's little difference is because I don't run many things that require more than 2Gbs of RAM.

Heck even when DDR4 comes out, there'll be a minimal difference. It's just that I'll be wanting to upgrade my motherboard at that time.

fermcr1852d ago

At this moment the best thing you can do to upgrade a PC, is to get a SSD drive and install your SO on it. What a difference !

jeffgoldwin1851d ago

Actually getting a good gpu is a better upgrade if you game a lot.

I recently added an ssd (Samsung 840, 250gb), that I way like. Boot and loading times are much faster, but I see no difference in actual game performance, which I thought was kind of disappointing.

Isis061852d ago

I'm still on 955 BE - HD5850... spent money on RAM a AM3+ MoBo and a SSD coz I got them cheap but I bought the system used. I played Bioshock Infinit just fine on 720p Very High settings with 30+fps. Was thinking about going for a new CPU/GPU but I think I'm good for a year or two. And then I will have two PC that can do what ever I wan't them to... my PS3 died so I'm looking forward to it.
Will probably buy the last AM3+ CPU that comes out and a GPU at the same time.

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ninjahunter1852d ago

Lol, people are complaining about how their 660GTX or whatever is outdated and only maxes everything out at 40-60fps.

And im just sitting over here with my 555m GT. Yea, nowhere near anything worth bragging about, But still strong enough to play almost every game on the market at 1366x768 at high settings, which is fine by me.

PC gaming isnt about maxing games out or whatever, its getting a superior experience that matches your budget.

a08andan1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I still use and Phenom II X4, 3,4Ghz paired with a gtx 460 and 8Gb of RAM. I maxed out Bioshock Infinite, no problems at all. You really don't need the latest and greatest to enjoy gaming :)

EDIT: Anyone who knows what socket they will use?^^

Isis061852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

In what resolution did you max it out?
Should it be on what res...?

a08andan1851d ago

1680x1050, without any problems at all. :)

Isis061844d ago

Got a Phenom II X4 945, 5850...
but on of my sticks failed so I'm only running 4Gb of Ram. Makes a different... I was only able to run it at 720 : (

Agent_hitman1852d ago

I thought they are prepared for next gen already. With their 3rd Gen Intel Core CPUs?.

And the 4th Gen expensive damn! Intel Core CPUs are on the horizon.. Only rich people can afford.. Better buy next gen Xbox infinity or PS4. That would be more ideal and more cheaper.. lol

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