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Court sides with Microsoft over Motorola patents used in Xbox

U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled Thursday that Microsoft should pay Google's Motorola Mobility unit $1.8 million a year in royalties for use of wireless and video coding patents it used in the Xbox and its smartphones.

Motorola had demanded Microsoft pay royalties of $4 billion for use of patents that are part of the H.264 video and 802.11 wireless standards, which is baked into Windows and the Xbox video game console. (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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Thirty3Three  +   758d ago
So I've been up-to-date with this case, and I'm not sure why they've sided with Microsoft here...

Trying to be unbiased here; but I really can't see why they sided with M. It's patented tech.
Knight_Crawler  +   758d ago
Motorola were asking for 2.25% and that was considered ludicrous. There are about 50 companies that hold part of this standard. If every one of them pulled a Motorola(Google) and considered that “fair and reasonable” the entire tech industry would go broke overnight.

If you want to name call and make value judgments, you should look at Google here. Firstly they made a “new” video codec which infringes on H.264 all over the place, made it open source (evil IP thieves). They tried to push it arguing that H.264 could be abused by the IP holders. They then bought Motorola and “hey bingo”, they attempt to abuse their newfound FRAND patents. What kind of behavior do you call that?

The sole reason why Google bought Motorola was just to sue companies but it backfired as Moto cannot win any cases and Google has not seen a profit from the Motorola purchase.
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   758d ago
Most of these companies are constantly in court... it's like they receive more money by suing other companies than actually innovating the industry.

I'm not impressed it's just a ton of people trying to line their pockets at the expense of the mass layoffs that happen when a court battle is lost.
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KwietStorm  +   758d ago
That is completely false. Google bought Motorola to protect themselves with their patent portfolio, because Android was being attacked left and right. It hasn't even been Google filing suits. And I'm pretty sure Motorola vs Microsoft had been going on before Google even bought them.
Bigpappy  +   758d ago
They are already being paid for the patents. They are just trying to shake down M$ for more cash. The courts should not be used in this manner. Patents pricing changes should not be allowed on existing products. Google are trying to be gangsters here.
LOL_WUT  +   758d ago
Wow this was still going on? I though it was all settled. Good news for Microsoft I guess. ;)
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GameCents  +   758d ago
As a gamer, this is great news for me. Google can go hang.
Agent_hitman  +   757d ago
Court side lol, so there's a referee?
MyNutsYourChin  +   757d ago
It's incredible how many ignorant people here are siding with Microsoft. No wonder our justice system is just as ignorant. God forbid any of you douchebags who think Goggle is in the wrong get to be a part of our justice system. You're all of bunch of clueless morons.
dcbronco  +   757d ago
Explain please. It seems to me that if someone owns a patent and charges for it, everyone that uses it should pay them. According to Motorola that wanted fair compensation, but then they decided to charge MS far more than they charged anyone else. It seems to me that Google is just trying to stick it to MS. If not explain otherwise.

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