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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is not a DLC. No, although you would be forgiven for thinking so, given Capcom’s rather convoluted and muddled pre-release publicity for the title, but Dark Arisen asks you to recall the time before digital downloads – when expansion scale content was released in physical form only.

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Neko_Mega1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I finish the dlc (or whatever you want to call it) in a hour (maybe less). Then again I was on play through two and with max level character/pawn.

Redempteur1934d ago

Lol i don't believe that.

I've finished the game twice .. and had full dragon forged gear when i started the island. 8Hours i've far from completing it.

You even have youtube vids of players at Lv 200 that are one shotted by some ennemies.
To survive at the bottom of the island you need the very high gear that is dropped inside.( not the level ) this isn't something you'd get in one hour.

Godmars2901934d ago

Haven't played the game, but this feels like SOP for Capcom: put out the exact same game with a few tweaks and extra content which could have been done via DLC. Only they seem to be getting praised for it.

Their never going to fix how they do things unless they're called on it every time.

ApolloTheBoss1934d ago

Exactly, which is why I won't be buying this new. Haven't played the game either and I know it's good, but they had some of the DLC already on the disc, so I won't be supporting Capcom in anyway.

Baka-akaB1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Does it matter if its not done as dlc when it's release pretty much at the price they would set as dlc expansion ?

With instead the full game included here ?

You get to resell the original and still get it and a vast addon for cheap .

I dont see why i should punish that . I sold my original DG game for 10 dollars and bought the new game for 29 . I would be charged by any publisher 14 to 30 dollars for the content provided in dark arisen as a dlc only episode .

This is why some of us arent in punitive mode and complaining .

When capcom re-release sf4 as super with 10 new characters , many complained , probably with good reasons in mind . But they forget that every fighting game publishers sell each character 5-6 dollars each and that those ten would cost more than the entiregame +dlc budget re-release .

be careful what you wish for guys . I'm not looking forward to be sold addons or characters pack at a premium instead , with the same guys obviously complaining , except for a valid reason then .

"they had some of the DLC already on the disc"

Those dlc are short quests no one care about about and would last one or two hour top .

Are you guys even sure you know what's inside the newly added content ?

Godmars2901934d ago

But you're not getting it: either they put locked content on the disc, or Capcom re-releases the game with extra content. Making it so content can be added later doesn't seem to register.

Baka-akaB1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Again my point is that making it added later content wouldnt be cheaper , and leaves you without an original copy , wich is what i'll care about in such cases .

Knowing publishers and well Capcom , the alternative is late dlc that cost more than such re-release .

Most dogma players did ask for more additional content ... we're getting it at least in a more efficient and less costly fashion , even if obviously Capcom doesnt do it out of sheer benevolence

Redempteur1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Capcom made the right choice.

You'd know this if you'd played the damn game.
And the same capcom gave us "hard mode" and "speed run mode" for free .

Capcom made the size of the game to double.. That's one of the reason why a rerelease at half price was a good move.
Not to mention the various tweaks in the menus , in the skills and in the gears.

The new content was made after the release of the game.Asking for it as dlc , when capcom could have done a more polished game ( as they did ) in term of performance is ignorant.
ON 360 the screen tear has been reduced.
ON PS3 the game drop frames left often..
This isn't some "dlc" thing , the fact that on 360 you even have HD textures showw that they improved the game in all fronts beyond what a simple "dlc" could do.

You just have to play it to realise that.

This is silly to ask for dlc when a devellopper try to improve a game to make it a proper franchise and to please the fans that ASKED for more content and tweaks.

Just google the list of changes .. it's very long .

Godmars2901934d ago

I'm just saying that the people praising them now will be the same complaining about the same exact thing. That Capcom will have done nothing different in either case and will see no reason to fix anything that they do.

Redempteur1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Godmars290 , you're confusing .

First you're asking capcom to be called on to "fix" things when in this case they are doing the right thing such as releasing a much improved game at half price with content for all kind of players.

After you're saying that they don't listen when they want to add content later WHEN THEY DID ADD content .. the original was patched 6 times when they added new modes ( hard mode, easy mode , speed run mode ) not to mention some bugs that they fixed that are unavoidable when you're doing a open world kind of game.

So what is the problem , here ?
Capcom says : " we're changed so many things we can't add them by dlc anymore".
Case in point : the game is full of new tweaks from ennemy stats to your own gear or the simple fact that the game runs better on consoles ( even if it's still not perfect ) ..while adding a bunch of new content in the form of ennemies, areas , spells, skills and gear.

Now you're going with "the people praising them now".
But what is the harm done when you're praising a good work ?
Dragon dogma players are for the most part enjoying the new content.The only people complaining are people WHO HAVEn'T played the game.
What the hell do they have to fix when they are doing exactly what players wanted them to do ?
They adressed the NUMBER ONE complain the player themselves have told them numerous times.

Or are you just complaining at capcom for the sake of it ? because it's the trend from 2012 ?

Rhaigun1934d ago

I'm 4 hours into Dark Arisen, and still haven't finished. It is very tough, as enemies strengthen to your lvl. So, I don't know what Neko_Mega is on about. Very good DLC to an already great game.

Now, if I could just manage to beat the Reaper before he one hit kills me...

SirBradders1934d ago

I didn't realise it included the whole original game and ive been waiting for this to drop in price since it came out. £20 for the whole package is a steal in my eyes and i really enjoyed the demo so i know ive got a great deal just waiting for the 12gb download waiting an hour is killing me cant wait for ps4 i can be playing it already like pc.

Rhaigun1934d ago

You won't be disappointed. Just don't attempt Dark Arisen storyline until you're around lvl 40.

MysticStrummer1934d ago

You're the only person I've seen who says enemies strengthen to your level.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1934d ago

Enemies dont scale their just overpowered on hardmode, one shotkills and the like.

Rhaigun1934d ago

Could've fooled me. I'm lvl 70, and get one shotted all the time.

bluetoto1933d ago

As much as I hated the inability to buy this alone, the improvements to the gameplay are quite impressive in this expansion. Not liking all the nerfs but I'd rather enjoy the challenge adapting to them then complain.

Nothing like having a huge world with great combat to hunt monsters down in. The new gorecyclops is so huge you'll take fall damage when jumping from his face, but it's so worth it to climb up and knock that helmet off and stab that red eye.

Love this game!

Nevers1933d ago

I wanted to find fault too... but I'm having way too much fun. As I get further into the DA content, I find myself more and more amazed. The only nerf I've found was Invisibility became less insanely OP. It's still incredibly powerful but just needs more management/stamina. Still really glad I got my killshot on the UrDragon right before the nerf though..

Yes, love this game!!

bluetoto1932d ago

Sadly it looks like they nerfed autonomy/bloodlust/clout/vehem ence by a good deal.

This is what happens when whiners complain.