Hotline Miami on PSN Brings Along Multiplayer Support and More New Features

Hotline Miami will be bringing along Cross-Play support along with a host of new features for its PSN debut this Spring.

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boybato1612d ago

cross play/cross buy - bring it on!!!!

OllieBoy1611d ago

Hopefully we get it in May. It's going to be huge on Vita.

b_one1611d ago

lol and at the end PSN offer is best of all

Kyosuke_Sanada1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

More games need to be based in the 80's. I consider it my favourite era to live in because how vibrant the community was, it had standout fashion sense (a little more subtle than the 70's) and you can't beat hot pink fonts. The 90's I comes a close second due to gaming and awesome movies......

Gotta rush for that Yayo!

SolidDuck1611d ago

Really excited to play this. Ill be buying it right away.

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