Download Pre-Ordered Soul Sacrifice Now (EU/AU)

EU/AU PS Vita owners who have pre-ordered themselves a digital copy of Soul Sacrifice will find that they can now download the title though it will not be playable until 30/1/13 9AM in Australian time or midnight UK time.

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H4all1910d ago

My game card arrive early in the morning...
phew.. that was fast pre-order..
Soul sacrifice is the best..

beakeroo11910d ago

Lucky you, we in the PAL territories are supposed to wait until May 1 or 2 for retail copies but it looks like digital will be about 13 hours away according to my Vita :)

SirBradders1910d ago

Just checked says may 3rd and no moneys been taken, im contemplating to cancel it and digital download it.

GuruStarr781910d ago

I'm out of town til tuesday night and my preorder is back home in Chicago... Going to have to cut this trip short!!

chicagOriginal1910d ago

I will gladly get it for you...
no, really.

GuruStarr781910d ago

but yeah, I'll be back in Chicago tomorrow night.. will probably come by Wednesday to get that PS3 HD installed....