Is E3 Losing Its Luster?

VG Republic Writes: It seems as though everyone wants off the boat right now, the E3 boat that is. The trade show that has been the largest consumer video game show in the U.S. for the last decade and has only grown in popularity with the inclusion of the average gamer being allowed access to the show; web-streams allow those, that can’t attend, at home to still enjoy the action. However, over the last year the once mecca for showing off the latest in gaming seems to be losing its luster just a bit. While there will be the usual suspects at the show, some of the larger companies such as Nintendo are choosing to scale back their delivery to a more intimate booth showing than taking the large stage and joining the likes of Microsoft and Sony. Not only that, via Twitter, Doug Lombardi a Valve software employee got confirmation from the parent company that they would not be attending E3 at all this year. What is going on around here? A few years back companies were leaping at the opportunity to jump on stage to show off what they had done, but now it seems as though people are jumping off and to other avenues to bring forth their latest creations. Why is E3 losing the luster it once had?

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cl19831790d ago

It's all about diminishing returns. Its silly to spend hundred of thousands or millions if your business can't substantially re coop those funds.

VirtualKatz1790d ago

You are 100% right CL that is exactly what companies are thinking about, how to maximize the all mighty dollar!

jimbobwahey1790d ago

Or alternatively the only reason that Nintendo and Valve aren't holding conferences is because they have nothing to show.

E3 isn't losing its luster at all, it's just that certain companies don't have anything to show and so they're saving themselves the embarrassment.

fairyblaster1790d ago

lol . would this article even be if Nintendo hadn't abandoned E3 like they did?

KyRo1790d ago

After this year, everything will be usual business at E3. You can't really blame Sony or MS for holding their own events this year to show what their next consoles are capable of before E3. I highly doubt Sony or MS will host their events annually from now on. They just need to get their foot out the door and start generating that buzz then hit us with details we weren't told about at their E3 conference.

Me personally, I'm looking more forward to E3 this year than ever.

Wenis1790d ago

As long as theres booth babes the LUSTer will never be lost


@jimbobwahey Spoken like a true fanboy.

Maximum negativity, minimum evidence!

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Minato-Namikaze1790d ago

Companies skip E3 every year, why are people making this out to be a big thing?

Hicken1790d ago

The ONLY reason is because Nintendo is skipping out on having a big presser. Somehow, that's supposed to overshadow the unveiling of their competition's next gen consoles.

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that they're passing up on that, but I imagine it's because they just don't have enough to show off. And as one of the big three, that's a little worrying. I hope they're working to rectify that shortcoming, as I want more than three games to play for Wii U.

showtimefolks1790d ago

So just because Nintendo isn't there it's not longer E3? Or the fun of E3?

Sony will show off its system
Show new PSN
PSN plus
Bunch of games
Many new relationships with publishers for either exclusive DLC or with developers over exclusive games
Than there is the whol indie scene which Sony showed off at Their last event
Pricing,release date and launch games

Sow software got its with possibly price cut
Maybe a price cut for PS3 and ensure everyone that ps3 will be supported for a while

Ms shows of next Xbox
Pricing,release date
MS likes to make huge splashes so maybe some big developer or publisher on stage to show a muti platform game
New xblive experience possibly cutting price or offering free to play online?(I seriously doubt it)
Smart glass
Kinect 2
And bunch of media related apps

Talk about xbox360 getting support for a while and cutting the price, this I have to see to believe since original Xbox was taken off the shelf pretty quick after new box

Next kingdom heart
FF13 versus
Last guardian
Watch dogs
ND new game
Possibly a new Forza
A proper Fable

Than all the so called new IP's that these publishers have been holding back because t doesn't make sense to release new IP's later in the gen when Sony is doing just that along with capcom with remember me and watch dogs

Show us the games

If anything this will be one of the most excited E3's in recent memory

Nintendo has said they hav a lot to show so lets see I will see it to believe it. Show me games for wiiu which are coming in 2013, don't tell me about TBA or coming in 2014 meaning fall 2014

IMO Nintendo is making a huge mistake, wiiu will be a forgotten device with ps4 and next Xbox so IMO Nintendo should have been at E3 and should have tried to make huge splashes but I guess not. Instead of trying to compete with ms or Sony they are skipping and than they wonder why wiiu was outsold by Vita in Japan few weeks back

ThatCanadianGuy5141790d ago

I wish it was just pure gameplay trailers and gameplay footage of new games, back to back.

Leave the dancing guys in blue ponchos out of it please.
And no 30 minute wonderbook demos either..

AngelicIceDiamond1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

I agree but with all the investors and none gaming press active. Sony and MS feel the need to impress them as well as of course gamers.

E3 of 2012 was easily my least favorite E3. Not only was the big 3 lackluster but all the other big players decided to skip the event.

Heres hoping E3 of this year is mind blowing.

EDIT: @Jakeman

Right ACIII was a good showing along with Watch Dogs, Halo and Last of Us. There were some high moments but it seemed there were no surprises.

AC was already announced Sony announced The Last Of Us. Halo was announced in 2011. Watchdogs was the biggest surprise for me.

You mention last years E3 was very "2004 esqe" I didn't see that conference was it that bad?

JakemanPS319941790d ago

last year had some great demo with watch_dogs, last of us, and assassin creed 3 but for the most part very 2004 esqe in the announcement and excitment level. most likely this year will be more 2005.

cl19831790d ago

The real question is if Nintendo can get better buzz from yelling on the gaming floor then a theater stage.

JakemanPS319941790d ago

if memory serves me correctly not bad per se but just very predictable with the most anticipated not even on the show floor (gta san andreas).

JakemanPS319941790d ago

yah i notice you will alawys have those embarrassing press conference moments but imo it dont deter from the whole experience. My favorite time of the year!

SlapHappyJesus1790d ago

Being that many big names aren't even attending this year, yes. At least for this year it has lost its luster.

Dunpeal1790d ago

yeah seems like each year for the past years developers have gotten less bold and E3 has just been pretty meh

arbitor3651790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

the sony and microsoft conferences will be awesome and will probably be viewed by more people than any e3 press conferences in the last 3 or more years

so no. E3 this year is going to at its best.

JakemanPS319941790d ago

i dont agree. i still think E3 is great expo! I mean last years was okay but i think thats mainly because of this year with the PS4 and NextBox. e3 will be around as long we have video games..... unless you guys wanna go back to the CES style

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