Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 106 - The Future is May 22nd

Boosty from DJ Podcasts writes "On this week’s podcast Episode 106, we discuss the news stories from the video gaming industry. Two very large stories this week have their own dedicated roundtable talk, the first focuses on Microsoft’s upcoming reveal for the future of Xbox. The second, covers Nintendo’s no show at E3, we discuss if this is a good or bad thing and why. Also, in true podcast style we take your reader mail questions and give a shout out to the fans. So sit back, ponder what will be on May 22nd and tune in to the biggest and best Aussie podcast in town. The DJ Team."

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redcar1212053d ago

cant wait for E3 for microsoft to kill off sony new crap console.

GiantFriendlyCrab2053d ago

yeah i cant wait for that to happen,

SignifiedSix912052d ago

That's never going to happen.. don't see why you guys would want the competition to be killed off. Its always good to have it. I want success from both seeing as I'll have both consoles.

Games_R_Us2052d ago

Thats true, competition drives better games, hardware from all players out there. Were just super excited to see how MS will mix things up on the 22nd of May.

JetP06192051d ago

The Future was already here ever since Feb 22.