Rumor: Sleeping Dogs will be May's US PlayStation Plus Game

Sleeping Dogs has been spotted in an advertisement for the US PlayStation Plus service -- you know what that means!

UPDATE: The full lineup has leaked. May's offerings include: Sleeping Dogs, Germinator, Pax's Truffle Trouble, and Pinball Arcade.

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US8F1246d ago

I own it on PC, and it is a very good game. I would love to play it on ps3.

vork771246d ago

oh same here if it was i am soo downloading it

OmegaSlayer1246d ago

Game has been way underrated.
I'm enjoying it more than GTA IV.
Way more.

The_Infected1246d ago

And that's why PS+ is awesome:)

Serjikal_Strike1246d ago

Not what I wanted, again..
Here's hoping June is better

Serjikal_Strike1246d ago

A game i dont own?
Is that a good enough answer for you?

MrBeatdown1246d ago

Never heard of the other games, but Sleeping Dogs alone is more than enough to make me happy.

MikeyDucati11246d ago

Sleeping Dogs would be a great game for those who missed it. Had a blast with it.

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