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Annoyed Gamer:Settling the Score with Metacritic

An attack on Star Trek becomes a war on Metacritic. (3DS, Culture, Industry, PC, PS3, Star Trek, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   853d ago
I agree with his sentiments on Nintendo's Decision.

"No time for talking- time to show {Games}"

I said that they won't have a Presentation but they will have a "Present-Play-tion"
Getting people
(Press, Analyst, and Developers) to play and focus on their games is a far better idea (in theory and currently).

Plus, E3 is safe, it's not going anywhere.
majiebeast  +   853d ago
Lets be honest, nobody wants another 2012 Nintendo E3 presser but i hope they are back with a presser at E3 2014. http://youtu.be/MahcXtk-QyQ...

So if they can do a better direct i wont complain i will just miss the gifs. Well did did have the Iwata with Bananna gifs so lets hope there are atleast a few gif worthy moments.

Also the whole Metacrtic site stinks. Should be shut down Obsidian(Fallout:New Vegas) should have never lost their bonus because of a metacritic score. The fact that metacrtic is even used to determine sales forecasts is just insane looking at you Wada.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   852d ago
1st Great Avatar.

Nintendo will be at E3 they just aren't going to have the Big Show/Press Conference.

I think there will be tons of Hands-On Previews after and During E3 due to the Special Press Events Nintendo is planning.

Both Zelda's, New Super Smash Brothers-Style, X, Retro's New Game, New 3D Mario, Bayonetta 2...
+ Whatever the Nintendo's Developer Team-Ups. SMTxFire Emblem is one.

I look forward to their report and I will miss their Press Conference (even though it may be for the best).
CEOSteveBallmer  +   851d ago
But you can have a Press conference and go right ahead with less talk and more games. Actually that is whats happening in conferences, show games, demos. But if they want to "no talk, just play". LOL I remembered a line from COD world at war when the protagonist is in captive by a japanese, he immediately walked to them and said "You!! No talk!! pleeey!!. If anyone remembers that and played it
MikeyDucati1  +   852d ago
lol @ modern masturbation! Seriously, I like this guy. Says what's on his mind and made some good points. Always refreshing to see someone who is not afraid to express their opinion. It's very true that Nintendo made a smart move. No need to jump into the massive fray at this point.
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Software_Lover  +   852d ago
I cant believe people actually care about metacritic. I have never been on the site and probably never will. Scores mean nothing to me in the long run.
zme-ul  +   852d ago
to many people it means nothing
but the problem is to the publishers it means a whole lot of deal because they pay the devs based on those scores
Haules  +   852d ago
Thanks to metacritic, i managed to avoid Fallout New Vegas and the sort... there is always one or two "honest" reviewer out there. Yeah, scored a 95 when it was released with probably the highest count of bugs in gaming history. So.. fuck´em?

I just wish, sites like 4players.de would actually use metacritic as well... way too many "fake reviews" on that site.
GribbleGrunger  +   852d ago
Metacritic works fine for me. I use it to find all the individual reviews and check what each one had to say. The rest of Metacritic is a puppet show, and we all know who's pulling the strings.
3-4-5  +   852d ago
Best thing to do is see the overall MC score. Read 3-4 professional reviews. 1 bad...1 good....one ok in terms of score.

Then read 4-5 reader/gamer reviews. At least one good and one bad.

Then go to a well populated gaming forum or one that you respect and read what people really think about the game and discover the real good and bad about each.

Pick through trash to find the treasure.
PooEgg  +   852d ago
I use Metacritic, but I ignore the angry zero scores, the obsessed fanboy 10 scores, and most of the bias professional reviews, this removes most of the bullshit and allows me to focus on the user scores that fall in the middle, because they generally give you the good and bad without all the nonsense.
KillrateOmega  +   852d ago
I never use Metacritic, so I guess I'm fighting them in the best possible way: By ignoring them completely :)
CEOSteveBallmer  +   851d ago
Earlier Im using metacritic, But I can see the damage they can do to a game. Like there are very good and decent games with a rating og example 90%, then some review scores came in with a 70 and 60 and when metacritic averaged it, the game got pulled off instead of getting a higher score it will get a 75 and lower just because of two low review scores. Bottomline, some scores does not justify a game. Like lets say, Resident evil 6, It has a low score compared to the older RE like RE1-4. I love RE 6 even if the horror elements got diminished and the only campaign I like is leon and ada's because its still horror oriented with zombies. Unlike jake and chris you get to fight mutants with guns, as if thats proper on a horror game. and yet RE5 is scored higher than 6 but RE6 is better in every way. you can move while shooting, dodge and can punch kick enemies without dazing them. an improved graphics and for me better story. but yet its scored lower than 5. and RE5 is the least RE that I like, its a good thing wesker is in there.
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