Valve not attending E3 this year

ValveTime sent out an email to Doug Lombardi inquiring whether Valve were attending E3 this year in order to show off Half-Life 3. The answer was blunt.

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majiebeast1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Im starting to run out of patience with Valve no steambox or Half life 3. Did GabeN play too much Dota 2 again?

megacowdung1572d ago

But Lord Emperor Gaben would never do this to us...

Zuperman1572d ago

Vavle should stop producing games from now on.....

It's already next gen and still nothing.

Blacktric1572d ago

"It's already next gen and still nothing."

I'm sure their fanbase will eat up whatever filler project they decide to release next while pushing the boundaries of arrogance when it comes to not giving one scrap of information regarding Episode 3 or Half Life 3 or whatever the hell it's become...

zeee1572d ago

You know what? We should all just simply stop hoping for a number of most requested titles.

Final Fantasy VII remake
Final Fantasy versus
A good survival horror Resident Evil game
Half Life 3
Kingdom Hearts 3
Shenmue 3

I am sure I am missing a few more titles so please feel free to add a few to this list.

I mean, it's been too damn long to be hoping let alone waiting for these titles.

I hope I am wrong, I really do. It's just hard to see my gaming brothers and myself like this :)

Athonline1572d ago

^people above

Think positive. It is better to see a sequel late than never or being badly made in order to milk some money...

Personally I prefer to see Half Life 3 only when Valve believes it is ready and a true successor.

zeee1572d ago

I agree! I hope I am wrong. Really, I do. It's just that, with so many desperate gamers, the least the devs could do is give us some real hope. Some words, just a word. Anything would work!

You have no idea how much I'd love to hear about AGENT but Rockstar are just too quite about it. TOO quite. Similarly, Last Guardian -- *some* update would do. Really, anything!

jimbobwahey1571d ago

Didn't Valve fire a lot of their biggest talent a few months ago? People who were big creative forces behind games such as Half Life 2?

I've no idea what's going on at Valve, but I think they're moving away from game development to focusing more on the Steam store and their attempts at making a home console.

Of course, the latter can't be going very well if we were supposed to be seeing it this year and Valve is pulling out of E3 because they've got nothing to show.

A big mistake, I think. Valve got where they are because of the games that they made, so cutting back so heavily on software development is a very foolish move.

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coolbeans1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

There's only one fictional character capable of taking the fabled Episode 3:

Kratoscar20081572d ago

LOl i know is offensive but its just too funny.

cannon88001572d ago

a fat joke a day keeps half life 3 away

Rivitur1572d ago

This reminds us that diabetes is real... please eat responsably.

OT: So when will they show off the steam box?

ApolloTheBoss1572d ago

He must have heard someone make a fat joke and decided to delay HL3 indefinitely.

Tultras1572d ago

Sir Gabe is Fat, undoubtedly.

HammadTheBeast1572d ago

Just look at the pic coolbeans put up there.

coolbeans1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

"Just look at the pic coolbeans put up there."

D'oh! :P

camel_toad1572d ago Show
-Superman-1572d ago

I think they make and show when its amazing and ready. If they show Half Life 3 now, then people push valve to relase it this or next year, but when nobody knows nothing about hl3, and then valve shows it, and its amazing, then it blows everything up.

They want to make sure that when they are going to show game, then this game is almost ready, and has final desain.

showtimefolks1572d ago

Wake me up when HL3 is announced. love are so over rated IMO. Don't they know the number 3 exists?

Left for dead 3

What the heck is going on Valve(got to give them credit for steam though awesome deals)

-Superman-1572d ago

Left 4 Dead 2
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2
Half Life 2 Episode 2
Portal 2

Can´t see third. CSGO maybe, but it´s more just upgrade, just like Valve said.

Can´t count to 3

DeadlyFire1572d ago

Valve thinks they are bigger than E3 so they will pull out a Valve Direct just like Nintendo. Its okay. I don't expect HL3 until 2014 or so at the earliest and that is a very conservative answer. Knowing Valve 2018 or beyond is their plan.

showtimefolks1572d ago

Nintendo direct is helping wiiu in which way again? Sales have been slowing and now wii is outselling wiiu. Nintendo directs happen out of no where and doesn't get the attention a proper E3 conference gets from gamers and from mainstream media along with casuals


I want one title with 3 in the end to believe someone at valve knows the latter 3 exists lol

ps3_pwns1572d ago

you only not go if you have nothing to show and valve has nothing to show just like nintendo. still waiting on that half life 3 and pikmin 3 by the way. talk about eternity lol. double fails this e3.

TrailerParkSupervisr1572d ago

And that makes me very, very sad....

JsonHenry1572d ago

I am unhappy they won't be showing something. But only because I love just about everything they have had a hand in so far.

ATi_Elite1571d ago

1. Valve NEVER really does anything for E3 so how is this News

2. E3 is for the CONSOLE KIDDIES although the best game at E3 will be some PC game but since E3 is all about the Console Kiddies the Console media will supress it just like they did PLANETSIDE 2 last year which was E3 best game.

3. Valve will be present at a more traditional PC Gamer event like GAMESCON.

4. AGAIN Valve never goes to E3 and E3 is for the CONSOLES se hence VALVE being at GAMESCON.

Sideras1571d ago

Glad they are taking their time.

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Ken221572d ago

I think at this point we should just storm his office :P.

Knight_Crawler1572d ago

He will throw donuts at us if we try that :(

Hopefully one day he will forgive the internet for all the fat jokes and release HL Ep3.

FragMnTagM1572d ago

You really think Gabe will throw his doughnuts at us? I think he will eat all of them at once and gain 5,000 pounds instantly rollover everyone like a steamroller.

HaMM4R1572d ago

Maybe if we throw donuts at him, we can keep him occupied for long enough to steal HL3 (We would need A LOT of donuts)

OT: I think the only issue is, is that everyone is expecting so much, that I don't think it could ever live up to our expectations, but ya know what, IT WOULD BE NICE TO FIND OUT!

Ravenor1571d ago

Game collects knives, I don't think he'd throw donuts at us.

FrigidDARKNESS1572d ago

After all that boasoting of there secret console they go into hiding, Valve you are doing gamers a dis-service.