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"Gadget Inspector, at your service. Before our favorite month of the year is over, we quickly wanted to pay tribute to a certain Channel 6 news reporter in a body-hugging yellow jumpsuit. She’s hotter than a pepperoni pizza fresh out of the oven and makes a little something extra pop out of our hard shells. This week’s episode is dedicated to her." -GR

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dbjj120881939d ago

What you're saying is that April will burn your mouth?

ChrisW1938d ago

A couple nice looking products.

But, I SERIOUSLY only clicked on the link because of the way Michelangelo was staring at April...

Which in turn makes me feel like a boob!

alexcosborn1938d ago

Awww man. Totally loved the TMNT cartoon.

DivineAssault 1938d ago

I see what Michelangelo is looking at.. Cant blame him, shes stacked