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‘Beyond: Two Souls’ game length detailed

New details concerning Sony and Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, “Beyond: Two Souls,” were revealed on April 27 during the Tribeca Film Festival. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

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Prcko  +   1014d ago
multiple endings right?
so we can say app 4x10hours,very good
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xPhearR3dx  +   1014d ago
I wouldn't say that. Heavy Rain had MANY endings but you didn't play 10+ hours of all different gameplay. Core parts were the same and throughout the game things changed but it wasn't an entirely new game every time. Games like this and Heavy Rain don't need to be extremely long.

Heavy Rain was one of the best story driven games I've ever played but it certainly wasn't long by any means. It didn't need to be. Too long and the story would have been drawn out and boring. Quantic Dream did a fantastic job at setting a good length with the story they wanted to tell, and I'm sure it will be the same for this game.
NewMonday  +   1014d ago
different choices in HR can give a drastically different story, other games just make different dialogue and chiang the characters alignment.
Irishguy95  +   1013d ago
Maybe it's like the witcher 2, where there are multiple ways the game plays out depending on certain choices. Including two 10+ hour locations locked off depending on a choice
Kran  +   1014d ago
Thing is, I only like playing games like this once. I want my ending to be final.
JoGam  +   1014d ago
Well don't do a second play through. Beat the game once choose your ending and be done. But to say everyone else can't enjoy multiple endings is just selfish. Im not saying you said it. :-)
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Tonester925  +   1014d ago

But he never said that
AnAncientTree  +   1013d ago
With Heavy Rain, the problem with the "you should only play through this game once" logic is that completionists and trophy collectors had no choice but to replay the game multiple times just to get 100%. If they wanted people to even consider playing HR that way (which still would've been tough because players might still want to experience the different story outcomes), they should have implemented the trophies in a way where it was possible to get them all in one playthrough.
insomnium2  +   1013d ago

"Well don't do a second play through. Beat the game once choose your ending and be done"

LOL this is exactly what I did with Heavy Rain. I haven't fealt like going back for new endings for some reason. Great game! Looking forward to this one.
NBT91  +   1013d ago
Seeing other outcomes is just for the fun / trophies. Your original ending is still "your" ending.
imdaboss1  +   1014d ago
ill reply it just to get all the ending
AkatsukiPain  +   1014d ago
The game looks beautiful. This and the last of us will rock.

@postnick this article isnt a duplicate, this article has the new trailer. Thanx ahead of time.

I was about to post this but u got it before me lol. If my damn nephew didnt bother me errrrrrrrr lol. Nice post. =]

Shinra Tensei
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-MD-  +   1014d ago
Might rent this for Ellen Page.
WildArmed  +   1014d ago
Not for the green goblin? :(

But the they did a great job on acting, it really comes through in the trailers.
Conzul  +   1014d ago
Oh please.
Wanna see Dafoe really shine, watch The Hunter.
b_one  +   1014d ago
and this is why we will have some kind of DRM on consoles, coz of renting.
condemmedman  +   1014d ago
43 disagrees ?????? Why
Studio-YaMi  +   1014d ago
Because -MD- is known for his trolling and because lots of people think that this game deserves a solid buy ?
andibandit  +   1014d ago

Cant really fault people for doing what they figure is more economical.....are we really blaming an individual for not buyin it, rather than maybe the developer for making it a target for rental.......oh wait I forgot i was on N4G
AnAncientTree  +   1013d ago
I don't give a shit who the actors are, I just want the game itself to be great.
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Donnieboi  +   1014d ago
Cage said 10 hours during Tribeca's discussion panel.
AkatsukiPain  +   1014d ago
I didnt get to watch the live stream. Did he say anything about multiple or different endings? I know there has to be more to it then just a normal run through. Maybe like heavy rain? Hope so.

This topic wouldve been more attractive, "Beyond: Two Souls game length detailed, new trailer released." I think when i got to the article, the just updated it.

Cool thanx for the info. Much appreciated. =]

Shinra Tensei
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Donnieboi  +   1014d ago
Yeah, but I can't remember everything he said. But he definately mentioned it. Somebody just posted the Tribeca video. ATM it's still pending before it goes on n4g (because it needs a title change). But just check out the pending articles to find it.

I think this is it (but this link may not work forever, since the dude has to change the title of the article (which essentially may change the articles link address)):
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r21  +   1014d ago
Amazing visuals for a PS3 game. Looking forward to this game's release.
AkatsukiPain  +   1014d ago
Guess majiebeast beat us both to the punch with the trailer lol.

My bad copy n paste screwed up on my last post & spelled mattyfDonnieboi instead lol. Cheers again bro.

Alright im out but see u all tomorrow. Peace.

Shinra Tensei
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LordHiggens  +   1014d ago
I loved Indigo Prophecy, I loved Heavy Rain, there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't buy this game. So much story and depth and emotion. It's great.
LordHiggens  +   1014d ago
2 people hate originality and beauty in games.
trenso1  +   1014d ago
10 hours more like 13-15 i always take more time than devs say since i try to see what else is in the world, unless its a COD game then it takes me no time at all. Multiple play throughs will make this game great for me
sdozzo  +   1014d ago
Trolling Cod. You're Lame.
trenso1  +   1014d ago
not trolling anything just telling my experiences, you can't honestly tell me it takes you more than a couple of hours to beat a cod game. With every other game is a dev say 10 hours I usually take longer than that too look for collectible and hidden items in the game that may/not help me. In a cod game whats there to look for besides intel that doesn't affect the gameplay or unlock anything besides trophies/achievements. So if you guys wanna call it trolling do so but like the term "fanboy" I think that is tossed around way to often.
LordHiggens  +   1014d ago
Call of Duty deserves to be trolled, it deserves to be relentlessly attacked and scrutinized until it changes it's formula to something more original or better yet is wiped from the face of gaming for all eternity, it's a hulking mass selling piece of garbage that mindless drones buy year after year after madden and any other sports game. Dig?
BoNeSaW23  +   1014d ago
COD fanboy spotted! You're Lame.
condemmedman  +   1014d ago
you forgot many people get plenty of hours fun playing cod multiplayer . Get your facts right douchbag your in thr minority . Your lame
trenso1  +   1013d ago
Douchebag? What are you 12? I know people enjoy the multiplayer but if you had any common sense you would know that I'm talking about the single player campaign. Which completely lacks in any substance for a good single player.
condemmedman  +   1012d ago
Yes im twelve and its ok to slag off another game as crap because you dont like it . Why mention call of duty ? Are you tryi g to impress some one? Sorry about the name calling .
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vikingland1  +   1014d ago
I can't wait for this game it looks sooo good and not just graphicly but story wise too.
Mono-san  +   1014d ago
It sure does look fantastic. I just love those cinematic games, especially QD's stuff. I am one of those guys who tends to often "walk" through those amazingly crafted, digital worlds and pretend to "be" the protagonist.

Beyond: Two Souls will not only let me do that. With it's multiple choice design, I won't just be the "actor" but to some extend the "director" as well.

I'm SOOO ready for this!
DigitalRaptor  +   1014d ago
I played through Heavy Rain multiple times and it wasn't simply because of the multiple endings and choices you make throughout the experience. It's because I really, really enjoyed it. I'm not sure of the extent to which choices matter or how many endings it will have, but that doesn't matter to me as much as how valuable the experience itself is to me and how affecting the story and performances are. I want to be moved more than I care about value for money.

Not only does Beyond show a step up in pretty much every category, but it just looks like a phenomenal and moving experience not to be missed. The approach to storytelling, technology and gameplay has been built from a fresh starting point, and as such it's all the more fresh for it. It treads unexplored territory (as far as I know) in gaming, not purely in gameplay terms but narrative themes like homelessness, and that's brave.

That Tribeca gameplay walkthrough and trailer sealed it and showed how great Quantic Dream are and how they're such an incredible asset for Sony going forward. Cage looked so humbled during that whole presentation and panel and I'm happy he's living his passion whilst giving the industry and gamers something amazing.
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Sy_Wolf  +   1014d ago
I'd rather know how many gigabytes the game is. Not that it matters, just curious.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1014d ago
The more videos i see the more i'm impressed, this game looks promising.
_QQ_  +   1014d ago
10 hours? No 10 hour game without online is worth more than a rent.
G20WLY  +   1013d ago
...You wouldn't say that if it had Mario in it lol

What about Journey? Online, but only a couple of hours long - great value in your book? In mine, it is and so will this be.

Length of game is irrelevant as long as it's enjoyed and leaves an impression, which B:TS is guaranteed to do already, just based on what has been shown.

Opinions, see; we're all different ;P
_QQ_  +   1013d ago
journey isn't 60$ though, Flower cost me 15$ and is only 4 hours,The good Mario games are usually longer than 10 hours. plus has allot of bonus content that add allot of replay value, but why is mario even being brought up? Usually when Devs tell how long the game is that isn't a 20H+ game, it is usually 2 or 3 hours less. I'm not saying it's a game i woudn't play, i'm just saying 10 hours of Videogame entertainment isn't worth 60$
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G20WLY  +   1013d ago
Oh,so it's about price now? Do you have a policy on minimum hours per dollar paid? What's the formula that tells us if it's worth it?

Thanks for your help lol ;P

As I said; opinions...

Why Mario? Hmm, I don't like the term 'fanboy/girl' so let's say, because you are a notorious Nintendo 'superfan' and I was trying to highlight how, if you remove blind loyalty, you too could be enlightened towards the proper conclusion - that being: play the game and then comment on 'worth' or 'value'.
nm97  +   1013d ago
this and the last of us......they will just be amazing.
fsfsxii  +   1013d ago
I don't care about the length if it entertains me. Look at MGR, its 4 hours long and i still play since it launched, 23 hours into the game without the VR missions
sway_z  +   1013d ago
A newly released BluRay movie would cost approx $20 for less than a couple hrs entertainment.

So for the price, 10+ hrs is a bargain especially since you experience the entertainment interactively and can influence the outcome.

Some say games are expensive for what you get, but an expense is relative. Running a car can be expense, nights unwanted routine trip to the dentist etc
#17 (Edited 1013d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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