‘Beyond: Two Souls’ game length detailed

New details concerning Sony and Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, “Beyond: Two Souls,” were revealed on April 27 during the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Prcko1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

multiple endings right?
so we can say app 4x10hours,very good

xPhearR3dx1976d ago

I wouldn't say that. Heavy Rain had MANY endings but you didn't play 10+ hours of all different gameplay. Core parts were the same and throughout the game things changed but it wasn't an entirely new game every time. Games like this and Heavy Rain don't need to be extremely long.

Heavy Rain was one of the best story driven games I've ever played but it certainly wasn't long by any means. It didn't need to be. Too long and the story would have been drawn out and boring. Quantic Dream did a fantastic job at setting a good length with the story they wanted to tell, and I'm sure it will be the same for this game.

NewMonday1976d ago

different choices in HR can give a drastically different story, other games just make different dialogue and chiang the characters alignment.

Irishguy951975d ago

Maybe it's like the witcher 2, where there are multiple ways the game plays out depending on certain choices. Including two 10+ hour locations locked off depending on a choice

Kran1976d ago

Thing is, I only like playing games like this once. I want my ending to be final.

JoGam1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Well don't do a second play through. Beat the game once choose your ending and be done. But to say everyone else can't enjoy multiple endings is just selfish. Im not saying you said it. :-)

Tonester9251976d ago


But he never said that

AnAncientTree1975d ago

With Heavy Rain, the problem with the "you should only play through this game once" logic is that completionists and trophy collectors had no choice but to replay the game multiple times just to get 100%. If they wanted people to even consider playing HR that way (which still would've been tough because players might still want to experience the different story outcomes), they should have implemented the trophies in a way where it was possible to get them all in one playthrough.

insomnium21975d ago


"Well don't do a second play through. Beat the game once choose your ending and be done"

LOL this is exactly what I did with Heavy Rain. I haven't fealt like going back for new endings for some reason. Great game! Looking forward to this one.

NBT911975d ago

Seeing other outcomes is just for the fun / trophies. Your original ending is still "your" ending.

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imdaboss11976d ago

ill reply it just to get all the ending

AkatsukiPain1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

The game looks beautiful. This and the last of us will rock.

@postnick this article isnt a duplicate, this article has the new trailer. Thanx ahead of time.

I was about to post this but u got it before me lol. If my damn nephew didnt bother me errrrrrrrr lol. Nice post. =]

Shinra Tensei

-MD-1976d ago

Might rent this for Ellen Page.

WildArmed1976d ago

Not for the green goblin? :(

But the they did a great job on acting, it really comes through in the trailers.

Conzul1976d ago

Oh please.
Wanna see Dafoe really shine, watch The Hunter.

b_one1976d ago

and this is why we will have some kind of DRM on consoles, coz of renting.

Studio-YaMi1976d ago

Because -MD- is known for his trolling and because lots of people think that this game deserves a solid buy ?

andibandit1976d ago


Cant really fault people for doing what they figure is more economical.....are we really blaming an individual for not buyin it, rather than maybe the developer for making it a target for rental.......oh wait I forgot i was on N4G

AnAncientTree1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I don't give a shit who the actors are, I just want the game itself to be great.

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Donnieboi1976d ago

Cage said 10 hours during Tribeca's discussion panel.

AkatsukiPain1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I didnt get to watch the live stream. Did he say anything about multiple or different endings? I know there has to be more to it then just a normal run through. Maybe like heavy rain? Hope so.

This topic wouldve been more attractive, "Beyond: Two Souls game length detailed, new trailer released." I think when i got to the article, the just updated it.

Cool thanx for the info. Much appreciated. =]

Shinra Tensei

Donnieboi1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Yeah, but I can't remember everything he said. But he definately mentioned it. Somebody just posted the Tribeca video. ATM it's still pending before it goes on n4g (because it needs a title change). But just check out the pending articles to find it.

I think this is it (but this link may not work forever, since the dude has to change the title of the article (which essentially may change the articles link address)):

r211976d ago

Amazing visuals for a PS3 game. Looking forward to this game's release.

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