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Submitted by majiebeast 1023d ago | trailer

BEYOND: Two Souls "Breathe Me" Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for BEYOND: Two Souls, debuted LIVE at Tribeca Film Festival. Witness the powerful storytelling and performances that earned BEYOND the first Official Selection by Tribeca Film Festival for a PlayStation exclusive video game. (Beyond: Two Souls, Game #3, PS3)

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BitbyDeath  +   1023d ago | Well said
Simply amazing
dboyc310  +   1023d ago
David Cage and everyone behind this game are simply GENIUSES!!! Can't wait for it to come out. Evoking Emotion is what will drive this game to success and I'm glad David is sticking to his visions of making more mature games because there's obviously a market for it. Honestly the scene where they're asking for money is really touching and just shows the struggles homeless people have to go through. The birth scene is beautifully done as well that it brought a smile to my face. This studio is going places and I'm truly looking forward to their ps4 game nuff said.
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Conzul  +   1023d ago
I just hope that Beyond gets a PS4 port. I mean come on, they're launching at nearly the same damn time.

I'd feel wrong unplugging my PS3 right after the credits roll and dusting off for the PS4 setup. That would be kinda like Christopher Robin taking Pooh out for a last walk through the Hundred-Acre-Wood and then dropping him in the attic right after getting home.
I'm manically depressed.
Oldman100  +   1023d ago | Helpful
Here's the recording of the live stream for those who missed it. It starts at the 3:40 mark.
Clover904  +   1023d ago
@Oldman100 thank you for the link. Bubble for you.
Mainsqueeze  +   1023d ago
Before this trailer i didnt have much interest in this game lol. I'm just not into these kinds of games but that was pretty damn epic.
LastDance  +   1022d ago

When does this movie come out again?
BitbyDeath  +   1022d ago
@LastDance, October 8
Autodidactdystopia  +   1022d ago
I dont like it. but for all who do i get it. :)

I do like tlou but for some strange reason this doesn't do it for me. :(

oh well kill me with disagrees *sigh*
abzdine  +   1022d ago
this is one hell of a trailer!!! PS3 hasn't died yet, and CELL processor ftw
zeee  +   1022d ago
One word... "EPIC!"
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NukaCola  +   1022d ago
This is going to end this generation with such an emotional explosion. Look at the first Beyond Trailer. This is such a graphical improvement. David Cage is amazing and such a pioneer in the future of interactive dramatic experiences. I have no doubt that this game will be up there as a Game of the Year contender without a doubt. I can't wait for this. Sony has been delivering amazing games right down the the very end and I hope this game does very well.
ps3_pwns  +   1022d ago
ellen paige and the green gobline william defoe? this is big time blockbuster productions here. cant believe its 10+ hours and then alternate paths and endings on how it plays out so probably be like 30 hours and not even including dlc and trophies.
Razmossis  +   1022d ago
If it's going to be another game that only offers quicktime sequences, they can keep it. I might watch it on youtube as a movie instead
The_Infected  +   1023d ago
It looks like a PS4 game! Scary to see what their next game will look like with it being on PS4. Anyways this game looks amazing.
sway_z  +   1023d ago
Oh, I can think a few reasons why PS3 is so dang relevant and will continue to be so long after PS4 lands.

How on God's beautiful Earth did they get this thing running on that thing under my TV???

I tell you it shouldn't be possible!! Crikey & Stone the Crows!!!

PS3...will be remembered as the console that kept on giving :)
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mayberry  +   1023d ago
The PS3 is very relevant, imho. I imagine 20+ games released with this quality would confirm that!
showtimefolks  +   1023d ago
Just like heavy rain this is a must buy and keep in my collection

Can't wait it looks like QD learned a lot from developing on ps3 and with their new engine this looks amazing
ps3_pwns  +   1022d ago
yep i actually am gonna replay heavy rainn and the dlc pretty soon. i got the platinum already as well. this new games has some good actors in it this time this is just crazy. cant wait to do a "chronicle" the movie run and just be bad and destroy everything with the powers lol.
Bathyj  +   1023d ago
Wow. Just watched the whole gameplay trailer.

My mouth was literally open for a alot of that. I almost welled up when she went to jump and Aiden caught her. I probably would have if I wasnt so damn macho.
PCfanboy  +   1023d ago
Why is not come to XBox?
aPerson  +   1022d ago
Ummm... The same reason why Halo is not come to Playstation...

Console exclusives are exclusive to one console [oh my god - am I really having to explain this?].
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Ju  +   1022d ago
I think it's a little bit more than that. Cage explained how they work is that they usually develop an engine with every game they release. That way they can tune it to do exactly what they need it to be for the game. In that respect, one platform allows you to really focus on one target. I guess they started with Sony at some point and the relation ship fostered. No reason to switch. And the PS3 looks like offers them all the power they need to realize their vision - yet. And, well, plenty of PS3s available to play that game;)
Ragthorn  +   1022d ago
With a name like PCfanboy, I would've expected you to say "Why is not come to PC?". Though I am a PC gamer I have my PS3 by my side for games like these that XBox simply can't have. I'm complete!
MYSTERIO360  +   1022d ago
David Cage has done a great job on this game. With 10 hours of gameplay with multiple endings and a great cast i will definitely be considering purchasing this game in the future.
IAmLee  +   1022d ago
... *adds to pre-order list.*
imdaboss1  +   1022d ago
im getting wet just watching the trailer
StraightPath  +   1022d ago
adds to rental list :)
Az1mov  +   1022d ago
I'm speechless
MonkeyNinja  +   1023d ago
Looks like a $60 movie to me. But oddly enough, I still want it. Looks really good.
vickers500  +   1023d ago
I'm hoping the gameplay doesn't mainly consist of quick time events like Heavy Rain did.

It looks really good, but the quick time event style gameplay (regardless of how many outcomes it produced) simply wasn't enjoyable to me.
Knight_Crawler  +   1023d ago
Actually the gameplay is like HR...I really wish David would start making normal gameplay games as I really love the stories in his games but dont like hitting X or Square every time to do something or hit the trigger buttons to run.

David is a genius and I wish he would also start making Hollywood movies.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   1023d ago | Funny
You don`t like pushing buttons in your games?
You must be one of those kinect kids.
DigitalRaptor  +   1023d ago
Don't spread lies Knight_Crawler. The game plays nothing like Heavy Rain besides third-person control. Cage himself admitted that he is doing away with QTE for the most part and it's normal third-person adventure gameplay mixed with first person exploration and interactivity using Aiden.

"Cage has done away with Quick Time Events, a mechanic which bore much of the weight in Heavy Rain. Beyond’s combat is based on a bullet time-type system controlled only with the right analogue stick. If someone’s swinging a baseball bat at you, you just move the stick in the appropriate direction to block it. Cage showed us a training sequence in which Jodie is sparring against a man in a gym. We didn’t get to test the combat in the play session, but, as with everything else in the game, it looks completely contextual."
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nirwanda  +   1022d ago
@ raptor so its QuickTime events with the analogue stick instead of the buttons so it's still a form of QuickTime.
if you look on you-tube someone has posted a 35min video it looks great, definitely won't be beaten graphically this gen.
I'm really impressed.
kenshiro100  +   1022d ago
How is this game any different from other games where you have to press buttons? How about you jokers stop trolling for a change?
vickers500  +   1022d ago

I don't like quick time events. There's a difference. And I don't own Kinect, but nice try on your baseless assumption.


Thank you for your actually useful comment.


It's a game made mostly of quick time events. I despise quick time events in any game. I do not like pre-determined button commands, they take away a sense of freedom and control for me and just make things feel too static and restrictive.

But that's just MY OPINION. Which I guess to you and the likes of DayZ (and those that agreed with you two) mean that I can't have an opinion unless it's the same as yours.

So thank you both for keeping fanboyism and immaturity alive. God help us if we all don't like the same stuff..
kenshiro100  +   1022d ago
You're free to like whatever you want. I'd also appreciate if you didn't throw the fanboyism card at me because nothing I said implied that I was being a fanboy or immature to begin with.

Heavy Rain was not just a series of quick time events. It was based solely on interaction between the characters. It was the type of gameplay that drew you into the story.

You didn't answer my question the first time when I asked you and Knight Crawler how is this any different from pressing buttons with any other game.
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RealtorMDandDC  +   1022d ago
Off topic: Heavy Rain was BEYOND EPIC!!!
With the Move to be honest. It made so much sense and it was not a gimmick. I was amazed and sold on the potential of motion gaming for a game like that. I play with Dual Shock and MOVE prefer made the game far more engaging and powerful.

I'm not sure if anyone played Heavy Rain with the PS Move, but It would be interesting to gauge peoples opinion..
vickers500  +   1020d ago
In normal games you can control the majority of your characters moves. In heavy rain, you are restricted to make movements when the game wants you to. If someone was coming at me with a knife in any 3rd or first person game, I could back up, move side to side to jump out of the way, attack the person or w/e through skillfully timed maneuvers.

In heavy rain it's literally "press x to move out of the way into a pre-determined position" or "attack this guy the same time, every time".

I called you a fanboy because you assumed I was trolling simply because I didn't like heavy rain, fanboys usually don't know the meaning of the word "opinion" or deny its existence.

I want to be able to have full control over my character, or at least as much as I can get (gaming tech/development isn't to the point where we can control literally everything about our character). Heavy Rain is more restrictive when it comes to character control. That's the difference.
kenshiro100  +   1020d ago
But you do have control over your character. I called you a troll because if you don't like something, you should stay away from anything that pertains to what you don't like. There are some people who appreciate these types of games. Don't knock on them just because you don't like it.
vickers500  +   1020d ago
You don't have as much control over your character as you do in other games.

"I called you a troll because if you don't like something, you should stay away from anything that pertains to what you don't like."

So a comments section should consist solely of positive comments, no criticism, no argument, no actual discussion? Just a page full of ass-kissing comments "sweet", "awesome", "looking forward to this!" "this looks amazing!"? Sorry, but no. The comments section is for expressing your opinion, whether or not you agree with it. I simply gave my opinion on Heavy Rain.

"There are some people who appreciate these types of games. Don't knock on them just because you don't like it."

I'm not knocking on them be cause they appreciate these games, I'm knocking on them for not respecting my opinion. If you can't respect my opinion (you don't have to agree with something to respect it) that I didn't like Heavy Rain and wont respect my right to post my opinion, then screw you. I hate games like call of duty, but I don't insult those who prefer it to something like Battlefield.

The comments section is a place for discussion, and if differing opinions offend you so much, then you might as well get off the internet right now, because not everyone is going to agree with you on everything all the time.
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Donnieboi  +   1023d ago | Helpful
Yo their streaming the Tribeca live gameplay right now on playstation blog and on Sony's Ustream! YES, actual gameplay, not just trailers!!

EDIT: CAGE just finished showing it, but i'm sure the Link below will let you rewatch it from the beginning (if not, then it will let u do it later). ATM he's doing a live panel interview.

Also David Cage just said that the FULL game takes 10 hours to complete.

Related video
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WildArmed  +   1023d ago
Thanks for the heads up!
CaitSith  +   1023d ago
Thanks for the link!
banjadude  +   1022d ago
Thank you, sir.
ZodTheRipper  +   1022d ago
Do you guys relly want to spoil yourself the experience? I'd rather play a story-driven game like this without knowing anything, I already felt bad watching the trailer but it was just too interesting to close it before it finished :S
Donnieboi  +   1022d ago
then dont watch it.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1022d ago
Don't be stupid. He already stated that he isnt watching it, he was alluding to why people like you must read every article, and watch every spoiler filled video, essentially ruining the experience long before you have the chance to play it... To each his own i suppose.
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NBT91  +   1022d ago
... It's only half hour of a 10 hour story with multiple endings and dynamic plot twists.
Even if you watch it, doesn't mean that is how it will play out for you.

I understand that logic for most games, but not this one. And it's not like they revealed the ending.
Prcko  +   1023d ago
That footage from film festival so impressive!!!
don't know about you but i just couldn't stop watching.
this game is really something diffrent and special
this trailer:
day 1!!!
mother of god
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Walker  +   1023d ago
Sweet mother of god @ that freaking gif :O ! looks like next-gen :O !
_-EDMIX-_  +   1022d ago
You should have seen and played Heavy Rain. This game looks great, but not that much different then Heavy Rain (in terms of graphics) which isn't a bad thing.

People are freaking out over this game and Last Of Us simply because only a hand full of teams this gen actually really made beast games, Naughty Dog, Team Bondi, Quantic Dreams, Fox Productions etc. So when we here "looks next gen" its simply because those teams where just on another level and or used a system to its fullest capabilities. Teams like this, make any gamers want a PS4.

Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls and The Last Guardian are the type of games that make one want a PS4, simply because its just a taste of what New IP's await gamers on that system. This type of attitude towards gaming is what makes one buy a PS4 EASY. If your teams are making games like this every gen, count me in EVERY GEN. Never mind what you played last gen, never mind that you didn't like Motorstorm, Warhawk, Resistance, Killzone etc, you may like Knack, Driveclub, The Last Of Us etc. New IP's are a way for a company to say "give us another chance, were not done with you yet"

Can anyone really be mad at a publisher for doing so? Or is the rehash of the same IP's ok for a whole gen for most gamers?
thebudgetgamer  +   1022d ago
I saw that second gif and thought.
NBT91  +   1022d ago
Checked the game's website after seeing this trailer and...

"We have recently completed Beyond: Two Souls (internal production), the world's largest performance capture and motion capture production ever realized: 60 days of multi-actors full performance capture, along with 120 "conventional" motion capture shoot days!"

180 days of shooting for a video game? Dude...
faysal  +   1023d ago
them graphics!!!! OMG..... man this and last of us, will take the gaming bar to a next level. i mean how can you pull of story and graphics like that on a ps3 is just amazing... paus at 2.10 and you will know what i mean.
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Donnieboi  +   1023d ago
The graphics look like a PS4 game. Seriously, compare PS4's Killzone to this game, and you would swear they were on par.
HappyGaming  +   1023d ago
True but Killzone 4 has a much greater scale and field of view. Just imagine what Quantic could do on the PS4 :o
Conzul  +   1023d ago
Let's not drink *too* much punch. Beyond and TLoU are going to be amazing, but PS4 will quickly outpace them.

You can't seriously go back to the KZ:Shadowfall trailer in 1080p and tell me you think they are on par.
Donnieboi  +   1023d ago
@Gumtrol: Yeah definately. Of course Killzone is way bigger. Games that come out during the end of a console generation, tend to look almost as good as early launch game NEXT gen games. For example, remember how Vagrant Story on PS1 looked almost as good as an early first year PS2 game? I'm not saying it really is on par technologically, it just looks that way (probably because Quantum used short cuts to squeeze all they could out of the PS3).

EDIT: @Conzul: Of course PS4 will outpace them, but sometimes launch games of new consoles look on par with games that come out at the end of the previous consoles cycle. It's just an opinion. People are acting like I said something wrong about PS4. I'm just complimenting the PS3. Hell, even David Cage's PS4 old-man face tech demo looked better than BEyond. So we know PS4 will look way better. But I am only comparing Beyond to ONE ps4 game, not the PS4's prowess in general. Relax, it's just an opinion. You don't have to like it. I just don't care either way enough about it to argue. I'm getting this and a ps4, so I already win as a gamer.
#5.1.3 (Edited 1023d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report
Conzul  +   1023d ago

Ok, I accept your reasoning and I don't find any fault with you, but Beyond is NOT on par with Shadowfall, graphically speaking.
nirwanda  +   1022d ago
@conzul I was more impressed with beyond than killzone, the animation, setting, acting and script make it feel more realistic than killzone.
Go look at the 35min youtube clip if you don't mind spoilers
sherimae2413  +   1023d ago
i hope it will become a success like heavy rain ^_^
Prcko  +   1023d ago
it's alrdy success,don't worry :)
DigitalRaptor  +   1022d ago
It will be. There are certain people on here who believe Heavy Rain's success was an anomaly, but the fact that Beyond is being publicised at Tribeca to many people who wouldn't normally give video games or just PS3 a second glance - well there's a large chunk of your audience right there - it shows that it is coming out in a time where the audience for cinema is also open for interactive cinema type experiences.

Heavy Rain was a niche game that sold over 2 million, and made Sony a very tidy profit. It has quite a fair advertising campaign as a niche game, so I doubt Sony will scrimp on the marketing for Beyond, nor The Last of Us this June for that matter. With more publicity and with high profile names attached to it, coming out at a time where the PlayStation name will be getting a lot of hype, well it has little reason to be unsuccessful really.
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e-p-ayeaH  +   1023d ago
Rezka  +   1023d ago
I forgot I was watching a game trailer game is like a movie.Those graphics though>>>>>
matrixman92  +   1023d ago
I loved Heavy Rain, but that 35 minute scene shattered all expectations. Day 1, cannot wait for this game!! Also, inb4BumSimulator2013
DEEBO  +   1023d ago
heavy rain made me feel like a bad dad.i can't wait for this game.
StrongMan  +   1023d ago
AMAZING!!! Thank you Sony for giving us core gamers new IPs EVERY year and not abandoning us!

EDIT: Hmmm, something I said struck a nerve with dcbronco. Not sure what I said that would upset him.
#11 (Edited 1023d ago ) | Agree(44) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
dcbronco  +   1023d ago
Given an opportunity to say something some choose to say something stupid.
jocomat9  +   1022d ago
the irony
_-EDMIX-_  +   1022d ago
I don't even understand the disagrees. LOL! A lot of bitter fans.

Look at it this way, why get mad a Sony for doing something right and then pretending MS or Nintendo are doing it better or "right" yet a lot of times we hear the same people asking for things like this from MS May 21st reveal

"new IP's please"

"Hope they show a new IP for once" etc

Same pretty much goes for Nintendo, only new IP's I've seen from them in YEARS even worth giving a damn is X which is a Mech Wii U game. (Now I might get a Wii U JUST FOR THIS GAME) THATS how strong a new IP can be to someone who is down on certain series.

Take me for example, I hate Halo, don't care for Forza (GT is the only racing series I care to get my racing RPG on) Fable, Alan Wake, Gears Of War...utter crap to me (They have PC versions that even for $3 bucks on a Steam sale....I did not get) I just don't care for any of em.

Now if MS comes out and says "Heres a Forza, Black Tusk is working on Halo 5 and....yup" Thats what will make me not get a MS console next gen.....again. And I have zero problem with that. I'm not missing much. MS and Nintendo need to do more new IP's to get people like me to say "I might get a Wii U or 720 too next gen" cause at this point, I won't mind running another PC/PS4 combo like i did PC/PS3.

On PC I was able to play L4D1/2, Mass Effect 1-3, Bioshock, mind you the only games I even wanted a 360 for at the time and many more. I truly see no point to getting a 360 for the likes of Halo or Forza, but really how is that so damn hard to understand?

Sure I may not like em, but how many gamers don't care for God Of War, or Ratchet and Clank, or Motorstorm or Killzone etc? But at the end of the day you are not left with ONLY those titles, you may get a Resistance, InFamous, The Last Of Us, Driveclub etc.

I get why many may not like some, can't get why they would not like all. I can't hate a new IP unless I've seen "enough" to understand what it is, hell I'm thinking of getting a Wii U for the one damn trailer for X. Thats all it takes, I swear. I've yet to see that from MS and hoping things at least might change.

Instead of getting made a Sony, get mad at MS or Nintendo, let them know that Sony is truly catering to its gamers and giving them what they want. At this point, I may not get 2 systems just based on the money I'm getting is being used to buy more and more games. Let em know they can do better and they won't have your money otherwise.

To say Sony sucks is to say MS and Nintendo...keep up the "good" job and keep making the same ole same ole. To get mad at new IP's seems almost as if they wish this was being done on Wii U or 720. Don't get mad at Sony for that, MS and Nintendo have a boat load of money to be buying studios to do such a thing, just saying, to my understanding...they actually have more then Sony and STILL don't make new IP's at the same rate.

Any false fan that praises such a thing, deserves to get rehashes every gen. asked for it. LOL
#11.2 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gameonbro   1022d ago | Spam
dcbronco  +   1022d ago
Not everyone likes a fanboy Jock.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1023d ago
#12 (Edited 1023d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
WildArmed  +   1023d ago
That's exactly what I thought when I saw the horseback riding.
wenaldy  +   1023d ago
What about Beyond Shadow of the Colossus? Y'know it also has horseback riding and desert setting.
NukaCola  +   1022d ago
Beyond Uncharted 3. Now that's got another phenomenal horse riding scene.
#12.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Alcohog  +   1023d ago
That was a thousand times better than anything I have seen of this game so far. Great trailer.
emad-E-three  +   1023d ago
Fuckin' DAY ONE!! I just can't believe what the PS3 still can do *_*
Love You SONY <3
JeepGamer  +   1023d ago
Uninterrupted game play or trailer is useless.
sway_z  +   1023d ago
I got Just the 4 Words below....

Amazingly, Spectacular, Intense, Thrilling!
HarvesterOSarow  +   1023d ago
Okay Stan Lee :)
CoLD FiRE  +   1022d ago
DLC scene with pre-order! Seriously? Game companies/publishers have sunk so low.

Anyway, this game looks awesome and if the soundtrack is as good as what's in this trailer then this would be even more awesome. Now, let's just hope the gameplay is as good as the rest of the game.
dcbronco  +   1023d ago
A little more time and a few reviews from friends and there may be a game that will make me buy a PS3. I hope this is coming to PS4. I don't want to spend that much for one game. Nothing short of amazing.
#17 (Edited 1023d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
wolokowoh  +   1023d ago
You know PS3 will get price dropped and it's not as this is the only exclusive it has. All of them are cheap as dirt now too as well. Even the collections are cheap. You want every God of War excluding Ascension which is the worst one yet anyways. GOW Saga(5 games) is 30 bucks on Amazon. Eventually less than $20. Nearly every Sony franchise has cheap collections. Obviously if like this game, you'll like Heavy Rain. PS3 is primarily a single-player gamer's console so you're likely to find some pretty good stories.
ILive  +   1022d ago
Ascension is not the worse one.
dcbronco  +   1022d ago
If all of those other exclusives meant anything to me I would have already had a PS3. Most were things I didn't play or didn't think were worth the big deal made of them. Heavy Rain is just a series of QTEs. Not interested. I don't play GoW type games. Haven't bought a Tomb Raider game in years so why buy Uncharted.

Actually I just looked at my. It's not clear. Beyond looks like it worth having. HR seemed to be too, but turned out to be QTEs. I hate QTEs. Worse gaming mechanic ever. If this game turns out to actually be good, it could make me get a PS3.
wolokowoh  +   1022d ago
@ILive The only one that may be worse its Chains of Olympus because the magic and Gauntlet of Zeus weren't all that great. I am not saying Ascension is a bad game because it's great but I personally didn't several gameplay changes in Ascension, many of which were I feel were counterproductive. Here's some of the changes:

1. Parrying was changed to two buttons and there's no Hades Revenge. Instead you can grab people because they are stunned. Not nearly as fun for a counterattack.

2. Sections between fights longer and not filled with things to get. I'm not talking puzzles here just how long it takes to get to one place from another with nothing to do but walk there or swing to get there. It gets boring.

3. Fights have less enemies. Missed opportunities for bigger fights Here's a scenario: big open area, one cyclops and some weak enemies to fight. Why not 2 or 3 simultaneously like previous games? The Cyclops isn't exactly hard.

4. Some are way weaker than usual aka the Cyclops while many others are more powerful to compensate for there being less of them. There's also less fights with larger tougher enemies like the Chimera. The balance is not preferable.

6. Two triangle attacks are locked away until you have a rage meter full,

7. Certain variations of the Blades don't fill up that rage meter nearly as fast as others

8. Secondary weapons that use circle for have no influence on rage meter.

9. Holding Square or Triangle for certain attacks that previously tapping two buttons simultaneously(this limits the amount of times you can pull aerial versions before landing)

10. Locking certain magics to certain weapons This is not as bad as GOW3 was but still a problem. When you change magic, you also change the rage attack, how fast the meter fills up, etc.

11. Magic locked away until last upgrade forcing you to use only one for far too long in the game
Also no leveling up magic because of this.

12. The fact that all 4 blades of chaos variations together only have few more moves to what one variation has in the second game. A second weapon would have been preferable.

13. Cutscenes that cannot be skipped,

14. Not really a gameplay complaint here but why are the trophies pointlessly disabled during new game+. There is no challenge in collecting things to preserve especially when putting it on easy is an option. There is no good reason to do this.

That list is most if not all my complaints. As for the story, it's fine. It felt like an almost pointless addition that doesn't really add much to the narrative but I can't say it wasn't well told. Also, here's my GOW list from best to worst so you'll know where I'm coming from: GOW1, GOW2, Ghost of Sparta, GOW3, Chains of Olympus or Ascension interchangeable.
Veneno  +   1023d ago
bronco seriously get a life.
dcbronco  +   1022d ago
I have a life. You should worry less about it.
FITgamer  +   1022d ago
@dcbronco By "get a life" he means buy a PS3. You'd probably like games more if you had the opportunity to play good ones.
a_squirrel  +   1022d ago
Veneno, wtf. He just said that the game was 'nothing short of amazing' but he didn't want to have to buy a ps3 JUST for that game. That's $250 too much for any game.
#17.2.3 (Edited 1022d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
kenshiro100  +   1022d ago
The PS3 has more games than just Beyond Two Souls.
Veneno  +   1022d ago
Thank you Shadowgeist
majiebeast  +   1023d ago
Okay all the white knight game journalists out there, here is your strong female protagonist.

On topic

Amazing trailer. The swansong of the PS3 next to Lastofus and a fitting end.
Bathyj  +   1023d ago
Exactly. Ellen Paige is going to bring Jodie Holmes to life like a character in games, and possibly movies has never been done before. Imagine the empathy you are going to feel for her.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1023d ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THIS NOW!!!!!!
dafegamer  +   1023d ago
great year to be a playstation gamer ;)
ps3: the last of us, beyond, puppeteer
vita: soul sacrifice, dragons crown, Tearaway and killzone
Why o why  +   1022d ago
New quality looking ip's so late in the gen.....who else, honestly, who else does this?
dafegamer  +   1022d ago
Sony ;)
make believe ;)
mricecreamman  +   1023d ago
WOW AMAZING! this will top heavy rain! can not wait!
violents  +   1023d ago
If they are doing all this on PS3, I can't wait to see what Quantim dream can do on PS4.
Evil_Ryu   1023d ago | Trolling | show
Rai   1023d ago | Trolling | show
JackVagina  +   1023d ago
day 1 baby!!!
Omar91  +   1023d ago
@ 37.30
that is the cleanest pregnancy I've ever seen.. lmao! the baby came out spotless.
Bathyj  +   1022d ago
Is that the first umbilical cord ever in a game?
Omar91  +   1022d ago
Could be!

Game looks awesome though. Although I'm not a fan of multiple endings in games, I'll still pick this one up
WickedLester  +   1023d ago
Drummerdude41  +   1023d ago | Well said
Sony this is why i support your system, because you support developers like this!
Aghashie  +   1022d ago
bubble up for you bro. I feel just the same.
RyuX19  +   1023d ago
For some reason Ellen Page making out with a guy just looks wrong to me lol
Veneno  +   1023d ago
yeah she's probably late 20's but STILL looks like a junior high school girl.
Jagsrock  +   1023d ago
Ending this gen with a bang
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   1022d ago
Sony doing it right. MS is simply going to pull the life support on the 360 like they did with the original xbox... smh
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