Black Ops 2 Tip: How To Efficiently Use The M8A1 Assault Rifle

TechDeville: The M8A1 Assault Rifle is one of my favorite weapons in Black Ops 2 but I hardly see it used in public matches. The gun is used my most pro players so it must be good, and it is but why don’t people use it? Because it’s hard to use, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a beast.

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Zezo1820d ago

And not a single fu#@ was given that day.

imXify1820d ago


Just point and shoot.

AJ Hartley1820d ago

Such an easy weapon to use ive killed people in one burst before crazyness.

ninjahunter1820d ago

The only 4 shot burst gun right for me is the m1216 shotgun.
Has an effective range you could spit, A dps secondaries could laugh at and that annoying cycle effect. But people still get pissed and rage about shotgun noobing or whatever they want to call it.

I kill you once with a shotgun, Thats expected, I kill you twice, you should stop trying to single me out, I kill you three times, your probably not very bright.

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