PS3 Fanboy Review: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

PS3 Fanboy writes: "The game of golf is all about precision, patience, and looking swank in plaid. Unquestionably, this checklist of golfing requirements was on the developers' minds when they started designing Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. If we take those three terms and translate them into the context of videogames, it would sound something like this: precision comes in the form of an intuitive yet complex gameplay; patience describes the progressive difficulty and the game's longevity; and lastly, plaid symbolizes a stylish design. Well okay, plaid isn't that stylish, but you get the point right?

As Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds introduces a new style of play, it still is more or less true to its roots. We've enjoyed the game immensely and we've got to clap our hands together for Clap Hanz. Nice shotto!

The biggest difference between Out of Bounds and other Hot Shots Golf games is the addition of a new way to play the game. Called "advanced shot," this play style makes the golfing experience feel more authentic; it's more about actually swinging the club and getting the feel of a swing, rather than monitoring a gauge like in the traditional style. While the first few tries with the advance shot feel awkward, it's not too long before it becomes second nature to play with. The advance mode is such a better way to play, we ended up using it for 88% of our total playtime according to our in-game stats."

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Syko3653d ago

I gotta say the lack of voice chat is a real killer for me. I was eager to pick this up until I heard that. Golf is one of those games where you can meet some cool people on line while you are playing because it is slow paced enough to chat with people while you are playing....Other than that though the demo was fun and I might still get it.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3653d ago

Then you're not going to like Super Smash Bros. Brawl no voice chat.

Syko3653d ago

LOL, Well in fairness I didn't get a Wii for online play but I know what you're saying. Like I said though Brawl wouldn't really be a social game anyway. with golf you have some time to sit and chat with the people you are playing with. Like Tiger woods, I have met a ton of cool people on that game that are chill and cool to play games with. More so than a game like Gears or Halo you know.