Nintendos 2013 E3 Presentation Absense Is A White Flag

Nintendo will not have a conference at E3 2013 this year. Rather, they will just have meetings, and game titles during the event to push the Wii U for the coming year. Clearly Nintendo is sending a signal to not only it's rivals Sony, and Microsoft, but also the games industry, along with consumers. Everyone looks forward to the biggest gaming event on the calendar to see what the big boys do. Is Nintendo waving a white flag not having a conference? believes so.

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Rearden1823d ago

Nintendo is chickening out at E3, they're effectively saying they are no longer in the same league as Microsoft and Sony.

Abash1823d ago

When Wii U sales are doing so poorly, it was a gigantic mistake to not have their traditional E3 conference. I wouldnt say them skipping their big E3 conference says they're in a dire state, but with the way the Wii U is performing so far makes their lack of an E3 presence look ten times worse than it already is

fairyblaster1823d ago


You makes sense. As leaders, Nintendo doesn't have time for this anymore.

miyamoto1823d ago

a 3RD E3 disaster for the Wii U probably is too much for Nintendo

dedicatedtogamers1823d ago

I'm not one to rush to Nintendo's defense (people who know my post history would agree), but I don't see the big deal. Nintendo is pushing out news via their Nintendo Direct. If you combine the last three Nintendo Direct videos, it has as many (if not more) announcements as a full E3 conference, and they're still going to be at E3. They still may do announcements, too. They just won't have a stage presentation.

Big deal.

OwlEyes1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


Nintendo's Direct this E3 will focus on the games, without any additional gimmicky stuff like Usher coming on stage, or Reggie stumbling over his lines.

Focusing solely on gamers, avoiding the gimmicks and ignoring the casual audience is what everyone has been demanding from Nintendo for years.

Yet, when they finally do it, people still complain.

jcnba281822d ago

Finally, someone with a bit of sense!

fairyblaster1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

but but

fairyblaster1823d ago

LMAO. (reard) syke! you dont make sense. since when is E3 a competition?? lol

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Sheepzclothing1823d ago

I can understand if this is about Nintendo being humble, but Nintendo E3 conferences just make me happy to watch. Nothing like 'em.

stragomccloud1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

People are ignoring the fact that Nintendo Directs have effectively removed the need for bloated and expensive conferences. Still, I'm going to miss that.

Nevers0ft1822d ago

Not everybody is ignoring it, just the trolls. Same as the fact that Nintendo WILL be at E3, just not doing one of those huge (often cringingly embarassing) stage shows... I still have nightmares about the 2008 E3 Wii Music demonstration ;)

stragomccloud1822d ago

Seriously. I love Nintendo but.... man... I'd be lying if I I said those conferences weren't a bit embarrassing in one way or another.