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Next Call of Duty Reveal Incoming May 1

News of Activision’s next Call of Duty title is beginning to trickle out as leaked promotional material appears on the internet.

Just recently, we caught a glimpse of “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” the alleged Call of Duty title currently in development at Infinity Ward studios. Promotional posters listing the game were spotted on the websites of various video game retailers, including Target and Tesco. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Primal Rex  +   738d ago
Call of Duty 10 - The scraping of the Barrel
SolidStoner  +   738d ago
Call of Duty 10:

cant find any other words... Marilyn explains it all!!! :) just lisen!
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MikeyDucati1  +   738d ago
*without any enthusiasm* yay
Cam977  +   738d ago
Oh dear...
This really is getting to the point of being beyond a joke. I don't know why people still buy it, you could buy the COD game from 2009 and still have as much fun with it as with the new one; they really do undergo few changes.

Saying that, 11 year old COD "enthusiasts" will be all over this knowing that the game has been named after the plural name of their favourite character.
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Conzul  +   738d ago
I don't know which title I could care less about; this or ACIV
AJ Hartley  +   738d ago
Al buy it but only too have a laugh with the lads, but gta , battlefield and watch dogs are my prime focus.
ps3_pwns  +   738d ago
cod is a waste of 150 dollars 60 for the game 60 for xbox live and then 30 for the dlc's not including tax in this either. you spending that every year for cod its pretty sad get some new and different games people.
TheUndertaker85  +   738d ago

So how about those users playing over PSN or the Nintendo network? Pretty sure that eliminates $60 out of the equation for them.

Then the fact that not everybody chooses to pick up the DLCs. You aren't forced to buy it you know.
stage88  +   738d ago
It's already been revealed
BuffMordecai  +   738d ago
The only reason I occasionally buy Call of Duty titles is that they are one of the few games that offer local 4 player split screen with bots, and since Infinity Ward never has bots I think I pass.
DS36  +   738d ago
As long as people keep buying them, they will keep making them. I moved on years ago to clan based tactical shooters.
TheUndertaker85  +   738d ago
Clans are officially supported through ELITE now, just a FYI. I do hope they build on it a little more though.
KillrateOmega  +   738d ago
The Call of Duty Cycle

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Conzul  +   738d ago
Yup, that needed saying.
eddieperry3  +   738d ago
You know Honestly, People will bash CALL OF DUTY the 1st chance they get, but You know when you're buying it at least You're getting

*A Game 90% of your gamer friends will have
*A Game with amazing graphics (Not Battlefield 4 but close)
*A Game That you can get HOURS of Fun out of ..

The Cycle is getting old. but I'd rather spend $60 Bucks on Call Of Duty 20 than a Game with ONLY single-player that I'll play once and leave to gather dust on my Video Game Rack.

My Rant is over. Carry on
Salooh  +   738d ago
It's just your type. It was my type but i got sick of it after i saw Mw3. Eevery time they release a new one i hate it more. They are not improving what i loved instead they improve what i hated.

I only agree with the first point of yours. When call of duty was fun to me i still loved playing all the other great games released. People get shocked when they hear that about me because they are used to love one game and hate the other (like Call of duty and battlefield) while i play them all. I advice you to do the same because that way you are the winner compared to others because you enjoy both instead of one..
famoussasjohn  +   738d ago
True. MW3 was one of the worst ones I played. I still bought BO2, that was an improvement. Since it's possibly Infinity Wards turn I'm slightly turned off from it (since there is 4 total developers now on the COD series) but I'll still check it out and see what it's all about. I won't completely shun myself from something that can contribute to hours of entertainment.

I just want them to get rid of death streaks. No more last stand, final stand, any effing stand where I kill them and then they lay on their back with either a C4 with a huge blast radious or where they can shoot me twice with a pistol and I die.
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Wadzie  +   737d ago
I heard the next call of duty is deffinatly going to hve a zombie campain but after hearing that for black ops 2 im not so sure hope so bad as how sik wud it b

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