How to Beat Sony

By now you’ve probably heard that on May 21 Microsoft will be having a conference to announce the next generation Xbox console. This is coming just a few months after Sony’s PS4 conference. We’ve got a good idea of what’s going to be in Sony’s console, so now is a fair time to start thinking about the odds of either winning the console war. Unless Microsoft has done an extraordinary amount of work undercover, Sony is already going to have the advantage of being released first out of the two. We already know what Sony’s bringing to the table, so let’s see what Microsoft needs to do to get ahead.

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StrongMan1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Sony can only beat Sony. Sony beat themselves this gen one way by releasing at a $600 price point but STILL ended up in second place. Nintendo benefited from Sony beating themselves and released last and ended in first place and Microsoft benefited from Sony's mistakes to but released first and still ended in dead last place though.

However, Sony is doing everything right with the PS4 which means they will dominate once again like before. Remember, Sony is 2-1 in console gen wins, Nintendo is 3-2 in console gen wins and Microsoft is 0-2 in console gen wins.

With the WiiU failing miserably, the Xbox 720 getting nothing but bad publicity for stupid decisions based on leaked documents, this next gen is Sony's to lose and looks they won't be losing it. Nice to see Sony in such a dominant position right now since Sony is the only company that didn't abandon the hardcore gamers.

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TheKayle11904d ago


sony before ms entered the market was the king..of the consoles...

after just 2 dividing the market where the most important markets (usa&uk) gone to they talking clearly ended 3rd and in pair with sales with the x360

so i think ms already did his is losing market

@skarlett..that is a sony pr bs....coz i dont see nothing nextgen in a 1.8tf console when my pc (where im writing this) already do 5.2tf
this is like that bullshit 2tf ps3

x360 received lots of bad rumors before the lancuh and we all know how good it gone at the end..just wait

Utalkin2me1904d ago

Do we really have to keep bringing up PC's when talking about consoles. Maybe instead of being on N4G talking specs of PC. Maybe you should take time and learn grammar, capitalization and punctuation.

grimmweisse1904d ago

Here we go again another muppet comparing what their PC's are capable of. You know what consoles are? Cost effect hardware to play games on. Most sane gamers are not going to spend hundreds just for one component when they can get a whole system for the same price. Why don't you just compare a GeForce Titan to a snes while you're at it!

Oh, and last I checked Sony was selling more than MS overall. Also MS had a head start with the 360 and still the PS3 has outsold the 360, so tell me again about Sony losing its market. Seems to me that they're regaining lost ground pretty well.

And I guess most of those early 360's had to be purchased again because of the RROD issue, I bet that inflated MS's sales and shipped figures.

TekoIie1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Sony lost a lot of it market share but I think there were many factors to take into account. Sony found out that their fans/supporters aren't as willing to bend over as they thought (although all fanboys take a bit either way).

MS also had a MAJOR early gen advantage which they've now lost over the past 2 years. They had better 1st and 3rd party support but now 3rd parties seem to be giving equal offerings and 1st party support is clearly stronger from Sony.

They don't seem to realise that when they were "winning" they were offering what gamer's wanted. And of course now the tides have turned.


"Do we really have to keep bringing up PC's when talking about consoles."

I find it extremely funny when people rage about PC users who talk specs, graphical superiority or general superiority to consoles.

But isn't it amazing when that's all we see being argued about between console users as well? People usually hate the person who has the game ending argument and 90% of the time PC has it.

"Maybe you should take time and learn grammar, capitalization and punctuation."

Come on buddy. While I do agree that TheKayle1's comment was awful in all those but when someone resorts to pointing out grammar, punctuation and capitalization you know its because they don't have a better argument.

wolokowoh1904d ago

"x360 received lots of bad rumors before the lancuh and we all know how good it gone at the end"
Two problems: RROD and the 360 sucked at the end. The end was just sequels and prequels to the big three franchises, Kinect games, and timed dlc releases. It was the beginning to middle part that Microsoft did a good job at. late 2007 to the beginning half of 2010. Third party exclusives were at their highest and first party exclusives were hitting the right notes as well. The 2010 press conference was the first bad one and every one since has been just as bad.

Retroman1904d ago

Article title: "how to beat SONY"

3 games will not do it. "HALO,GEARS,FORZA"
and their secret weapon KINECT sure as hell will not.

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CEOSteveBallmer1904d ago

Europe has more PS3 fanbase but the US does have more 360s. But Worldwide? I think I dont need to answer that. Anyway PCs again?? You really dont know the Pros of console over PCs do yah? for you console only have "Cons" and PCs only have "Pros".

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PSNintyGamer1904d ago

Ok, first of all that logic is so flawed. Only Sony can beat Sony? Please, enough of this fanboy dribble. We have yet to see anything much of the PS4. Nintendo has yet to release any of it's exclusives, and there is no such thing as bad publicity. If anything Microsoft as more publicity then Sony. So if you could just stop with this mindless fanboy chatter, and wait like the rest of us, that would be great.

Realplaya1904d ago

When did the PS4 get released. So far Nintendo has released first and they have a few million lead Sony and Microsoft have not released anything so therefore there is no 1st 2nd or 3rd only one. Also you mentioned they released at a hefty price point. They haven't released the price then and they won't release it at E3 and I am very interested to see how much of a hit they want to take on a system that's better and more powerful than there last with parts that I believe cost more. Plus since the PS3 is still selling they can sale the system at a higher price point.

andibandit1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


"With the WiiU failing miserably, the Xbox 720 getting nothing but bad publicity for stupid decisions based on leaked documents"

Pretty obvious you get ALL your information from N4G....

Regarding console genrations:
Sony had every possibillity to shut MS out of the Console race... all they had to do was continue the success of the PS2....instead they are now neck and neck, and will be going into the next generation, neck and neck. It's almost as bad as when Isildur didn't throw the ring into the lava at Mordor.

StraightPath1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Next Gen Xbox Game Announcements

- Shenmue 3 exclusively for the next gen Xbox
- Half Life 3 announced and will be timed exclusive for Xbox and PC getting it first.
- Halo 5
- Gears of War 4
- Forza Motorsport 5
- Project Gotham 5
- Fable 4
- True Banjo Kazooie Sequel
- New Perfect Dark and RARE IPs such as Killer Instinct revived properly.
- Next Gen Splinter Cell exclusive
- Bunch of never before seen new IPs.
- FF Versus 13 showcased in the Xbox event upgraded to next gen.
- Microsoft secures exclusive GTA 5 DLC.
- GTA 5 showcased in the Microsoft event.
- Doom 4 showcased
- Next Gen Elders Scroll shown
- Witcher 3 shown

majiebeast1904d ago

Shenmue 3

You do know Sega actually wants that game to sell? So it would need to be a shooter.

GalacticEmpire1904d ago

How's this for a deal...

If all that happens at the Xbox reveal on May 21st I'll come back here, bubble you up, call you a genius and declare myself an Xbox fanboy.

If it doesn't happen you have to never make such ridiculous comments in the future.


KingKelloggTheWH1904d ago

Lets see yes to Halo,Forza and fable and maybe gears.

And No to just about 80% of this.

DigitalRaptor1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

LOLZ. Mostly ridiculous.

Shenmue 3? Hows about noooooooooo!

FF Versus XIII?

CEOSteveBallmer1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Didnt you read one time about an article stating that "Mark Cerny and Yu suzuki talking about shenmue 3"?? So how can that be a Possible xbox exclusive. Here's the link
Really ridiculous statement you made aside from shenmue. But dreaming is free right? Ironically you have big boss's avatar when your clearly an xbox fan. I guess your so overjoyed that MGSV is coming to xbox 360

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LogicStomper1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

"Remember, Sony is 2-1 in console gen wins, Nintendo is 3-2 in console gen wins and Microsoft is 0-2 in console gen wins."

Sorry to say but, only fanboy's care about this stuff.
A gamer would only care about what he gets out of it. The big companies care about their money. So who cares about this "winning"? Sure they WANT to sell more than others, but only a fanboy would think their priorities are to beat other consoles in a war.

LoveOfTheGame1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

If the original Xbox, N64, and Gamecube are considered a loss then I don't want to be a winner. Those three consoles had some of the best games of all time: OoT, KOTOR 1 and 2 which probably beat 95 percent of anything on PS2, double dash, and melee.

Not hating on the PS2 it still has my favorite game of all time on it.

People need to stop worrying who wins which generation and just go back to when they played for the love of the game.(See what I did there)

Edit: fixed typo

Rhaigun1904d ago

If I were Microsoft, I'd worry more on trying to get the Next Xbox to beat the 360. They do that, and they'll be fine.

showtimefolks1904d ago

without sounding too much like a fanboy here is what sony did wrong yet still outsold xbox360

1.came out late in NA one year
2.came out even later in Europe
3.started brand new PSN which was inferior to xblive
4.missing cross game chat on psn(to some its a game breaker feature)
5.PSN hack
6.very bad launch lineup, not a lot of games for first few years
7.extremely high price point
8.extremely hard to develop for system specs

but here are things sony did ahead of time which paid off:

1.have hard drive in every system
2.PSN a free system
3.have built in wifi
4.decided they couldn't compete with wii or ms on casuals and all attention was on core market which they won
5.gave us the option to buy any harddrive unlike MS which made you buy from them on high prices

so if all those mistakes couldn't hold back ps3 what makes anyone think ps4 will be a failure?

sony already admitted that ps3 was hard to develop for and cell was a mistake

they have said price will be much better since this time they didn't spend a lot of money on R&D

launch lineup will be much better

get feedback from people who actually make games(the development community)

Indie scene is being heated up

IMO PlayStation brand is at its strongest at the moment, and from all the mistakes people like to point out sony is still on pace to sell the most consoles this gen which will make it 3 straight

showtimefolks1904d ago

now writing all that doesn't mean next xbox will be a failure or anything, i actually believe both sony and ms are in very strong positions to do quite well.

I hope like sony MS on may 21st will admit of their mistakes and won't act in arrogance and show a lot of software to come

if anything we can learned this gen its that competition usually brings the best out of companies, meaning we will get better content since both will be trying their best to earn out business

but this notion of one has to beat other to be successful isn't good, since this current gen we had 3 successful home consoles. Think about that for a second all 3 are on pace to sell 100 million plus home consoles.

I think gaming is at its strongest and both ms and sony are in position to move t forward in a positive way.

can't wait till may 21st so all these rumors can be put to rest but the real fun will be E3 2013

gamers for life

ceballos77mx1904d ago

Don't forget blu-ray, it was expensive at that time.

strifeblade1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

What makes you think the playstation 3 will sell very strongly once playstation 4 is out?its either playstation 4 sells extremely well, and the playstation 3 sells less- or playstation 4 sells poorly alongside the ps3.

Thats what happened for almost the first 2 years of ps3 where somy's competion came from its predecessor- a lot of people seem to forget that. ps2 sold very well during the first couple of years ps3 was on the market, while ps3 sold poorly in the beginning.

You cant fool yourself into thinking, current sales trends means thats whats going to happen in the future and automatically ps3 will sell over 100 million units, without playstation 4 taking a big hit in the sales department.
Look at the wii, sold amazing for the first for years then it dipped- but managed to sell 100 million units and nintendo moved on to the wii u.

Sony however seems to support old gen consoles alongside the new gen which i believe hurt their new gen sales since the ps3 would be an attractive buy to the average consumer. Dont be so close minded.

showtimefolks1904d ago


Well you asked questions than you answered them so I am not too sure your comment was towards me or not

But here goes:

We haven't seen $99 for xbox360 or ps3 imagine when these systems will hit $99 or more likely $149, that will generate huge sales, also unlike the wii ps3 and xbox360 are HD consoles with big game libraries and more publishers have said they will support current systems for next few years so as thing stand by the time ps4 and next Xbox will get a launch both ps3 and xbox360 will be pass or close to passing 80 million.

So they would need to sell 20 million to pass 100 million, lets see a price cut at E3 will generate huge sales for both systems

Parents will by these over new ones since these will be cheaper and bundles with games and like I said before have big game libraries, MS I am not sure about how long they will support xbox360 but Sony has a long history of supporting its systems

So ps3 will get support for next 2-3 years meaning passing 100 million isn't so far fetched as some make it seem. What people just don't see is these systems are still selling for $299 and still selling well world wide

As long as there is software support both xbox360 and ps3 will do fine, makes for great present this holiday season

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slapedurmomsace1904d ago

@strongman, your first 5 words about sum up what n4g has become over the last year or two...........

can't defend the Wii U, but only to say this has been coming for a long time. Just look at the Wii sales and game attach rates over the last few years. Atari could beat them right now.

The Xbox 720 is getting bad rumors, just as the PS4 did. It wasn't just the 720 that was rumored to not allow pre owned games. This was a major concern that Sony shot down at the official unvailing. Who's to say Microsoft won't do that same?

Also it's been 2 months of public decisions for the PS4, not exactly alot of time to make an impression. They could do the backwards PS3 and have a great start only to fail in the long term.

I think its just to early to say who's gonna win a console generation that's only 5 or so months old and 2 outta the 3 haven't been released, and 1 of the 3 hasn't even been official revealed.

Plus if Sega ever released an HD remake of Shenmue 1 and 2 with a totally new 3, with a non exsist Dreamcast 2, it'd own all.

AndrewLB1902d ago

Umm... while the PS3 leads 360 in the number of consoles sold (77 million vs 76 million), Sony took a loss on the vast majority of those console sales. Then combine that with revenues from Online gaming subscriptions, where 360 beats out PS3 54% to 45% of the online marketshare.... It leads one to believe that 360 was an overall better product from a business perspective.

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GalacticEmpire1905d ago

Sorry but it'll take more than free online, BC and not going 'always on' to beat Sony. There has to be games, good ones.

Here's a method:

1 - Aquire an established and proven dev studio
2 - Foster their creativity and genius
3 - Attract some of the best dev talent in the world
4 - Allow them to work on new IPs

Rinse and repeat as needed then share assets and experience between all of them. Do this for just under 20 years and only then will you be able to beat Sony.

jcnba281904d ago

PS4 doesn't have backwards compatibility.

a08andan1904d ago

He didn't say that. He meant that even if the next Xbox has free online, BC and no "always on", it still won't be enough.

jcnba281904d ago

I'm getting dislikes for telling the truth? LOL I love this site.

kreate1904d ago

We all know the truth. Thats common sense.
Ur getting disagrees cuz ur totally missing the point.

Even after a08andan pointed it out to u, ur still lost.

wenaldy1904d ago

You're gettting disagress because you are dumb.. Happy now..?

MysticStrummer1904d ago

You got disagrees for posting a non-point. Your comment in no way refuted the one you replied to.

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jimbobwahey1904d ago

Yeah, good games is what it's all about. Within the past six months alone Microsoft has released high quality games such as Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Gears of War Judgement and Battleblock Theater.

Meanwhile Sony has put out great games such as God of War Ascension and uh, well...


FriedGoat1904d ago

I thought you said good games?

duli141904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

and in the coming six months sony will be releasing the last of us, beyond two souls, puppeteer.

And M$ will be releasing errrmm....OH!

you forgot to mention sly cooper and ni no kuni..

grimmweisse1904d ago

And in the next 6 months Sony will release the last of us, beyond two souls, puppeteer, tales of xillia, Disgaea D2, dragon's crown, the guided fox paradox, the witch and the hundred knights, and HD versions of kingdom hearts and ffx and x-2.

And by the way it wasn't only in the last 6 months Gow Ascension, there is also the super excellent ni no kuni, sly cooper, and guacamelee.

There is a great variety of games right there. And no doubt MS also has great titles, but it's always the same 3, halo, gears and Forza. MS bought Rare, which at the time was one of the most talented studios around and done nothing with them. They ruined perfect dark and made a pathetic kinect game.

Skips1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Funny how Xbox fans harp on the PS Games that barely break a million, but yet they turn around mention titles (Forza Horizon) that sell just as much. XD

and Gears Of War Judgement isn't exactly "high quality" when even the fans hate it.

2.8 / 5

5.9 / 10

And how about we use the entire latter part of this gen when we name worthwhile titles and not just use a specific SMALL A** time frame of six months? We know someone's afraid they'd literally be naming the SAME EXACT 3-4 franchises and a slew of Kinect if we did that. :D

Hell, if we play it by your game. In the entirety of THIS YEAR ALONE, all the 360 managed to give was a Gears Of War game (that apparently NOBODY seemed to like).

Meanwhile, PS3 got or is getting Sly 4, God Of War Ascension, Ni No Kuni, The Last Of Us, Kingdoms Hearts HD, Beyond Two Souls, and Puppeteer. lol

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Condemnedman1904d ago

If xbox had free online and bc and not always online it would do alot better than its doing now . ps4 would have a fight on its hands

FrigidDARKNESS1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Gee Ms dont have to do anything special to beat Sony. They are still competitive with the 360 and outselling the ps3 on a monthly basis. Even without all those studios. MS gaming Division has posted record profits last quarter while Sony continues to struggle to keep its head above water.
Im sorry but i will support a company thats financial stable rather than a company (sony) that has a 49% chance of going bankrupt in a few years. MS will have new sudios and first party titlrs to make sure that the next xbox will continue to be successful.

GalacticEmpire1904d ago

"49% chance of going bankrupt"

Thou has heinously pulled yonder number from betwixt thy buttocks.

AndrewLB1902d ago

Yes, he did. But his claim is based on Sony having serious financial problems, including having their corporate credit rating downgraded multiple times this past year, where it now resides at BB. Anyone who thinks Sony is financially stable and on sound financials needs to have their head examined. Sometimes it's hard to stop being a fanboy and step back into reality for a moment. ;)

Karpetburnz1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

"outselling the ps3 on a monthly basis"

PS3 has been outselling Xbox 360 worldwide almost every month since like 2009.

And I dont care if Sony has lost a lot of money, all I care about is games and Sony is doing a much better job than Microsoft.

1Victor1904d ago

@ frigidDumbness LOL I don't own shares on gaming companies so I'll support any company that supports my gaming addiction and gives me good games to play all year long .

CGI-Quality1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

It would appear it is YOU having trouble keeping your head above water, given your lack of bubble(s). ;)

The real problem with posts like yours is incoherence. You don't make much sense and seem to have very little knowledge of how this industry works.

duli141904d ago

I'm glad M$ is sharing their profits with you :)

grimmweisse1904d ago

Recheck those so called facts. PS3 has been outselling the Xbox in worldwide sales, only region where it's not but followed closely by the ps3 is the US. As for going bankrupt, not anytime soon, Sony recently posted a $403million profit and psn plus is proving to be quite a good subcription for the playstation brand.

Next time if you're trying to be biased try harder and check some facts.

MS must have lots of money from all those users that had to buy more than one Xbox because they could be bothered to at least use decent components which led to the RROD.

1904d ago
AndrewLB1902d ago

Sony has sold 77 million PS3s vs Microsoft's 76 million. And Sony took a loss on most of those consoles.

So who is in better financial shape?

Jaqen_Hghar1904d ago

Sony has been outselling 360 every year other than 08 that they've both been on the market.

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DivineAssault 1905d ago

Now why would anyone want to make an article like this? Sony knows what theyre doing & its going to take more than a few articles that angry fanboys write to take em out.. PS is a HUGE household name that isnt going anywhere & wont be bested easily.. They have amazing publisher support, dev companies, & a name people can trust..

Software_Lover1904d ago

And another one. They can coexist people. Ford coexists with Chevy. LG coexists with whirlpool. What is so wrong with that?

jcnba281904d ago

Fanboy loyalty, that's what's wrong with it. Sad I know.

1904d ago
Hicken1904d ago

Fanboy loyalty, by the way, also exists in the Ford vs Chevy marketplace. Any car guy (oh, would you look at that: I'm a car guy) would know that.

Complaining about fanboys in gaming is stupid, because it exists in so many other places.

I won't call you out, given the fanboy tenor of your comments on a regular basis. I disagree because fanboy loyalty has nothing to do with this. People act like the two companies can't compete, and their fans can't hate each other, unless they're trying to get rid of each other.

Again, Ford and Chevy's fans can't stand each other, the two companies are in heated competitions in various areas. Ford CAN beat Chevy, and vice versa; that doesn't stop the companies from coexisting, does it?

You being a Nintendo fanboy doesn't stop Sony or Microsoft being being part of the landscape. Me preferring Sony doesn't stop Microsoft or Nintendo.

T21904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

If you think about cars tho , ppl do the same bash whatever they dont happen to own.. I feel good about buying multiple consoles ... And if I could id be pretty happy with a porsche, lamborghini , and ferrari too . fanboys only prove their envy

Edit - Damn hicken u beat me to it, good post

MysticStrummer1904d ago

"Fanboy loyalty, that's what's wrong with it. Sad I know."

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

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