Defiance: A MMORPG to Try or Avoid?

My Review of Trion World's newest video game Defiance. Is it worth a look at or should you avoid it?

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TheSuperior 1971d ago

Couldnt of said it better myself

omi25p1971d ago

No, its extreamly boring, repetitive and just generally bad.

Soldierone1971d ago

On the bright side, the game is better than the show. lol

Baka-akaB1971d ago

I think just the opposite , a so far decent start for a sci fi show (but can it even survive more than 2 seasons with the way syfy is currently run ?) for a forgettable game

MysticStrummer1971d ago

I agree that the game is better than the show, though I like the show enough to keep watching and see how it goes.

I like the game a lot. It's something I'll play at least every once in awhile for a long time. My main issues with it are technical, but PS3 had the smoothest launch of all the platforms and I've seen improvements since then as well.

Soldierone1971d ago

Thats how I feel about the game, the issue I have is that its online based. So in order to "keep playing once in a while" the community needs to last.

I don't think the community will last too long to be honest. Terrible reviews are hurting it, and the hate train already wizzed through. The rest of the people will just get tired and move to the next game sooner or later.

MysticStrummer1971d ago

The hate train did indeed wizz through, but looking at the forums there seem to be quite a few people who like the game as well. Most of the hate seems to be about the technical problems, which are getting at least a little better, than about the kind of game it is.

As for people moving on to the next game, that's always a possibility, but people were playing Everquest Online Adventures and SOCOM on their PS2s well into the PS3 life cycle. There will be some sort of community as long as the servers are up, and if they get the technical problems worked out fairly quickly, they can start adding things. They say they won't spilt the player base, so new areas and enemies will be available for all. Since there's no subscription fee, that may keep players around and eventually bring in new ones. We'll see.

PS3gamer4life1971d ago

Omg stupid score i give it a 9 been waiting for a online mmo shooter

Baka-akaB1971d ago

Not to debate your taste , but this was hardly the first online mmo shooter .


you will have to wait a little longer for great one.

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The story is too old to be commented.