Pach-Attack- Will Gamerscores & Trophies Transfer to Next-Gen?

GT:Pachter determines the chances of your current-gen efforts going to waste.

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GuruStarr781909d ago

That's a good question... and well answered by Pach.

admiralvic1909d ago


I only ask because companies lose more by making you start over, than you lose by starting over. No matter how complex it is to do, keeping these stats is an easy way to keep you loyal to the brand. It would be stupid to do and would make no sense if they did it.

MaxXAttaxX1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Well PlayStation Trophies and level transferred back and forth between the Vita and PS3.
Not sure about Xbox.


Companies lose nothing by making you start over...

They could very well say "Hey... new consoles = new gamerscore/trophies because the new consoles signal a fresh start and we here at SONY/MICROSOFT want to show that by leveling the playing field so everyone starts off the next gen on equal footing."

Lol... sounds horribly believable right. They could completely ditch the score system all together as well.

admiralvic1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

@ Wutchugunnado

How does that even remotely sound believable? While you seem to think that they don't lose anything, they actually lose far more than the average consumer.

Not only do they lose brand loyalty (if Gamerscore / Trophies were preventing me from switching and or caused me to buy more gamers for ____ system, they won't be anyone, which was my original point), but they would have a PR nightmare (similar to the always on rumors) to deal with. Hardcore fans would be angry, news sites would post trashy articles like "Resetting trophies show that Sony doesn't care about your accomplishments" and things of that nature, then finally the casual gamers this would most likely appeal to wouldn't care, since they aren't collecting them anyway.

fsfsxii1909d ago

No shit?? PS3 trophies transferred to the Vita so of course its going to transfere to next gen.

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FrightfulActions1909d ago

I'd be happy if they do but at the same time upset. I know I can't be the only person out there who wishes they could change their PSN ID. It'd be nice if I could make a new one but still transfer all my purchases/trophies over to it.

In the very least here's hoping that the next Playstation will let you finally CHANGE ACCOUNT REGION. My primary account is set to UK even though I live in America which means I have to buy everything from an alt account. I had hoped the new 'SEN' thing would had allowed me to at long last change my accounts region but apparently Sony doesn't acknowledge that people sometimes move. Really frustrating.

WUTCHUGUNNADO1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I don't get why you'd want to move to America. I'm from Florida myself... Unless you live in Colorado or Washington there's nothing special about living here unless you just like the false pretense of being "Free".

Or guns...

admiralvic1909d ago

Who said FrightfulActions wanted to move to the US? There are plenty of possible explanations.

- Was stationed in EU.
- Moved to EU for work (so their home was the US).
- Moved to the US for work.
- Family.

FrightfulActions1909d ago

Not sure why you want to turn a simple gaming-related comment into a discussion about politics.

I never moved to the US, I've always lived here. I was just saying. My UK account is due to a mistake made before the PS3 released. PS3's release date was going to be delayed in the UK for some reason or another so to 'make up for it' Sony allowed UK residents to secure their gamertags online before the PS3 was actually released. I jumped at this opportunity to score a username that is otherwise always taken. I didn't realize at the time that you would never be able to change your account's region and that I would be forever stuck listed as being in the UK.


I wasn't going for anything political... just stating how it is over here. I've meet a lot of tourists from Australia and parts of Europe and they always exclaim how they love the trip over here but would never move. I got the impression that you moved here so I was curious as to why you would want too.

FrightfulActions1908d ago

I can see why you'd make that conclusion, though honestly your comment is still rather irrelevant given the subject. You can say it isn't politic related if you'd like but surely you can see why one would assume thats your agenda when your comment on not being able to change an account region on a gaming console is to remark on a countries "pretense freedoms" and gun-control.


Nothing political... maybe non-concerning to your account problems but it's still relevant to your post. Simply curious... guns are illegal in the UK so I figure that would be a motive for moving and my comment on freedom is supposed to be ironic considering there's no real difference between America and other democratic countries besides the constant touting of the fact.

I could go about using proper internet terms and exclaim "UK is teh sucks. Americans are teh free's. Guns pew pew pew. 4/20 fo lyfe."

FrightfulActions1908d ago

My post says "apparently Sony doesn't acknowledge that people sometimes move" and you interpret that the best relevant reply would be to to question someones motives for wanting to move to X state in the first place?

Granted that moving was part of the comment any rational mind could see that it wasn't the point. You're dissecting into it to pull out an excuse to talk about something that anyone else should easily acknowledge as being irrelevant to the actual post.

If I was to say no gaming console should be always online would you also ask why wouldn't I have a constant internet connection anyway? It would be relevant in the sense that I brought up 'always online' but do you really think it'd be relevant to the main concern? Same thing applies here.

America, UK and any other country weren't the concern of the comment. It was that users cannot change their accounts region. If you're so against America then think of this way: those who move out of yee-haw US to the better countries won't be able to change their account region to reflect that, it will be stuck as an US account forever.

Bringing up 'proper internet terms' is also irrelevant, honestly. You're trying to deflect your unnecessary political opinion by using humor. It wasn't how you wrote it that was an issue, if you can call it an issue, its that you brought up at all.

People move for various of reasons, it shouldn't matter why or to where. I was just remarking on how ridiculous it is that users cannot ever change their SEN account's region info which means they have to make an entirely new account if they wish to use their countries store and currency. It's simple enough to do but it means you 'lose' all your old trophies, achievements and past purchases will not transfer to this new account. It's incredibly inconvenient.

Sum up: I say it sucks we can't change region if we move. You say "well, why would you want to move anyway, falsehoods and guns?" If you honestly don't think it was a silly and irrelevant thing to bring up then power to you.

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