Nintendo selling refurbished 3DS units for $129

Much like how Apple sells refurbished products on their online store, Nintendo has begun selling refurbished Nintendo 3DS systems for only $129.99

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Snookies121906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Yeah, I got mine at that price when Best Buy had a deal last year. Just couldn't pass that up. Albeit mine was new, still... Even refurbished, it's a great deal.

ApolloTheBoss1906d ago

Oh man that's too good to pass up.

animegamingnerd1906d ago

to every publisher who puts online passes in there games this is how you make money off used products

PopRocks3591906d ago

Nintendo? Selling refurbished hardware? Discounted? Huh. That sounds quite a bit better than buying one refurbished from Gamestop.