GC Controller Adapter for Wii/Wii U

Do you have one of those cheap Wii's that supports no GameCube controllers? Well now you can connect your GameCube controller to your newest model Wii, even to your WiiU console.

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PopRocks3591790d ago

Welp, that solves the Smash Bros. 4 issue.

DarkBlood1789d ago

not fond of that new controller beside the gamepad i take it?

_QQ_1789d ago

Allot of people only like the GC controller for SSB.

DarkBlood1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

true its what i used for my wii smash bro brawls copy as well as the n64 vc game, but i doubt this would be maimstream from nintendo so i'll have to pick up the wiiu controller pro to go with "smash bros U" when it comes out that is

PopRocks3591789d ago

Actually I really like the Pro controller as well as the gamepad, but I know a number of people who would all prefer playing Smash Bros. exclusively with the Gamecube controller, hence how this solves that problem for the fourth game. I personally would not mind either way.

DarkBlood1789d ago

Not that its a big issue but it still leaves the rumble not being there assuming it works a different way

i might not even get this even if i could find it in stores or whatnot just out of fear it might "brick my console" as they say lol

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Qrphe1789d ago

I wonder if the adapter supports the analog triggers for GC games even if the Wii already doesn't support GC controllers.

TXIDarkAvenger1789d ago

Well that solves one issue, now I just hope SSB4 isn't aimed for just casuals.

TXIDarkAvenger1789d ago

Because Brawl was aimed for casuals.

The creator said it himself that it was aimed for newcomers which isn't a bad thing but leaving the technical competitive play out was a mistake.

AWBrawler1789d ago

That was never said. Prove it or its BS

HarryMasonHerpderp1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Brawl was a huge let down anyway, the hardcore nintendo fans won't admit it but it was. Smash Bros Melee wipes the flaw with it, I'm hoping they go back to way melee played because that game was perfect.

_QQ_1789d ago

I liked brawl more than melee, Plus how hard brawl and melee are is only determined by how good your friends are, same goes for all fighting games.

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Chard1789d ago

Would this work with Wavebird?

ChickeyCantor1789d ago

Why not? The Dongle should have the same signature.

bigchad1786d ago

just got it in today. it works with the wavebird.


Yours for the low low price of "Unspecified"...

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