Benefits of releasing Dark Souls 2 on PS4 and Xbox 720

Bubblews: "From Software recently commented that they have once considered a potential release of Dark Souls 2 for the PS4 and Xbox 720 before ultimately deciding against it. By not releasing the video game for the next-generation platforms, the developer is missing out on some benefits."

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fsfsxii1972d ago

Better FPS, thats the only thing i can see thats good, enlighten me. Al though, i don't think they would bother, for a nex gen console that would launch with at least 1 million install base. Current gen consoles have a massive install base with over 150 million gamers around the globe

Blacktric1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

"A lot of the console fan base would prefer to play at 60 frames per second rather than the projected 30 frames on the PS3 and Xbox 360."

So what the article basically suggests is for From Software to port Dark Souls II to next gen consoles because of the potentially reaching 60 FPS? Good one. How about you think for one second about the budget of From Software and how releasing a game like Dark Souls II on next gen hardware could possibly affect that budget?

If you want 60 FPS, get the PC version. Stop demanding unnecessary crap from a developer like From that barely has the budget to make the game for three platforms let alone five.


"Ps4 will get the same base too one day so thinking that way isn't really benefit gamers."


PS3 - 60 bucks
PS4 - 60 bucks

Install base;

PS3 - 50+ million
PS4 - probably less than 4 million if the game gets released in late 2013

Take the price drops that happen naturally over time (prices usually dip by 25%-40% in the first six months) and you'd understand why releasing it for next gen systems isn't a good idea. If you want to play with better graphics and with 60 FPS, get the PC version and play it with your PS3 controller.

Software_Lover1972d ago

I agree. If the only benefit is FPS, then just get the PC version. A port is a port is a port. If it isn't built for the next gen consoles, or great pc's for that matter, just keep it as it is.

JP13691972d ago

If they have the budget for a PC version, then they have the budget to port to PS4 and the new Xbox. The former has already announced a change to x86 and the latter is rumored to used the same, so the job shouldn't be that complex or expensive. I see no reason for them to not release a next-gen port come this time next year.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1971d ago

pc mods will make this game look even better!

Salooh1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I respectfully disagree ( Don't want to get bite from you guys xD. Just want to say my opinion )
They can improve every single thing. Even if it's just a port from ps3 they still can make it better by improving the FPS and resolution which is completely better then playing on current generation consoles. To hell with the install base. I'm one of them but i will buy the ps4 day one because i want to play great games and i don't want these games limited to hardware which is completely obvious for current generation games. Sales don't give us anything. Ones ps4 released ps3 will be in the past for me just like the ps2.

Ps4 will get the same base too one day so thinking that way isn't really benefit gamers.

I'm not rich lol. I bought the ps3 in 2007 , so i had plenty of time to get the money for the ps4. If you did the same you would get it too.

Ps3 didn't get ports from ps2. It's a great idea to get money from current generation games but it's really stupid idea for next generation consoles because they are telling us we will get the same level of gaming but with better FPS and stuff like that instead of big leap. But since i can't do anything i want to play mgs v / gt6 / beyond..etc on ps4 to get better experience. They already doing it so why not apply it to the games we love instead of games like assassin creed..

Persistantthug1972d ago

I suggest you wait at least 1 year before purchasing.

You said "To hell with the install base", but that's exactly what's driving game publishers.

After about a year or so, when the install base of the next gen consoles gets to 10 million, then you'll see games start to look "next gen".

Do what you want, but I'm just giving you advice. But hey, if you're rich, then feel free to disregard. (Pick me up 1 too while your at it :) )

JsonHenry1972d ago

Would I want DS2 to be released with better visuals, shorter load times, better physics? YES! Will it keep me from buying the game because it is released on current gen hardware? NOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then again, I will be getting this for the PC anyway so what do I care what console it is released on?

Tei7771972d ago

PC build Grafix. Simple.

DeadlyFire1971d ago

From Software is a small company that isn't known for much. Keeping it on PS3/X360 is a smart move business wise, but risks are worth taking in the business world sometimes.

They wouldn't really push out much benefits to PS4/X720 versions. Maybe higher fps, but other than that I don't think much would have changed since the games base platform was already decided awhile ago.

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Neko_Mega1972d ago

I really hope they do, I don't see why they can't.

_LarZen_1972d ago

In other words I am going to buy the PC version.

SirBradders1972d ago

I just hope ive built mine in time.

Linsolv1971d ago

No time like the present... ! :p

SirBradders1971d ago

Judging by the disagrees 2 people must not want me to finish my build lol what a sick world we live in.

PurpHerbison1972d ago

I am going to get it day one on PS3 due to friends but I will eventually pick it up on PC cause it will definitely go on sale a few times for like 20 bucks.

VersaVulture891972d ago

One benefit i would see with a PS4 version is the fact that I could live-stream the game. My friends and I play a lot of Dark Souls and sometimes we're trying to describe certain areas, but the details are tough. With the PS4, I could livestream with my friends all the locations and situations that we would normally talk about.

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