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Tony from Video Games Made Me Do It reviews Dead Island: Riptide.

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sway_z1972d ago

That's a generous score as this series is currently average. I got suckered into buying the first game, not so this time. I have seen better PSN/XBL titles more superior than this.

Really...take my foolish advice


Lucid841972d ago

Yeah, if you didn't like the first there is no point at all on getting this one. The game was good, but it wasn't anything great at the same time either. I still had fun playing it though.

sway_z1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

It had great promise, 'that trailer' and I seriously wanted this series to be awesome.

But what it amounts to is a go fetch ,whack this zombie make it from A-B and a very tacky RPG element that barely detracts from the immense boredom this game offers.

The Graphics are glitchy, the character models are poorly modelled and are cliché. The first game had unnecessary racial undertones and terrible voice acting.

After buying the first game I wondered if the Zombies in-game were the real smart one's.

Yeah ...I guess you can tell I don't like this game much.

Give me 'Journey' on PSN for less than 1/3 of the price of this mediocre game any day.



I guess it has some novelty value, but in the longterm it's a poor time investment. You seem very fair, so I am glad you were able to get something positive out of this game :)

Lucid841972d ago

Yep, like I said, if you enjoyed the first you'll like this, and if you didn't there is no point in even thinking about this game. And you bring up so very good points, but I still like making weird weapons to beat zombies faces in.

phantomexe1972d ago

I'm enjoying the new one a great deal. A few quest are buged but over all its good. I enjoyed dead island as well tho. They let you upgrade your group of survivers which i find cool. Riptide is just better put togther then the last one in my opinion.

RIP_Cell1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

another review that makes no mention of the pausing/stuttering issues on PS3, yet people like me and reviewer of the Digital Foundry faceoff and some people on forums saw it (Digital Foundary actually said the PS3 version is not playable), why is it that some of us experience it but some don't. I thought consoles are supposed to give the same experience to everyone?

Lucid841972d ago

Sorry, but I played it on the 360. They only gave us 360 and PC copies, so I wouldn't be able to tell you any experiences with that. The one glitched that annoyed me was losing the sound for some reason, but it only happened twice.

FragMnTagM1972d ago

I have more than enough power to run this on my PC and it still stutters. Bad programming/ quality control.

The game is still fun though if you can get over the technical limitations and play with some good people co-op.

proudlyannoying1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Well what can I say; Dead Island:Riptide is one of the best 'living dead' games I have ever played! Now having read the previous reviews I can see we have some amateurs in the building who are moaning and groaning about a few minuet issues with glitching and pausing. I can confidently reveal that I have suffered no such problems with the game what so ever! Therefore may I ask you fairies to stop wasting everyones time and try to concentrate on an issue we actually give a crap about. May I also add that if your PSN/PC versions are giving you hassle then maybe its about time you grew up and got an Xbox360; the most supreme gaming model in the universe! Thank you so much ladies.
Right guys I'm going to make this short and sweet as I am still in the middle of the game and I will give a more detailed review after the completion of it. This game I can tell is well thought out not only by truly gifted Programmers, but Programmers that know exactly what a 'Zombie' game should consist of. I get so bored of games that expect you to kill hundreds of Zombies as they chase you across the map constantly, never giving you a break and always multiplying until you're over run and dying every five seconds. Dead Island shows control and realistic characters that are stuck in a shit storm. I would rate this game 7/10. The game is fun, addictive, challenging, testing and exciting but the things that let it down are:
In the Cutscenes the character voices are always changing in volume.
The graphics aren't the best. This is by no way 'Hard to play with', But if a third game is in the making a little attention to detail wouldn't hurt.
I read an earlier review that explained how the game is extremely A to B and as much as I love it I have to agree. It's the same with every character you meet. 'Get some med supplies', 'Find the map', 'Bring back a boat'. It's always one small quest at a time because the main story quests move along too quickly.
So all in all a very good game. If you're thinking about writing a review feel free to contrast mine. Peace out homies.