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Stop asking for less boobs, start asking for stronger women

GameZone writes, "Criticisms of big-bosomed ladies in video games have been going on for some time. It’s an issue that comes up time and time again, whether in response to Team Ninja’s latest release, booth babes, or, more recently, the art of Dragon’s Crown. Many writers have piled criticisms on games like this, calling them adolescent, perverted, sexist, misogynist, and more. I’m guilty of it as well, but I’ve had a change of heart." (Dragon's Crown, PS Vita, PS3)

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majiebeast  +   701d ago | Well said
Great article sir.

You just did more research with this article then Kotaku does in a month.

The fact that they completely ignored all the other exaggerated characters was just just so they could make a hit baiting article that was filled with white knights. Also its a stereo type on these classes and races you got the pretty boy mage,the way too armored knight,the musceled Amazone,the burly and stout dwarf now enhanced with steroids,The buxom sorceress and the lithe elf girl. But this would actually take Kotaku time to research and no game journalist has time for that... Also games has many nods towards Disney,Conan and pieces of renaisance art.
Anthotis  +   701d ago | Funny
Well said.

Whilst games need nice boobs, these articles always overlook how under represented tight and well trimmed vagina is.

Games need tighter women, just as they need busty women.

Bros Before Hos.
SuperK  +   700d ago
Laughing while eating breakfast just isnt good. Lol
miyamoto  +   701d ago
the new Lara Croft reboot still had some considerable partly exposed boobs and cleavage but no one complained.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   701d ago
I found her breast reduction unnecessary. It doesn't make her any more believable or serious.
SilentNegotiator  +   701d ago
We definitely need less misandry and White Knighthood and more demand for good characters.

Otherwise, let's see some outrage over good looking male games characters, if it's such an issue.
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CoLD FiRE  +   700d ago
What good looking male characters? Almost all of them look the same! You know, white with little facial hair and being semi-bald. Sure, that might be the case with western games but Japanese games aren't much better in this case with most male characters looking like emo teenagers.

I have no problem with insanely huge-breasted female characters in games but when the artists say they're making them exaggerated because of their "artistic vision", that's just too funny and untrue. Just admit you love big boobs just like all of us and you're making them the way they are so you could sell more to your target audience.
JsonHenry  +   701d ago
I still don't understand why anyone cares about the ANIMATED women on the screen. It is a game. Either play it or don't.
cannon8800  +   700d ago
Less boobs, stronger women?

ok you guys asked for it..

Neko_Mega  +   701d ago
Less boobs??? What in gods name is this world coming to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@

I mean really? I would think that should be the least thing to worry about. But thats me -.-
Irishguy95  +   701d ago
Sesslar: "You sexist scum! How dare a man like titties?"
Conzul  +   701d ago
It's FEWER, FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you can count it on your fingers, use *fewer*
Fewer Boobs
Fewer Hobos
Fewer Trophies
Fewer Idiots

If you can't count it, use *less*
Less water
Less air
Less determination
Less anxiety
uuaschbaer  +   701d ago
You've identified the problem but presented an unsuitable solution. Fewer boobs implies fewer women, which isn't what was being advocated, or more amputees, which doesn't quite cut it either. A more fitting solution would be to demand smaller boobs, or––venturing into the abstract––less boobage.
knifefight  +   698d ago
The problem is the uncountable amount of the boobs -- their total mass -- not the NUMBER of boobs.

While it's nice that you keep proper usage of "fewer" versus "less" in mind in a world where so many people are tossing it aside, the word "less" in this case is correct.
Conzul  +   698d ago
By that logic if everyone keeps screwing their hubcaps on wrong it'll still become *right*.
GreenRanger  +   701d ago | Funny
Interesting Fact: Boobs outnumber women 2 to 1 in games.
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NegativeCreep427  +   701d ago
Or we could have less ball-busting women...
and stronger boobs.

*sheds a tear* That could be the most beautiful thing of all time.

Have hope. It can be a reality. It's really only the Marcy Darcys (i.e. hen-peckers that are as flat as a plank) of the world that complain about these things anyway.
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Heisenburger  +   701d ago
No Ma'am.....

Cuz of the Married with Children reference....

Psycho Dad!!
yeahokchief  +   701d ago
i want more games with big boobs.

i find all of these articles against big boobs to be discriminatory. so a girl cant have big boobs in the video games today? SUDEENLY IT'S WRONG TO HAVE BIG BOOBS?! says who.

big boobs for everyone!
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NegativeCreep427  +   701d ago
It is wrong and really disgusting to have big boobs, if you're a guy.

But don't say that to Reverend Burn...

Related video
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jetlian  +   701d ago
that video at 2:30 to 2:50 was to funny.Hes funny but I dont know how anybody can eat that many! Maybe he did the video at different times

On topic I dont like all the cleavage for that sorcery girl but a little bit is ok
yeahokchief  +   701d ago
you're disgusting.
daggertoes83  +   701d ago
That's why Lara croft is the best. Best of both worlds. Now that she found all those treasures she can get them done and be ready for the sequel.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   701d ago
When I see boobs I want to shove my face in them and appreciate them... whats sexist about that. I'm all for women not wearing bra's... and to take it further it would not hurt me one bit if everyone walked around topless. It's sexist that men can walk around topless but women can not... I demand equality.
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Lucreto  +   701d ago
Lara Croft is a good examle of a strong woman. Another is female commander shepard.
NegativeCreep427  +   701d ago
You're right. Lara Croft is the great exception to this rule.
She is strong, intelligent, tenacious, and beautiful. She also doesn't appear to be a bimbo like most women are.

But if Lara Croft were real, she would still be considered unacceptable and be blasted by most of the staunch, chauvinistic "feminists" of the world. Why? It's because to be taken seriously by most feminists, women have to be as plain and as unattractive as most feminists are.
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illtornworld  +   701d ago
I honestly dont see the big deal with it, in Dragons Crowns case especially its a form of art, and the fact it became such a big deal with Kotaku just goes to show they dont have anything better to write about, its like theyre running out of ideas to bash developers. Thats why games have been suckish, developers dont have creative freedoms like they used to, they are also scarred to death of lawsuits etc. Which in movies doesnt some focus on womens appearance? But thats my opinion. And i bet noone thought for a second hey this fits with the art style its supposed to stand out, Or Kotaku is peed its only on playststion 3/Vita, kinda sad if you ask me, i just hope the Art dude doesnt get fired, he said nor did anything wrong.
uuaschbaer  +   701d ago
Oh you people and your communities... There is no "we" in gaming; if you want boobs, call for boobs, if you want stronger women, call for those, there is really no reason to tell other people what they should ask for.
Xer0_SiN  +   701d ago
thats just a front of an excuse. the real ones complaining is the ones that dont have a ps3 or psv. i mean who doesnt like titties? even females like titties. HELLO?!?
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TuxedoMoon  +   701d ago
Who said girls with big boobs aren't strong? The DOA girls, if I recall correctly, have never SUBMITTED to any man. Each of them is pretty independent. It's alright for Wonder Woman to have huge melons and show it off, but bad when a character with less of a history (particularly DOA girls) it is disgusting.

Boobs isn't the problem at all, it's the history of the character; their story. If the girl is just there to be a man's trophy, I can understand why people see that as a problem. But when a strong character like Bayonetta comes along and shows off her sexiness...it's bad. Samus does it too with her Zerosuit. Strong girls can be sexy. It shows how confident they are in themselves (as long as they don't put themselves out like a Blockbuster game).

Character attractiveness is pretty equal all around. There are girls out there that like the grizzly bear men of Gears or the pretty boys of a Jrpg. People want to play as attractive characters. Guy characters do have a lot of exaggerated features too. Marvel and DC heros have muscles all over the place and wear skin tight suits. Why hasn't anyone complained about Power Girl or Psylock (old school)?
Inception  +   701d ago
Definitely agree with you. That's the bias from western journalist. They're complaining why manga/anime/video games from japan always have girls with big melons. It's like, they want to underline only japanese people did this and because japanese people are super f*kin pervert 14 old year boys. It's no wonder why some japanese people never like the attitude from western journalist.

Also, before complaining, this western journalist don't look to their own environment when their movies/comics/video games also have an agenda to push women with big tits. Lara croft, elizabeth from bioshock infinite, triss merigold from the witcher 2, jean grey, spider-woman, she-hulk, vampirella, etc etc also had big melons with skin tight suit / less clothing that show their naked skin. But what? they all got free-pass from western journalist :(
FlyingFoxy  +   701d ago
Sega gave Rouge big boobs and she is strong.

This aint the end of it (at least on PC) when Oculus Rift comes out expect many hentai games and other games that have ladies with big boobs.
Sketchy_Galore  +   701d ago
This is exactly what irritates me about people who see old design of Lara Croft as a disgusting offence against women. As if being buxom and sexually attractive completely negates her intelligence and strength. Most people who get so up in arms about this kind of stuff just need to understand that it's possible for some of us to find a woman sexually attractive,,,AND respect her as a human being at the same time. Just because I enjoy looking at a woman's boobs that doesn't mean I can't also appreciate anything else about her.
XishikiX  +   701d ago
You can have strong characters and still be pandering (traditional motoko kusanagi is a good example of this), male or female. I think the issue for a lot of people (not me idc) is more of characters being pandered to a male audience.

If someone was to argure that a lot of the characters are there to represent big breasted females and not pander to a widely male audience. I would say that's BS. They are absolutely there to pander to the male audience.

Not that that's always bad. Girls have their things that are pandered for their audience as well (not necessarily in videogames).
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Sketchy_Galore  +   701d ago
but I still don't get what's so wrong about 'pandering' to my love of watching boobs jiggle if those boobs are attached to a strong character.
Games also pander to my desire to experience dangerous situations safely by putting in action scenes and gunfights. Does that in any way harm women by turning the female lead into nothing more than a puppet for my sick adrenaline kicks?
Games also pander to my desire to experience an emotional journey by putting in characters I can relate to and putting them in some kind of peril. Does that harm women by turning the female lead into nothing more than a way to vicariously experience emotions?
I could go on but I'll have mercy. I will just ask why, if none of these other things take away from a strong, intelligent female character, why does the fact that I also like to look at a sexually attractive physique somehow mean I can't view a woman as anything more than some puppet for my sick fantasies?
XishikiX  +   701d ago
I didn't say there's anything wrong with pandering. (Since I listed Motoko, which is one of the best female leads ever imo).

The thing I don't agree with people denying that they're being pandered too. When they obviously are.

Pandering can take away from things when it's out of place with the story/setting because it forces something in there that's inconsistent with the universe.

Or it can enhance it when the whole purpose is and obsurd world, or other variations.
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T2  +   701d ago
Stop objectifying imaginary women you are a bad man lol
Sketchy_Galore  +   701d ago
Fair enough. Sorry I just figured you were trying to take away my precious boobies and got a little defensive. You're right about it taking away from the experience if it feels out of place. I don't want the characters from Journey redesigned with huge racks or anything. Joecanada makes a fair point too though. I am a very very bad man.
TheCagyDies  +   701d ago
Uncharted's Chloe and Elena are some a good examples
MilkMan  +   701d ago
Can we have both?
Id vote for that.
Kratoscar2008  +   701d ago
Agree as long as the character is well written who cares she was blessed with Watermelons?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   701d ago
More boobs and stronger women. Win Win situation for everyone.
lizard81288  +   701d ago
What about less women and stronger boobs?....
ExCest  +   700d ago
Well if we had stronger boobs, the world would be run by them.

It's not good for a world to be run by idiots.
CC-Tron  +   701d ago
Why does a woman have to be strong? Capable yes strong no.
Kos-Mos  +   701d ago
This is stupid. 99% of men out there likes big boobs. This is a fact, and I dare people to comment otherwise.
Inception  +   701d ago
Don't really understand why there's a lot of ignorant people on this day. Two or three days ago there's a news that some people got mad on PSblog because Dragon's Crown price is $50. They think because the graphic are 2D, than Atlus must give a very low price for Dragon's Crown just like those iphone crap. And now, we have people like jason schreirer from joketaku who's bitching why the sorcerers in Dragon's Crown got big melons and insult people who draw the arts & like it are '14 year old boys / pedophile' -_-

But, in some way i'm glad Dragon's Crown had this attention. Hopefully, gamer still buy this game even some crazy feminist trying to bring it down :(
radecGaming  +   701d ago
hahaha perv these days.
Tainted Gene  +   701d ago
Who else "googled" Dragon Crown
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Sideras  +   701d ago
FFS, the human body has been worshiped since fucking antiquity and suddenly it's a fucking problem. Are the "white knights" gay? I mean they never complain when strong men with six packs are the protagonist?
Not going to hold their sexuality against them, but please let off I want to see appealing women, wheter in real life or in games, where the fuck are we living anyways, some fundamentalist kingdom in the middle east?
ado908  +   701d ago
What straight dude complains about such a thing. There are either two kinds of people that are against big boobies. People with small boobs or other species >.>
Bathyj  +   700d ago
As Majiebeast said in another article

"Okay all the white knight game journalists out there, here is your strong female protagonist."

in regards to Jodie Holmes
DivineAssault  +   700d ago
Blah blah blah.. I dont pay attention to ppl who cry about stupid crap like that.. So shes got huge tits, whats the problem?!?! I dont complain when im at the mall & i see a broad with massive jugs walking around with a revealing shirt... Matter of fact, i do a double take because i love breasts!

This sorceress should share some of her blessings with the poor little elf.. Shes hurting lol
erikthegman  +   700d ago
I don't care about big big boobs. I'll take a fat ass any day of the week
fsfsxii  +   700d ago
People like making fuss about stupid things.
The chick has big tits, whats the problem??!! Its also a game, people, grow up -__-
WhyWai88  +   699d ago
People somehow feel they are mature by trashing games as immature. u know, bully mentality...
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