How can Nintendo turn around its Wii U Virtual Console service?

GameZone writes, "If there's one thing that Nintendo feels comfortable relying on time and time again, it's their older game library. Now, while we won't see the company do something ideal, like releasing its classics on the iOS front, they're trying to capitalize in another way, by re-releasing some of these classics on the 3DS and Wii U. The 3DS is doing just fine with NES and Game Boy releases, but the Wii U still has yet to find its footing, with only a few select titles available at the moment, like Punch-Out!! and Kirby's Adventure."

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AO1JMM1936d ago

Turn around? The Virtual Console on Wii U was just released.

NBT911936d ago

Doesn't matter. Seems anything Nintendo do this gen is deemed a failure.

PopRocks3591936d ago

I think the recent update is the first thing in years that I haven't seen blind hate-filled comments on. But the toss up is it really didn't receive a great deal of buzz here.

PopRocks3591936d ago

Um... release games on a timely schedule? You're aware this launched this week, right?

Neonridr1936d ago

LOL, what kind of trolling article is this? Like the above posters said, the Virtual Console just released. While I wish there may have been a few more games available (since I already had Punch Out, F-Zero, Balloon Fight and Kirby from the $0.30 promotion), other games will come. I have heard about GBA and N64 games coming, but hopefully we see all the same systems available (Master System, Genesis, Turbo Graphix 16, etc) down the road. Plus eventually Gamecube games would be a huge bonus.

josephayal1936d ago

The Virtual Console is Perfect

jcnba281936d ago

What a stupid article LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.