To pre-order Battlefield 4 or not to pre-order?

Should you pre-order Battlefield 4 at a point where we know nothing about its multiplayer?

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SolidStoner1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

on witch platform?

No. no... I will wait and see how the real gameplay looks and then I figure out on which platform to buy...

meanwhile this game will kick ass, and we know it! its just those times when you know almost nothing about that game.. how can we pre-order something we dont know much about it..

Jaqen_Hghar1974d ago

Not. Next question. A man is tired of scripted pretty shooters from EA and HEAVILY scripted shooters from Activision. A man doesn't like online MP other than some unique games like GoW and Journey. A man must save for PS4.

RockmanII71974d ago

So, uh, what was the question again?

Rearden1974d ago

A man must not ask questions...

vickers5001974d ago

A man might pre-order BF3 if he sees some gameplay footage of the multiplayer. A man really liked BF3 premium, and a man is looking forward to seeing how BF4 will expand upon BF3.

But a man will wait for the ps4 version before he decides to buy or pre-order.

Flavor1974d ago

A man with half a brain in his skull knows that BF4 is going to be more of the same. And get ready to pay for it twice with the premium screwjob.

liquidhalos1974d ago

Yeah this whole "a man" bullshit stopped being funny a long time ago, secondly that sentence was a statement and not a question.

Jaqen_Hghar1974d ago

A man was answering the question and a man must live up to his name.

Sandmano1974d ago

Pre-ordered the premium of origin already.

Rearden1974d ago

BF4 Premium is not officially available yet.

Sandmano1974d ago

sorry I meant the deluxe edition.

AO1JMM1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Same here. I preordered the Digital Deluxe version off of Origin. Beta access was the reason why I preordered though.

Sandmano1973d ago

Cool. But dont you get beta access if your premium? Im assuming you are :P I got it for beta and DLC too...

Supermax1974d ago

Get it 32 on 32 for next gen

Rearden1974d ago

Should be totally possible considering how powerful the PS4 is. Xbox 720 should be very similar, spec wise.

GamerzElite1974d ago

I am confused about pre order! I wanna play this game on next gen console but no details about next gen version and release date of consoles.

guitarded771974d ago

Yeah, I'm waiting until all the details are out. I'll probably get it for PS4 once the confirm, and open up pre-orders for it.

nitrogav1974d ago

Yep I'm not pre ordering until their man enough to say it's coming out on ps4 . Everybody knows ps4 exists yet dice won't come out with it ? . Why ? . Battlefield 3 as been the best game for me this gen on ps3 . I don't think battlefield 4 will be much different on ps3 but totally massively different on ps4 . Only want it on ps4 .

kassler1974d ago

They are waiting for the Nextbox announcement, or E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.