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Pizza Hut Becomes Official Pizza Chain of Xbox LIVE; Xbox Becomes Official Gaming Console of Fatties

Hardcore Gamer: Who the hell are you kidding with the Kinect functionality, Pizza Hut? Nobody using this is going to own a Kinect, because those games involve enough physical activity to make their hearts explode and they'd become offended when Star Wars Kinect kept misidentifying them as a small moon. (Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE)

GalacticEmpire  +   729d ago
"Xbox Becomes Official Gaming Console of Fatties"


jimbobwahey  +   727d ago
It's funny alright, but more because of how laughably pathetic the anti-Xbox brigade is becoming with each passing day.

I mean really, an article to call Xbox gamers fat? I'd be embarrassed, if I were you.
MaxXAttaxX  +   727d ago
lol relax, I'm sure it was a joke. No need to be so defensive.
Getting offended by the word "fatties" and assuming the article was posted by an "anti-Xbox brigade" is ridiculous.
I mean, how do you report on these news in the first place without getting a chuckle out of it :P
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Zezo  +   727d ago
**Pizza in the Morning, Evening and Supper Time (100G): Order one pizza between 11 AM and 12 PM, between 12 PM and 6 PM, and between 6 PM and 11 PM in one day.**

haha hopefully, the Krispy Kreme Pazzos Pizzas DLC will be coming soon.
JoGam  +   727d ago
@ Max,........ Maybe is got upset because he's overweight.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   727d ago
It is a joke and yeah its humorous but the anti-Xbox brigade is no laughing matter and is very real on this site.


A simple opinion piece gone wrong on N4G. The usual Sony troll puppet gets a well said for his ignorance, and others follow behind him like usual.

If that's not Anti- Xbox Brigade than I don't know what is.

I agree with @Jim
etownone  +   727d ago

You picked a great image , ha ha
aviator189  +   729d ago
I just see the app as another avenue for ordering the pizza. It won't really benefit me, but I don't see any harm coming out of it, just another alternative way of ordering.

And kinect isn't required to use it, so I don't understand why the author is complaining about that.
NBT91  +   727d ago
Exactly. iPhone has a Pizza Hut app, does that make it the official phone for fatties?

It's a light hearted joke article... Maybe taken a little too far with that title though.
On the plus side the app has voice recognition, sweet. I can tell my XBOX to give me a pizza... As long as I pay £30 a year for the privilege of course =P.
JoGam  +   727d ago
Hold up.... Are you saying the app isn't free to use? I must pay to use the app, pay pizza hut, and tip the driver? Man if i gotta pay to use the app my pizza better be free or me and the delivery man gonna have a problem.
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edonus  +   727d ago
Its called poison. The "hardcore" gamer market has been so poisoned to hate kinect no matter what. Kinect can save lives move millions of units and software be copied by its competition and still they will attack it.
First thing theyll say is there is no critically acclaimed games for it well thats because its reviewed by them the people that want so badly to hate it. The software in general has sold really well. The funny thing is the stuff that sells the worst is stuff meant specifically for the core gamers. This means they havent even tried it.

Its ok though kinect won, its standard on both systems going in to the new gen and has been an overwhelming success...(that is of course in the real world though).
Imalwaysright  +   727d ago
Poison... Are you saying that anyone that is a hardcore gamer can't make his/her own decisions and form his/her own opinions?

Real world? Let me tell you something about the real world: Sony keeps selling more consoles than MS despite their gimmick kinect.
edonus  +   727d ago
No.... what I am saying is anyone whose opinions are based off of lies and misinformation and are happy to just accept those views and support them are poisoned so their opinions dont matter.

Real world its not even official that Ps3 sold more consoles than the 360.

And even if it did the baulk difference would come from the weakest of all the major 3 markets while the 360 kills the Ps3 in the strongest of the 3 major markets and the 360 still sold more software. In the real world there are more factors to success than one cherry picked statistic (that again isnt even official).

And you are another fanboy that doesnt know what a gimmick is. Thats just a poison word they pumped in to you a while ago and you just cant shake the addiction.
Imalwaysright  +   727d ago
Oh I get it now. You are the owner of the truth and your opinion is law. Anyone that criticizes your guimmick in negative way is a fanboy that is part of a conspiracy to bring your piece of plastic down. Talk about being delusional.

I didn't say that PS3 outsold the 360. I said that Sony is selling more consoles than MS despite their guimmick and has been doing so for a long time, in the real world that is, not the one you live in.

Also don't pretend that you know me. I know very well what a guimmick and kinect is the very definition of guimmick and you know it. It doesn't improve the gaming experience in any way (you own it, so you know its true) on the contrary, makes it worst with its innacuracy and latency times.... or are these lies too? I'll stop calling kinect a guimmick the day I'll be able to play Halo or GeOW with it. Until then kinect will forever be known as Mr Guimmick.
edonus  +   727d ago
I dont argue opinions, I only argue in measurable facts. Like I said the poison is making opinions based off of lies and misinformation you have accepted.

And your comment shows you are pumped full of poison. Not only do I own kinect I am an expert at using it. Everything you said about it is completely wrong. I can show you videos of kinect being fast and accurate, I can give you a bunch of examples of kinect enhancing games or doing things controllers cant but it would take to long and your poison wont let you acknowledge it anyway. So yes those are lies too. ANd kinect isnt meant to play Gears or Halo those games are perfected for controllers kinect and all motion controlled devices need their own games that use what they do not try to shoehorn or make an alternative to something that work perfect already. I wouldnt want to play Halo the way it is with Kinect.

Now... all because kinect can work perfectly in the right hands doesnt mean you have to like it but not liking it based off of things that can be proven incorrect is poison. Here a little factoid, kinect camera runs at 30fps (meaning it reads your position 30 times every second) this process through 360 and creates and action. Optimized games like Kinect Star Wars, Fruit Ninja, Kinect Sports 2 just to name a few run only 2 frames per second behind. There a whole big thing that goes into this and I can even explain why some people have a hard time using kinect (its actually just rhythm). And that is with the current kinect and only using 1 of the 3 data streams. To compare MOVE runs 1 frame behind.

And as for gimmicks, gimmicks are only gimmicks until they reach success and/or mass appeal then it becomes a feature. For instance Rumble in controllers was a gimmick when the N64 was using the rumble pack, now its standard in just about every controller making it a feature, just like analog sticks and wireless controllers all once gimmicks now standard. Kinect represents the era of 3d cameras. Kinect sold millions of units and software, so it has success and mass appeal even if you arent part of that mass. And MS is coming with Kinect 2 and Sony has there 3d camera (kinect type thing) so it is now standard. Thus it is no longer a gimmick.

A gimmick would be share button, or Illumiroom, or touchscreen controller or touch pad controller. See the difference these things are new and unproven, if from now on we start seeing share buttons or programs in our consoles and devices it wont be a gimmick anymore. If we start getting a lot of second screen touchscreen integration and people use it that wont be a gimmick anymore.
rainslacker  +   726d ago
First of all...a gimmick is always a gimmick. Doesn't matter if it has widespread appeal or not. Gimmicks become "Features" when they are announced, not later once people becoming accepting of it. Everything you listed as new, is or is going to be considered and listed as a feature. Share button(feature promoted heavily at the reveal), touchscreen game-pad(feature listed on the Wii U/Vita/DS box), Illumiroom(not implemented for consumers yet, but if it's included, have no doubt it will be featured heavily).

It's funny you talk of how great the Kinect is. When I was taking a class on game testing, one of the classes we had access to the Kinect and played 4 separate games(Kinect Sports being one) to find the bugs in them in a 3 hour lab. Over 4 games we found collectively(the whole class) 42 bugs. Some related to software, but most related to the shortcomings of the Kinect itself. Things like if someone is wearing black leather it can't track their whole body, lag on input(much more than 2 frames), inability to handle if two people overlap each other, somewhat jumpy tracking in a dark room, improper tracking of subtle movements. If you want I can go back and look up the bug list for you and list all the hardware related ones. They were pretty glaring, and I can tell you the entire class could be considered gamers learning to be developers, and for the most part understood what was going on much better than you do.

I will note that the software related ones were minor, as they were released games, and mostly nitpicking. However the hardware related bugs were all because the technology isn't advanced enough to be useful for most games. It is good in certain applications, but even you admitted in another post a while back that Kinect style games are only good for short durations of time. Being that we are all gamers who likely do game for more than 15-30 minutes at a time, how is it the media is poisoning us against motion controls? It seems to me that most people, including myself, can see that Kinect is not suitable to our wants and needs.

This whole "poisoning" you speak of isn't even limited to Kinect. It seems to be common among all motion control scenarios. We don't share your opinion. We aren't being poisoned by the media. We either have had experience with the device, or we have our own thoughts on how motion controls are relevant to us. To me it doesn't really matter if little Timmy and his sister have a great time whacking a red ball around. If I can't enjoy a game, and the direct reason I can't is sub-par implementation of a control scheme, then I will blame the control scheme.

We aren't spreading FUD to try and poison anything. We are giving our personal experiences or opinions on the technology, and it's implementation. Stop saying we're being poisoned, and see that some of us who regurgitate these disscenting opinions you don't like, actually do so because we'd rather see the tech improve and become meaningful.
edonus  +   726d ago
I dont follow your explanation of a gimmick it really makes no sense. Your logic sounds like you agree that kinect is a feature and not a gimmick.

As for your class I never said their arent any bugs in any kinect games, there are bugs in the majority of games you get these days and like you said most off them are nitpicking.

I said optimized kinect runs at 2 frames behind 30 and as I said before the 360 isnt powerful enough to run all 3 data streams at once. Its not really kinect but I can understand why people would be mistaken in general. Kinect Star Wars, Steel Battalion, Fruit Ninja and Fable the journey are optimized.
Your shortcomings of kinect itself is poison. Like the inability to handle 2 people is wrong, each person has a play area if their skeletons are crossing they are causing the problem by not staying in their play area. This happens in skeletal tracking heavy games. Games that do the augmented reality use more of the rgb data so people crossing isnt an issue. Here is a tip about playing kinect. This may sound corny but you are the controller. Kinect is looking at you and how you move to create an action, your roll is making sure it sees what you want it to see.

The kinect is jumpy in darkrooms stuff is bull. Kinect actually works better in dark rooms the worst conditions for kinect to operate in is really sunny conditions because the sun gives off Infrared light rays that can through off tracking so what you are saying is the complete opposite of the truth. And I have heard that kinect gets thrown off or has issues with dark leather (clothes, people) but it was always said by some blogger or blatantly bias source. I have put on a black leather coat in front kinect and played games with no issue. This is one of those internet distortions or poison as I like to call it that got traction because of those who just wanted so badly to believe kinect was useless. The only time I ever heard of black leather having any effects with infrared light is specially treated leather for welders that absorbed the radiation or something like that, and even then the light still has to land and that would be transmitted and tracked.

And I have always said kinectand motion gaming in general need to develop their own niches in genres or create new ones. I loved Rise Of Nightmares and Kinect Star Wars but those are very energy intense games, Star Wars tried to break up the action sections with lots of cuts (and people complained about that) and it was still a very tiring experience. i could see a game like Heavy Rain used with kinect with maybe a click and point hand gestures voice control system and then like some real heavy intense parts like maybe chasing someone or running away or fighting, or maybe sneaking around. I see games playing like life simulators. And the other games would be like real sports or games like a Tron game were you compete in the GAMES OF TRON like the light cycles and the different disc throwing floor shattering games. Throw in some tank battles, dogfights just really intense quick increments of action.

Its not about sharing my opinion. I say all the time all because kinect works fine doesnt mean people have to like. But dont try to justify your bias with lies and propaganda. If people were actually giving constructive criticism to kinect we would be way ahead of where we are now. I have a bunch of things I think kinect should work on but most critiques are either "it just sucks, or the lies like it doesnt work in the dark, or its not accurate, or it cant track people in black leather body suits.
Imalwaysright  +   726d ago
Kinect is alongside PS eye the worst control scheme in the gaming industry right now. Who are you trying to fool? Kinect does have accuracy and latency problems reason why you don't see core games being made for it and the software that is indeed made for it are simplified versions of core games. Fact is besides some dance games there is NOTHING that the regular 360 controller wouldn't do 100 times better and that is why the kinect is a gimmick.
rainslacker  +   726d ago
1. a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic
2. something offered as a special attraction

Currently Kinect may not be considered a feature, but it fits the definition. That doesn't preclude it from being a gimmick. I think the word your looking for is "Standard". Things become standard after a while when they become common.

Yes, all retail games have bugs in them. Half of our labs were made up of taking retail games and finding the bugs in them. It usually took less than an hour to find the 20 bugs required for the labs. Even top notch games. I did Uncharted and found 10 bugs in 15 minutes of the first level. All minor.

The shortcomings were all based on my experience. Kinect hadn't even been out a year when we did this. On subsequent uses of the device, I remained open to seeing if implementation had improved. In some cases(Fable), I did find it somewhat enjoyable for a while, but nothing I would sink hours into.

Some of your counter-arguments

"Like the inability to handle 2 people is wrong"

I never said it couldn't handle two people. Play areas aren't always easy to set up. You need quite a bit of room for two people. The room we tested in didn't have a large play area. There are plenty of people that don't have large play areas, say like a bedroom or a small, cluttered apartment. When we played often times we would encroach on the other persons play area, and if we crossed over it wouldn't work. Sometimes if we even got close our skeletons would switch joints to the other person causing problems in the software.

"The kinect is jumpy in darkrooms stuff is bull. Kinect actually works better in dark rooms"

No, it's been my observation that in a room only lit by the TV, the tracking was really jumpy. We played in a lit and dark room with no direct sunlight. While testing we covered the bases and compared different operating conditions using the same scenarios to determine what the problem was. A dark room caused jumpy tracking.

"kinect gets thrown off or has issues with dark leather (clothes, people) but it was always said by some blogger or blatantly bias source."

This is most certainly true and have never read this on the internet. One of the students was wearing black leather pants and it couldn't properly set up his skeleton. We tested this when I put on my black leather coat, and my skeleton ended up looking like a stumped person. The Kinect simply couldn't make out that part of the body covered by black leather.
rainslacker  +   726d ago
The games you listed do have their place in the overall industry, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying those games, or even companies catering to the people that enjoy them. However the gist of your argument is that traditionally controlled and motion controlled games will bridge some sort of gap which will make them become ubiquitous and accepted by the majority.

When you claim that we are being poisoned, you make the assumption that we are unable to formulate our own opinions, and dismiss our arguments with nothing more than "you're wrong, you're all just sheep parroting what the media tells us."

I'm not trying to justify anything. I have written Kinect API's for some of my projects, and I am well aware of what the limitations of the device are. Software implementation is hindered because of this, and lots of workarounds are needed just to make a viable control scheme that doesn't hinder game play.

I won't deny that the Kinect works fine under certain scenarios. To become standard though, it has to work in a majority of them. We shouldn't have to change our game playing habits in order to make Kinect standard. It really isn't up to us to do that. It's up to MS to make it work under a majority of scenarios, so we are molded into a new way of thinking when it comes to how we play. No motion control implementation has done this so far. Motion controls are a gimmick to sell consoles, and majorly cater to those that find traditional controls a barrier to entry. Almost every game plays better with traditional controls when available unless they're built around MC. This doesn't bode well for bringing the two together.

Constructively, the technology overall needs to get better if it wants to gain long-term mainstream acceptance Kinect 2.0 may help this. Games have to be made which show it's potential, and they have to use the kind of implementation that isn't just some distraction, otherwise they will just end up collecting dust.
Bowzabub  +   729d ago
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TemplarDante  +   727d ago
What a shame..
Thanks for feeding the gamer stereotype, MSFT...
CommonSenseGamer  +   727d ago
”Fatties”. Was that insult really warranted in the title.

Honestly, too much creative license on this site.
Ravenor  +   727d ago
I didn't know enjoying a pizza every once in awhile made you a fatty, or does the author know the eating habits of everyone who might use this?

Hell, who even orders from Pizza Hut?
just_jeff  +   727d ago
by "this site" I hope you mean hardcoregamer.com cause N4G is site that just collects the news stories and sites the source. Then the visitors of this site, N4G.com, dump the story or not.
talisker  +   727d ago
Breaking news: Rockstar to implement ordering weed through GTA V.
Conquerbeard  +   727d ago
If only.
b_one  +   727d ago
Live GOLD needed :>
Evil_Ryu  +   727d ago
Fanboys are getting more pathetic by the day
iNFAMOUZ1  +   727d ago
wow, this site has become immature as the sony fanboys
Shinox  +   727d ago
Lose some Weight !
ps3_pwns   727d ago | Trolling | show
LoveOfTheGame  +   727d ago

Irony: Calling out people to be fat, pimpled faced, and in their mom's basement while eating candy, putting on acne cream, and yelling at mom to bring you something to drink.

OT: This is a little immature, but still a little funny.
just_jeff  +   727d ago
the "site" is hardcoregamer.com. yes, the title of the article is a little "fanboyish" but I'm sure it was a joke... they knew exactly what they were doing when they titled that article.
godofboobees  +   727d ago
MasterCornholio  +   727d ago
Wow I wonder if you need a monthly subscription to order pizza?

Knowing Microsoft its definitely possible.


Motorola RAZR i
NateCole  +   727d ago
its an option. i dont see the harm in having options.
Max-Zorin  +   727d ago
Who goes to Pizza Hut? It's all about Dominos and Hungry Howies.
Actually it's all about Papa John's. I've used so many 50% off codes from them and got tons of food for $20.
ps3_pwns  +   727d ago
its about litte ceasers for on the cheap pizza, dominos for on the cheap but variety 2 medium pizzas for 5.99.

papa johns for that gourmet pizza taste its more expensive but u get a free pizza with 25 points or sometimes buy a pizza and get on free the next time or 10 dollar any pizza deal. i only know so much about pizza because i used to be a xbox 36o fatty he gave away my rights and payed 60 for online. but now i changed to the true gamer. the playstation/nintendo gamer. last time i had pizza was 4 months ago. already saving money for not paying for live and for not buying pizza and mountain dew lol.
Summons75  +   727d ago
Lol please, if its popular and takes off it won't be long until pps3 has something like it. Happened with Netflix too.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   727d ago
Massive amounts of butthurt in this comment section... Just chill dudes.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   727d ago
Great marketing I guess. Pizza hut is famous worldwide so they are partnering with not only media services but also fast food chains.
Jek_Porkins  +   727d ago
Makes sense, gamer's are synonymous with eating pizza and drinking some Mountain Dew! Gimmie that stuffed crust pizza!
Neko_Mega  +   727d ago
^ Dr. Pepper with my.
LoveOfTheGame  +   727d ago
Just ordered stuff crust pizza with Dr. Pepper last night with this app. Coincidence or you two watching me?
yeahokchief  +   727d ago
Oh my god this is hilarious.

I've never been so glad to have stuck with Sony.

At least you got pizza?
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edonus  +   727d ago
next year when sony has for their Kinect copycat it will become the greatest thing since the invention of pizza itself.

You sony fanboys are to predictable.
RuleofOne343  +   727d ago
Some will laugh at this articles title,
but in the end it going to get people to use it weather they be big or skinny the lure of convinces is what will make this popular & draw other stores to create apps alike. Ultimately every one win.

For those that think i lie, BD Swapping out disc ring any bells.
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josephayal  +   727d ago
it's incredibly convenient:
1.Pause movie
2.Order pizza with troll toppings
3.Resume movie

Related image(s)
Picnic  +   727d ago
There's an utter age and perceived class related discrimination about eating habits.

Pizzas have a long history in Italy and America. They are part of 'pop culture' like the hamburger. When you go to Pizza Hut you support this tradition. They are very tasty and you can get low fat pizzas if you prefer (if you want something that tastes more like Pizza Express). Or just get the pizza that you really want in a decent size.

Many overweight people are older people. It's not just that they're overweight - some have a very casual 'convenience' attitude to food. In turn, some of their children do too. But that's primarily because of supermarket ready meals, relatively bottom of the barrel concoctions. By comparison, Pizza Hut actually gives you proper food. The much higher price and the taste of Pizza Hut tells you this.

It is the everyday supermarket convenience food and the kebab shop that deserves the label of encouraging fatness. Not a treat at Pizza Hut which, in its vegetarian options, is merely a bread base in oil, cheese and tomato.
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Cherchez La Ghost  +   727d ago
"Fatties"?! Really?! Very disrespectful title.
BigStef71  +   727d ago
Stuffed crust pizza is the shit from Pizza Hut. Do you guys remember this classic ps1 Pizza Hut promotion?
Martywren  +   727d ago
lol i remember those ads, sony need too go back too that kind of advertising.
devilhunterx  +   727d ago
But the constant disc changing will keep them in shape.
Martywren  +   727d ago
I find this article funny, people take things way too seriously also I remember theres a app for dominos for the ps3 i think.
Morgue  +   727d ago
Pizza Hut is the worst. Along with Little Skeezers, Papa Johns and Doninos. I'd rather buy a Digorno or go get a slice down the street.
TheSaint  +   726d ago
Mmm, pizza...... Or do I need gold to use it??

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