May 2013 PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Video Game Release Dates in North America and Europe

Taking a look ahead to the month of May, we have to thank Velocity (don’t call it HD) Ultra. If it wasn’t for FuturLab’s upcoming title, there wouldn’t be a single confirmed May PlayStation Vita release in North America at this point.

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TrendyGamers1973d ago

Hopefully the Vita gets some more games as the month rolls along.

Snookies121973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

The people disagreeing with you are fail trolls lol.

Regardless, I hope some of the Japanese Vita games make it over here soon (if at all).

b_one1972d ago

if you want JP games try SS, played demo for 8h ;>

knifefight1973d ago

How to people disagree with hoping a system gets some support? Man, people are so antagonistic these days.

PirateThom1973d ago

Soul Sacrifice paid off and pre-ordered.

Hicken1973d ago

It's a shame that I've gotta work Tuesday(the GameStop where I've got it reserved is in the same plaza as the store I work in), but I'll just go to work early so I can play the hell out of it.

boybato1972d ago

what game is that on the thumbnail photo?

Evildoomnerd1972d ago

Its Resident Evil: Revelations HD.

boybato1972d ago

Thanks. Never just known that RE:R has some major cleavage. lol

DEATHxTHExKIDx1972d ago

I already know what im getting on PS3 for the rest of the year.
The Last of US
Tales of Xilla
KH1.5 HD Remix

LordHiggens1972d ago

What about Beyond Two Souls brah? No love brah?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1972d ago

Beyond two souls looks interesting enough I will give it that. Im just not sure its my type of game. But I wont rlly know how I feel about it till I try it.

Inception1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

No love for Dragon's Crown? Disgaea Dimension 2? The Guided Fate Paradox?

TongkatAli1972d ago

I love me those new ips.