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Soul Sacrifice: A Killer App for PlayStation Vita? Really?

The PlayStation Vita did not stride gloriously and manfully onto the marketplace, massive gonads a-dangle, as eager customers followed it down the street throwing money in its wake. Did it ride the sleigh of success into the stratosphere, pulled by golden reindeer that crap gold nuggets and rubies the size of grapefruits? It did not. Presumably because of the ghastly strain the latter would cause to the poor buggers’ anuses. (PS Vita, Soul Sacrifice)

Sandmano  +   546d ago
Yes it is.
-Mika-  +   545d ago
I don't know. SS is a niche game. I just don't see it being that killer app that will bring a huge boost of sales to the system. When next month NPD sales come through and if it in the top 5. I will honestly be surprised but I just don't see it happening. There has been no ads for this games at all. Sony is just sending this game out to die. Releasing a demo is just not enough to boost sales.
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Godchild1020  +   545d ago
I think as long as its in the top ten or number eleven of this month, its still good. Ni No Kuni is a niche title and it was number 11, I believe.

And I think if Soul Sacifice reached the top five of this month, in a week, it's more than a killer game/App for the Vita.

Edit: Word of mouth is just a strong as advertising. A lot of games that had barely any advertisement, went on to sell well over time due to Word of mouth.
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Natso  +   545d ago
Monster Hunter is a niche title, but no one seems to dispute the fact that it's a system seller.

I feel that people are saying this, just because it's the Vita.
Apollosupreme  +   545d ago
Not my cup of tea.
I get why people are excited about it. I've played the demo and it feels like a big budget, well constructed, well directed game but it's just not my tastes. I can see how people would be draw to this if you're a fan of the genre. The Vita need more games in every genre with this sort of production quality.
jek7  +   545d ago
well i think this game can be a system seller if properly advertised. i never played a game this good in the vita. and thats just the demo. i can't wait to buy this game!
guitarded77  +   545d ago
Wow... I agreed with -Mika-. I think I need to get my head checked. It is a niche title outside of Japan. Hopefully it will do well, but I don't see it moving many Vita units in the US. I could be wrong, but that's just how I see it. Doesn't mean it's not a good game, just the way it is.
DOMination-  +   545d ago
Yeah its a niche title for the west. Just like MH. People in EU/US are not going to buy a Vita for this game.

I dont think Sony owns an IP thats a true handheld system seller. Maybe GT if they can put a career mode in would work.

Nintendo on the other hand have Mario, MH, Mario Kart, Professor Layton.. Even weird stuff like Brain Training and Art Academy all games that made people randomly buy a DS.

If Sony doesnt have such an IP or is not capable of creating something (i think they are but would rather put resources into ps4) then they need to get third parties onboard. I think FFX will do well. The other ones i can think of is Elder Scrolls and GTA. These would be system sellers.
Conan-O-Brady  +   546d ago
Wow..... That was very something. OMG,SMH,LMAO.
sherimae2413  +   546d ago
well to me, it is ^_^
Shadowsteal  +   545d ago
It is to a LOT of people, I've been playing the Demo for HOURS.
miyamoto  +   545d ago
Good fer ya.

Gravity Rush was sure a killer app fer me. Nothing quite like it.

Let's play games not sales figures.
Games are more fun than sales figures, anyways.

Mabuhay! Play Away!
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sherimae2413  +   545d ago
well im waiting for kat's next game, i hope it will be announce this year ^_^
CEOSteveBallmer  +   542d ago
off topic. are you Filipino? or youre just refering to sherimae?
SegataSanshiro  +   545d ago
Thank you for your valuable comment.
Braid  +   545d ago
Actually, it is.

I've played the demo, the story and the atmosphere was... well, almost perfect.

I'm just thinking that it might be too dark for some people's tastes, from what I can tell it's a quite depressing story with seriously brutal writing. It's a gruesome dark fantasy, kind of like Dark/Demons Souls, with a clever presentation and an engaging flow of events.

I'll be picking it up when it comes out.
matrixman92  +   545d ago
do you think casual gamers care about story and atmosphere? All most people care about is if you can do sick 360 no scopez!! This will not make more people jump on board the vita IMO. If casuals cared about story or atmosphere at all, persona 4 golden would have been a vita seller. I have gotten over 50 hours out of it so far and I'm not anywhere close to being done. Its sad but majority of people just dont care about what really matters in games anymore.
Soldierone  +   545d ago
I think a lot of people care about shooters, so I agree with you there. Then again, why didn't everyone float over for Call of Duty?

At the same time Soul Sacrifice has a story, but the gameplay is really action oriented and easy to handle. You don't really have to search for anything and are constantly thrown into major battles, always doing something. So this should relate to casuals.

The issue is, casuals probably still find that too hard. So Sony needs really simplistic stupid games, along with shooters of the same caliber.
CommonSenseGamer  +   545d ago
Have you guys considered that these so called "casuals" do more than just play "simplistic stupid" games on their mobile devices? Maybe the Vita itself does not have wide enough appeal for casuals.
Soldierone  +   545d ago

I have a phone with access to all the games. They are simplistic stupid games, there is no avoiding it.

The good games phones offer are available on Vita. Plants Vs Zombies, Cut The Rope, Even Angry Birds to an extent. The "console quality" crap is even available through PS mini's and some even released as full games.....

Look at whats popular. Angry Birds, simplistic. Words with friends, simplistic. Farmville, stupid.

Yet the Vita can go from simplistic and stupid to Uncharted and Soul Sacrifice, and people still are not buying it. Thats why they need a better mix of shooters, and possibly bring more casual titles in some way. After all what is the PS Suite for anyways?
CommonSenseGamer  +   545d ago
You missed my point. Why should someone buy a Vita if its more than casual gaming they are after. What app support does the Vita have?

Its not just about the games. Its about a device that best fits in with their lifestyle. Just because your focus is games does not mean it is for the masses.
Hicken  +   545d ago
You're finally right about something: the Vita doesn't have much "casual" appeal. But you know what?

It's not supposed to.

Likewise, neither Soul Sacrifice nor Monster Hunter are games that really appeal to casual gamers. Your second comment SHOULD read:

"Why should someone buy a Vita if it's only casual gaming they are after?"

And the answer: they shouldn't. Sony has given them no reasons to, and that's been by design. I know it's been said, and you don't seem to listen, but I'll say it once more: the Vita isn't for casuals.

That said, if there's anything that's mainstream for a handheld- particularly in Japan- it's Monster Hunter. You can think of it as like a more core Angry Birds, in terms of "everybody's playing it." And Soul Sacrifice is in that same vein, sporting comparable depth, gameplay, quality, and so on.

It's a well-crafted game in the vein of one of the most popular handheld franchises out there, and it's exclusive to the Vita. Capcom crapped out (did you forget Capcom, themselves, actually said MH would be awesome on the Vita?) and Inafune stepped up.

Maybe it won't be the runaway success that Monster Hunter is. Maybe it won't be THE killer app for the Vita. But to deny it's got the potential to AT LEAST be a system seller is short sighted.

But then, given how you've viewed the Vita all this time, that's to be expected from you, honestly.
Braid  +   545d ago
Well, I care. I play games for the story, I like games that emphasizes on the story, like Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid. Gameplay is important as well but I sometimes can overlook the shortcomings. Bioshock Infinite, for example: that was some top-notch writing and presentation right there, but the gameplay is quite dull. I still played, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

I do agree with you though, majority of people don't care about the story anymore.
abzdine  +   545d ago
killer app maybe not, good game it definitely is!
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vikingland1  +   545d ago
To me it would be better on the PS3. Just too small of a screen on the Vita for this type of game. There is alot going on at one time. The game is good though.
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beakeroo1  +   545d ago
Hunter genre is better suited to handheld gaming than console.
Soldierone  +   545d ago
Geez, the Vita can't catch a break anywhere. Anything good it does is always downplayed by someone.....

"Vita can project games and let you actually jump into the action? LAME!" Lol I could see that story if it could do that.
Psychonaut  +   545d ago
Well, im playing on buying it for my PSVita. Also, I love my Vita, its a fun system, granted all my games are from the PSN so its a go anywhere handheld.
Dan_scruggs  +   545d ago
I'm more inclined to believe that Vita owners are looking for a savior. A game that will resurrect the ailing system and give it the recognition it deserves. I personally don't think this is gonna be it. If Uncharted, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and PlayStation All Stars couldn't help the system then a new IP like Soul Sacrifice wont do much to change things.

I think Vita is gonna suffer until Sony finally delivers on the promise of cross play for their major games. I always envisioned Vita ports of all the PS3 AAA titles but what we got were new lesser versions of their big brothers. Call of Duty Declassified could have turned things around but was so rushed and horrid it only served to damage the image of the handheld further. Why they didn't simply port Black Ops 2 directly (albeit with some added content) like they did PlayStation All Stars and Sly Cooper completely bewilders me. Vita has such huge potential but for some reason (probably the price and memory card ripoff debacle) the system just hasn't caught on. Sony wanted to sell the public on how powerful the system is but all the games seem like rushed knockoffs of their AAA counterparts.

All in all no single game will turn the system around. When the price comes down the sales will go up. Until then its just a waiting game.
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nix  +   545d ago
memory cards truly are expensive. otherwise i love the system. i love it so much i want every PS3 game on it so that i can play wherever i want.
Veneno  +   545d ago
I want PS2 classics on Vita more than ps3 games.
Psychonaut  +   536d ago
I am inclined to know you don't know what you're talking about since you don't have a vita. I own a vita, and I am not looking for some savior, (its not a religion.) its a portable gaming system. I bought it because.. shocker I play games on the go.

You don't have the system, so why talk about it like you do. Im incline to think you just like to spew your opinion as you feel it carries merit.
Satirical  +   545d ago
Played the demo and was largely unimpressed.
Hanso  +   545d ago
Played the demo already over 35 hours lol
nix  +   545d ago
what how did you manage... i probably played for like 5-6 hours.. then i deleted it... because i needed space to download new games.
Hanso  +   545d ago
i have a 16GB card so i have enough space^^
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isarai  +   545d ago
God these articles -_-
GdaTyler  +   545d ago
Soul Sacrifice is awesome...
r21  +   545d ago
I dont get this article...begins with a weird intro and just ends it to promote SS? Well....ok, good move then. SS is awesome.
Kingthrash360  +   545d ago
'tard article......
SS is system seller if MH is.
oh also it should get demo of the year, its basically a game. cant wait to play full version.
trenso1  +   545d ago
for me it is ive been watching a lot of videos on the spells and things for it, i want a vita just for this game
DivineAssault  +   545d ago
People are going to hate on this game.. Thats just the way it is & most dont understand that there was a limited budget & time frame to release it.. It still sold well enough in japan so im almost 100% sure there will be a sequel with bigger budgets & a more refined experience than this first one.. I think they did a FANTASTIC job with this game & im buying it.. But people want a 10/10 right off the bat with a new IP for a system that doesnt even have a massive install base..

I will support this game & buy it day 1.. I love the idea of a brutally gorey monster hunter type game with magic.. The only problem i have with the game is that there isnt any towns to explore & its not more of an open world... HOWEVER, im sure things like that will be addressed in the future when a sequel is made..
sherimae2413  +   545d ago
well im i wouldnt be surprised if this game got some low review scores from various sites.. because most of them will almost compare this to MH....

just dont worry the japan sales alone is enough to warrant a sequel the sales for other regions will be just an added bonus ^_^
almost 200k sales for japan plus other region sales this coming week and the sales in the long run... soul sacrifice sure has legs!
its not bad for a new ip and the first hunting action genre game by sony ^_^

like you said we can expect a better sequel, besides inafune is already talking with sony and he has new ideas for the sequel to drive more vita sales ^_^

i just dont get why other people want all of vita's exclusives on consoles... (gravity rush and this are examples) but they always says the vita needs exclusive games to drive sales...
they sure really are weird, right?
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knifefight  +   545d ago
It's an outstanding, deep, addictive game.
But sadly, I don't predict it will sell more than a modest amount of Vitas. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see it being more than a cult hit outside of Japan.
erikthegman  +   545d ago
I'm a complete monster hunter slut but the soul sacrifice demo just didn't do it for me to be honest. it just doesn't have the tight controls of freedom unite. I've really tried to enjoy it and I have given it a fair chance. I don't care much for the story, it's the beauty of the hunt that I'm craving and I just don't see myself getting my hunting fix from this game. if anything I think this game is being overrated because of the lack of quality titles on the vita
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puamdefokejpn  +   545d ago
It is amazing,..
erikthegman  +   544d ago
you don't run around looking for monsters, you track them, get to know their traits and personalities and hunt them down. I'm happy people are enjoying the game and I hope it sells well and puts the vita on the Map, I have put many hours into the demo and it doesn't have the nail biting combat of monster hunter when the slightest mistake means death or a tigrex running your face off and you're left with a fraction of your health. I'd like to actually hear the opinions of monster hunter veterans on the game

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