No Plans For A “Catherine” Sequel, Says Atlus

A sequel to Catherine isn't in the cards, according to Atlus.

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Donnieboi2054d ago

Their kinda busy with Persona 5 atm. Plus Atlus's "Persona Team" (the makers of Catherine) never make real "sequels". Their stories always conclude. Even in Persona games, eac one is a brand new story. They might make another similar game to Catherine (another block-puzzle based Romance/Morality-based game) but it won't be called Catherine. That game is done. They will probably start with a new cast of characters so they can have more freedom with where the story can go, instead of unnecessarily dragging Catherine's story on with a sequel.

BlaqMagiq242054d ago

I think I read somewhere that Catherine was like a "test" of their engine for Persona 5. Is that true? I'm just curious. I've yet to play it and I will soon.

lilbroRx2054d ago

Where have they made any sort of announcement about Persona 5?

The last game I remember being announced with their name on it was Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Then there are still Soul Hackers and SMT 4 to come to the U.S.

All of that aside form the fact that the company that owns them is in severe financial trouble.

I still wonder what the Persona game they announced for the 3DS is gonna be.

BlaqMagiq242054d ago

While Atlus hasn't made an official announcement, it was confirmed in Famitsu magazine that " the next Persona" is in early stages of development and the theme of the game has already been solidified with the usual staff coming back.

STK0262054d ago

I don't think a sequel is necessary, it's a good game on its own, it doesn't need to become a franchise and quite frankly, I'm not sure it would gain much by doing so.

On the other hand, I would enjoy either a 3DS or Vita port (most a Vita one since it would be able to keep the original content mostly intact).

WildArmed2054d ago

Yeah, exactly my thoughts. I LOVED the game, but I dont know if it needs a direct sequel. I rather much have them increase the exposure of the game first. 3DS and Vita sound like the correct audience to start with.

Kratoscar20082054d ago

I dont mind as long as they make "The Golden Playhouse" a series, that way "No Chaterine sequel" is null void.

Drainage2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

how can there be a sequel to a game with such an ending? even the golden playhouse wouldnt work since thats also tied to catherine story

wolokowoh2054d ago

Wait isn't that the ninth ending, you're referring to. If so yes, the character is involved, but you're ignoring the fact people had to beat Babel to see it which a separate mode from Golden Playhouse. The Golden Playhouse could still work with a similar but different story. I'd rather just have a spiritual sequel.

CaptainSheep2054d ago

IDC right now, just give me my Persona 5!
(JBTW, I love Catherine and most other Atlus games xP)

WildArmed2054d ago

Persona 5 is looong overdue. After P4G, it's the next logical step!

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The story is too old to be commented.