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Watch_Dogs Special Edition (Netherlands) Uncovered

A special edition for the upcoming action adventure game has been uncovered for Netherlands. Watch_Dogs has been listed on http://www.gamemania.nl/Def... (PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Release Date November 21, 2013?

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Sandmano  +   730d ago
Camaro, skyline and a Bentley, Nice..
Yi-Long  +   729d ago
I guess...
... but I wish everyone who buys a game for full price, would get the same complete game, regardless of chain, regardless of country, regardless of edition, etc etc.

All these different versions, content-wise, for so many games are just annoying.
Sandmano  +   729d ago
Agreed, but business is business...
Yi-Long  +   729d ago
Frustrating a portion of your (potential) customers...
... because they are paying full price for an incomplete game, isn't really great business.

It's just really REALLY annoying.
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   729d ago
And the thing is that most of these "pre-order dlc" is already on the disc...just locked :/
1nsaint  +   729d ago
i think other countries will get this deal as well, i live in the Netherlands, and gamemania always gets the same pre order deals that gamestop gets
irepbtown  +   728d ago
''After completing the mission you get the Vehicle Expert perk: Get free vehicles through your Underground Car Contact and get discounts on exclusive cars'' - From Article

This has made me think, do you buy cars in the game?
In that case these 4 vehicles simply become early unlocks.
da_2pacalypse  +   728d ago
I can never understand why publishers do this... Make one game, make it good, and sell it equally.
Rhaigun  +   728d ago
They do it to encourage preorders and that you buy it new.
Hurricane4343  +   729d ago
Can't wait. These rides look awesome. Sign up today people. We have a fan friendly community.
mcstorm  +   728d ago
I can't wait for this game. Its strange I've never liked gta games but got Lego city for the Wiiu and love it and watch dog looks like its going to be amazing to. Just need to decide what console I get it for when it comes out.
Cyfyxtfg  +   729d ago
camaro, VIPER, 300c, and maybe a barracud? def no skyline

couuuuld be a bently continental. cant tell since its so far back
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RobAlmighty  +   729d ago
The front right car is a GTR Skyline.

Related image(s)
AJ Hartley  +   729d ago
Ah but your all wrong its only an R35 GTR they dont call it the skyline anymore. And to be honest it looks more like a 599 with gtr lights .
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Baylex  +   729d ago
Defenetely not a GTR.. if you're talking about the red one it's like a Viper!!
Not a GTR for sure...
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Tr10wn  +   729d ago
yeah looks like a mix of a 599 with a GTR
Kennytaur  +   729d ago
They're all fake cars. My opinion is;
RED: Fisker Karma mixed with a Maserati GT
GREY: Part Camaro part Challenger.
GREEN: Challenger with a hint of Mustang.
BLACK: Chrysler 300C meets Rolls.
Cyfyxtfg  +   728d ago
ill bend with viper mixed with skyline but the lights are all wrong.they resemble the viper more. IF you guys wave seen the new viper.

@kenny no on the red. and no on green. thats a FULL camora front end
kingPoS  +   728d ago
They got the wrong Camaro, They should of used a 97' T-top. ^_^

Who can forget those rectangle headlamps - Classic!
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   730d ago
But I haven't even tried the Chicago flavored "Watch_Dogs".
Hurricane4343  +   730d ago
Looks like car dealerships, underground and above will have some nice high end rides for us to purchase.

Amagine the physics and damage model to these cars, and also when these bad boys are going well over 100mph over a draw bridge.
SAYGUH  +   729d ago
Somethin tells me this game is gonna be huge, idk what the hell's goin on with me but I can sense the magnitude of all the excitement. Definitely a day 1 purchase for mii. I guarantee this shit's a mega seller just you watch ;)
Hurricane4343  +   729d ago
Oh yes buddy. This is gonna be a game many crave during the holidays, slap on next gen consoles with enhanced AI, graphics, gameplay, it will be hugs like you say.
josephayal  +   729d ago
no corvette no buy
Ken22  +   729d ago
No paletero bike.No buy
FrigidDARKNESS  +   729d ago
Fantasticp news.
Shawtymann  +   729d ago
those don't look like the real cars. Either they are modified or they are doing something similar to GTA where the cars are influenced by real cars. the camaro does not have 4 headlights in real life. and the car on the right looks like a mix between a GTR, Mercedes, & Maserati
cloud495  +   729d ago
On the PS3 box art there is a rectangle box on the right but there isn't one on the 360 box art. Which I'm guessing is for PS3/ PS4 getting exclusive DLC.
Neko_Mega  +   729d ago
Lame, I want something awesome not dlc of cars. I like to see them do what AC3 did with the limited Ed.
djthechamp24  +   729d ago
It would be nice to have a complete game for once
GameReviewGuy  +   728d ago
I still don't know if I want to get this game for the PS3 or PS4.

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