Study: Millions Will Buy Blu-ray In 2008:NPD study says the 'intent to buy' is growing.

Washington, D.C. (March 17, 2008) -- Consumers are more likely to buy Blu-ray players now than ever before, according to a NPD Group consumer research survey, as reported by Video Business.

NPD reports that 10.8 percent of survey respondents said they would purchase a Blu-ray player in the next six months. (The survey was conducted during the week that ended February 20.)

Based on that number, the research company estimates that two million Blu-ray players could be sold in the next six months. (This is based on common assumptions that 25 percent of people who say they intend to buy something usually wind up doing so.)

To date, less than one million standalone Blu-ray players have been sold. (However, the Play Station 3, which has a Blu-ray player inside, has sold millions of units.)

NPD said consumers' "intent to buy" a Blu-ray player is the highest ever recorded since the high-def disc format was launched in the spring of 2006.

In the weeks prior to this survey, NPD says the 'intent to buy Blu-ray' numbers were 9.4 (Feb. 13), 8.9 (Feb. 6) and 8.3 (Jan. 30).

The increased interest in Blu-ray was likely triggered by news that Toshiba was considering pulling the plug on HD DVD, Blu-ray's rival, and ending the high-def format war between the two. Toshiba finally announced on February 19 that it was closing the HD DVD business.

While NPD acknowledges that the 'intent to buy' numbers do not suggest an explosion of Blu-ray sales, it says the increased interest is impressive considering this is the traditional down season in consumer electronics.

"This (increased interest) happened during a quiet part of the year after the Super Bowl, and there was bad weather for shopping," a NPD spokesman said, according to Video Business.

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Sayai jin3539d ago

Hmmm, maybe so, but I will say... It will be a few years befor DVD fades away, some analyst say even longer. For one, most people have standard TVs and even when the upgrade for HDTV becomes mandatory (2008-2009 in the US) most people will pony up and buy a HDTV that has 1080i capability. 1080p TV will still be more expensive and 1080p will be the only true way to get the best out of blu-ray. Most people do not care for super high definition. Most consumer buy a DVD to watch a movie, not to get eye splitting visuals and sound. I love it myself, but ost do not. Blu-ray is still more expensive than DVD $29 USD to $19 USD for DVD which is still $10 cheaper. Not to include the price of the player. No doubt it has dropped in price and will continue to be cheaper so the price will not be an issue for ever. I think that in a few years DVD prices will get to around $15 USD, this will happen before the end of DVD's era. When that time comes around we will have and new technology out the door, one being DD, new disc format, etc. It will take most if not all Movie Studios to stop producing DVD nd make only blu-ray movies, this will not happen for a while.

Most people will ask themselves why do I need a blu-ry player when most movies are still being produced on DVD, I do not need to spend anymore money, etc. I can see million when the Ratio becomes 50 / 50 DVD to blu-ray. For the average consumer there is really no big reason to switch.

xfrgtr3539d ago

Most people will ask themselves why do I need a dvd player when most movies are being produced on bluray. For the average consumer owning a HDTV there is really a big reason to switch.

Sayai jin3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Hmmm, not trying to be mean, but your topic does not hold water. You may be misinformed. For one, most people own a DVD player so they would not have to buy one. So you ar saying that there are more movies on blu-ray than DVD or are even planned over the nest year. Please provide a list or some type of info backing your comments. I can tell you as of Feb 2008 blu-ry titles total 450 in the US according to the Blu-ray camp while DVD currently has well over 40,000 and some reports go well over 80,000, is that even a 100 to 1 ratio? Movies are made for DVD first and then considered for blu-ray. All Movies that are made in blu-ray oare still being made for DVD nt the other way around. As far as your HDTV claim, most still do not own a HDTV, but when eveyone starts to upgrade they will get a 1080i HDTV. DVD players that upscale cost about $80 to $120 USD. Even the normal DVD players use component video which is exceptional quality, not near blu-rays, but the average consumer is not going after next gen visuals. This is why movie studios will be releasing movies on DVDs for a while. You seemed to have that confused.