GT5 Prologue pre-orders haven't hit 1 million yet, says SCEE


"Seems the previous report saying GT5 Prologue pre-orders had hit 1 million in Europe was a bit off. A SCEE rep just got back to us saying they'd "been checking this information internally and can confirm that we currently have orders for almost 1 million units of GT5 Prologue across SCEE territories.""

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Meus Renaissance3689d ago

*Meus orders one more copy*

NOW it's reached 1million pre-orders

Cwalat3689d ago

how many could the previous article been off by ? 10,000?

lol, considering these are only from SCEE territories, US and other PAL not included, i'd say it's close to 1,5 million preorders or it could be even more...

So it will probably sell close to 2 million on the first day.
don't forget all the ppl who are waiting for the PSN version, so its gonna be one hell of a ride !!!

MURKERR3689d ago

pre-orders for a demo

isnt that history being made?

JOLLY13689d ago

Crackdown had over 1 mill for a demo...Calm down that was a joke!

Mr_Showtime13689d ago

who dont even bother pre-ordering, it doesnt give that much of an advantage anyway, i myself havent pe-ordered

blusoops3689d ago

There is one advantage to pre-ordering (at least in the US) get $5 off on the game if you preorder through So, I preordered mine and am only gonna pay $35!

rawd3689d ago

Got mine from Dell, $29.99 plus free shipping!

rawd3689d ago

Canada :)

They had a Dell Deal one day, it was sold out by noon

tweaker3689d ago

Me too haven't pre-order. I'm probably going the download off PSN route.

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The story is too old to be commented.