Injustice - Gods Among Us Gives DC Comics The Fighting Game It Deserves | BadassDigest

BadassDigest writes:

Injustice is really the first game that feels like it was created around the idea of super-powered matches, and while we’ll see how well it holds up over dozens of matches the sheer thrill of seeing all these powers collide makes the price of admission worth it. You’re two for two, NetherRealm Studios.

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1973d ago
kostchtchie_1973d ago

game is brilliant, totally love it and hope they add lots characters

DarkBlood1973d ago

the star labs mission is ticking me off though, im 72% completed trophy wise and those missions are hindering me from being one step closer as well as the battle challenges lol wanted to turn into the hulk

kostchtchie_1972d ago

ha ha, indeed my friend i want to play the joker missions in labs, i don't know if i have got the skill for that :P

DarkBlood1972d ago

yeah i just dont like how the AI behaves so violently the further progress i make lol