FIFA 14 Will Include Turkish Super Lig

It looks like the rumoured inclusion of Fenerbahce in FIFA 14 were true, as the whole Turkish Super Lig will be included.

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US8F1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Sorry but not that nice. I already have it in my career mode, amongst other tournaments that i downloaded from the creation center. I refuse to purchase a game that has the same bugs, the same annoyances as Fifa 11, 12, 13. Seeing that they went back to their gimmicks ways in making very small changes and giving them big names like "PURE SHOT" wont fool me anymore. Typical EA

I have high hopes for PES 2014.

-Engine based on FOX Engine
-Engine referred to as “new engine”
-New physics engine uses “Barycentre physics”
-Barycentre physics: different body parts have different weights
-Collisions are similar to FIFA
-Impact strength of collisions depend on which part of the body is hit
-Team is focusing on “photo-realism” for graphics
-One closeup of a Japanese player’s face in EDGE shows detailed skin pores and individual eyebrows
-Shirts are separate from the player models
-Shirts hang from the players and flow and get pulled when jostling
-Ball control radius in 3x bigger than current gen, providing more dynamic off-ball tussles while player’s legs try to get control of the ball
-Can set a player’s “zones”
-This allows you to have an individual player only be allowed to move in a small area of the pitch while defending
-more natural animations and fluid transitions than FIFA

And that is only the gist of it. Go look at the EDGE magazine and tell me it wont kick ass this year.

it has yet to be announced beyond that.

I believe their only hindrance to their current ge games was their old ass engine, but that they used fox engine for 4 years (September 2009) to create their PES 2014, oh the future is bright!

Sandmano1824d ago

"King: is back syndrome?

US8F1824d ago

i believe in Konami. Honestly, think about what they did this gen with a crappy engine. Have you played PES 10? have you seen the graphics in that?, PES 11, the online aspect? PES 12?, PES 13 the latest patch?

They are incredibly talented but limited implementations makes them take features and script their games where sometimes you feel sad at the obvious scripting for the AI to score last minute.

However, The fox engine, like they said(and kojima too) is scalable that it will work in this engine, scale to next generation engine, and even possible scale to future generations. Kojima created a benchmark.

Just the fact that porject leader keeps on mentioning that "talk is cheap" says a lot!.

They have a big surprise for us when it comes to online too. I have been browsing their dedicated fan site forums, and you can see that there would be a lot of implementations to your game(I'm thinking like creation center of FIFA) where you can download edited team names and stuff(correct licensing) so fast, and many more. They will come with the bang.

Fifa 13 has awesome presentations and I own that game right now, from commentray and everything but man the same bugs over and over again, just kills it for me. Plus, play it for a month and you will know that you have gone by the bells and whistles and it is basically a soccer game with no soul.

Myst-Vearn1824d ago

PES has been garbage this whole gen, I am not going to go crazy just because they will use a new engine.

US8F1824d ago

@ lena

You have every right to believe that. I don't blame you, I have been disapointed in all of the current engine PES games, but I have faith in them in bringing a revelutionary game in PES 2014. still lets wait and see how it rolls out.

My last bubble so can't reply back anymore.


Baka-akaB1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )


Why not ? Fifa have been crap multiple gens in row and people only have been crazy about it once they changed their engine .

It allowed for better gameplay , physics and animations on top of their standard monopoly over world cups and most clubs .

PEs could "easily" go through the same process of rejuvenation with a new engine . At least then , no more excuses

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GreenRanger1824d ago

Will it have a 'Nom Nom Nom' mode?

Reborn1824d ago

Lol? PES has been garbage? Lemme guess, FIFA has been awesome111.

No it hasn't. FIFA would have survived off simple expansions. Rather than full out games. But EA, just like Activision, aren't stupid. They know customers expect it, and want it. So they do it. Rightly so.

However, that doesn't mean the quality of the game has improved. Yes PES slacked off. But the PES13 showed what Konami are doing to pull it back. Their doing all the right things. They'll be the competition that forces EA, once again, to step up, or go home.

PES14 has the potential to knock EA back down to earth. I hope it does.

Baka-akaB1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

PES 13 would have been my choice this year if not for odd decisions like removing leagues championships outside of manager modes . And their horrible patch support that cripple and kill the gameplay once everywhile .

The new engine kept being promised and announced for years , and now there it is . I'll give it a fair chance , and dont even think i'll choose this time fifa by default , given how lazy and uneventful it looks so far from the tidbits of the "14 edition .

Pes gotta convince me , or its nothing