The Divnich Tapes: PlayStation 3 Vs. Xbox 360 In The USA

Throughout this week, simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich is presenting exclusive Gamasutra analysis of January's hardware and software trends, using data from The simExchange, NPD, IGN GamerMetrics and GameTrailers. First up - an update on the fascinating PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hardware war.

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BulletToothtony3723d ago

i wonder why they think that the ps3 it's gonna lose steam and the 360 is gonna gain almost 200,000 more sales by march.. unless the shortage was true i don't think their predictions are accurate.. i think that the 360 will still outsell the ps3 for a few more months, in the us of course, and maybe for the holidays in the us..

but worldwide the ps3 it's not getting outsold again

PimpHandStrong3723d ago

in October the 360 will be blown out of the water over the holidays

SUP3R3723d ago

I can probably see the 360 sales increase a bit for GTAIV, but the same can be said about the PS3.
The thing is if you compare the sales of both consoles in terms of future outlook, which is a primary focus in business, the 360 doesn't have the boom effect it did back in 2007 coming into 2008. The 360 looks outdated in comparison and sales will continue to reflect this more and more every month.
I can't see it outselling the PS3 consistently anymore except when GTAIV and Gears2 is released and even then I think both will be equal in sales.

le killer3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

victory will help sony too start gaining momentum. and the promise of some decent exclusives should help aswell. things have changed though this gen, and it seems that what sells well in one region does'nt do that well in another.

2nd place is gonna be a close thing this time around, and it's definately not clear cut. although the sony army on here like to use such sayings as "now microsoft is getting it's arse handed to them", which is true in japan, but certainly not in the other territories. just look at the figures that guy has posted to see that the above statement is hardly true. and if by outselling the 360 by 35k is all that sony can do, then it's gonna take them some time to make up the numbers on microsoft. and by the time that happens, microsoft will be talking about it's next console.

if microsoft drop their prices in NA, then sony are gonna need to do the same. no ifs or buts. i know the early adopters don't think sony should (because they've obviously paid through the nose for something that's so much cheaper now), they're gonna have too or they are gonna start slipping behind again.

@ tt sup3r

how does the 360 look outdated? if by not having a HD movie player built in then it does granted. but in the game-playing department! what's so different apart from the exclusives???? 360 and ps3 games will continue to get better for the next few years. BOTH consoles will get games that look better and better as developers find more ways in which to max the console. outdated lol!

SUP3R3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I was mainly refering to the lack of a high capacity format as well as a HDD standard in each system makes it look outdated in comparison.
Another comparison on the development side of games, the 360 has to push a lot harder for greater performance from what we've seen thus far, while the PS3 still has miles to go before the performance peak is visible.

Harry1903723d ago

of getting a new next next-gen console
from microsoft so early?please answer the question.there are no

Harry1903723d ago

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