The Daily Five: NES & SNES Classics That Need HD Remasters

"There are plenty of other great games that have fallen by the wayside, lost in the annals of time. If a game like DuckTales Remastered can get a large part of the gaming public excited, imagine what these five games could do." - Joe Garcia

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Capt-FuzzyPants1275d ago

Pretty sure that was on the Nintendo 64. Not the NES or SNES.

Skate-AK1275d ago

I got so far. Like 10 years ago when I was a kid. Then my file corrupted :(

Kratoscar20081275d ago

Out of this world, an esque Oodworld game needs one.

jcnba281275d ago

Why does Samus look like she's bursting to go to the toilet in the thumbnail?

Morgue1275d ago

It'll never happen but Soulblazer for the SNES would be pretty killer. That and Blackthorne.

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