New Report On Xbox's Red ring of Death (RRoD) - ABC7NEWS

By Michael Finney

Have you heard of the red rings of death? If you have, you are probably an online gamer. If you haven't, you have a lot to learn. It's one of the nation's worst kept secrets.

It's known as the red ring of death, the red ring of doom, or the ring of fire. If you know where to look on the Internet, you can find plenty of pictures of the phenomenon.

"The three rings of death is actually a series of three lights that form around the power button on the Xbox 360. It's kind of a warning sign to call tech support in a hurry," says Darren Gladstone with PC World.

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decapitator3720d ago

It seems this issue would never die. ABC7 seems to be pushing the story even more.

Fototherapist3719d ago

I just got my first RROD on Sunday. I've had my 360 since November of 2006 and had no real problems to speak of, until now. I put Condemned 2 in and watched it freeze, followed by those brilliant red flashing lights. I'm just waiting on that "care package" from Microsoft to arrive in the mail.

Lifendz3719d ago

the above story is the reason why I just won't buy a 360.

Glad to be a gamer3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

But the 40% increase in 360 sales is 260 deg and has 90 comments. Is this site really that corrupt. This is embarrasing i knew this site was biased but this is shocking i may have to submit and article on this i wonder if it will get approved? sarcasm.

On a side note is this all you ps3 only fans have to make you feel better about your purchase. its kinda pathetic really. oh well i suppose if it makes you feel better.

TheKungFool3719d ago

you speak as if its only the Sony fans who are biased, but where are all those overzealous 360 fans droning on about the demise of the PS3 now that Sony is getting the positive press?

And so what if the article about the RRoD is getting more attention than the one about the 360 sales increases!? Sales increases will fluxuate as they always have, but a hardware problem like the 360s is in all reality a bigger story.

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TriggerHappy3720d ago

Wait..there is a theme song now ? Anyone got link ?

decapitator3720d ago

"Google is your best friend, my friend." - A simple search will provide you with results.

uxo223720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

ops wrong section

DarkSniper3720d ago

This is delightment and true eye candy to Dark Sniper's eyes. Finally, the general public and the uninformed gamer is receiving the word on the lies and backstabbing Xbox 360 has given it's owners. America has finally caught on, Red Light 360 is the absolute worst piece of machinery ever known to mankind. PLAYSTATION® 3 has defined itself as the console to purchase this generation. All you're required to do is jump out and Play B3yond.


AngryTypingGuy3720d ago

I noticed that you like to talk in the third person, kind've like The Rock. Maybe you can call yourself The Douche.

BeaArthur3720d ago

hahah, I was about to post that like 10 minutes ago. I agree, only douche bags talk in the 3rd person. It's not cool or funny and you sound so ridiculous that even if you had something valid to say I wouldn't even pay attention to it.

doodle3720d ago

anyone that buys THT TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME is a douche bag like you

stupid XBUGS no one cares about that break box 3 fix me anymore --the least selling console in the world ( completely dead in europe and japan) and also dying in USA

BeaArthur3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Who said I even own a 360. All I said was that people who talk in the 3rd person are douche bags. Also people who are fanboys (such as yourself) are also douche bags. I mean come on you spend how many hours a day making fun of xbox and Microsoft? Who cares, if you don't like it don't buy one. But thanks for reminding me why I typically stay away from the open zone...dealing with retards like you.

iAmPS33719d ago

We might have some more information here:

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Kaz Hirai3720d ago

It's about time everyone knew what Nazisoft are like:- Satan worshipping FILTH whose only purpose is to spread FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT, REGRET and MISERY throughout the gaming community!
Their only goal is to crush people's dreams- If Nazisoft had their way, Christmas would be cancelled and all that's good in the world would be gradually destroyed.

PIGS, this is King Kaz's advice to you- "Jump Ship!"


squallsoft3720d ago

...if the Boeing 747 had a 16% failure rate? For shame... Microsoft... for shame....


Sayai jin3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Hmmm, that would be ashame. I would have to drive every where, LOL. What does Boeing have to do with gaming though. Could you imagine if Boeing aircraft Avionics or flight controls got "Read Errors". This can go around and around.

@decapitator - Yeah, I know, but it something that will plague this system forever, like it or not. Interesting though is that it is still considered a very good console.

decapitator3720d ago

No one is saying is a bad console. The problem is, there have been countless revisions and the systems still die although not as frequent as the first batch. After falcon and many others, it is a bit ridiculous to still have 360 sometimes crap on you.

Sayai jin3720d ago

@decapitator - Huh? I never implied you were saying it was it was a bad console. So I do not know what you men. In fact I said it is something that will always plaque the 360, so instead of using diffrent wording I said the same thing as you. It is ashae if your console craps out on you, this case being the 360. I hve heard that the new chips have a very small failure rate, but no credible sources to narrow it dow. Regardless even if it is 5% a person does not wnt to be in the 5%. It boils down to personl experience. I know plenty who are or were angered when there 360 died on them. With that said, my experience was this. I brought original launch 360 and I moved to Europe so I brought another 360 for the move and one went in my shipment. Both of them still work fine with no RROD's. I never sold te other one becuase I brought house tht hs 3 floors and 3,800 square foot or 380 square meters house. I set up an really nice game room down stairs, but sometimes did not wnt to go down to the bottom floor to get some quick XBL action. So with both of them working I do not fall in the 16 % or 70% of failures. I brought a Wii that Christmas in 2006 for my children, but I enjoyed it as well and it still works flawlessly. Then I thought what gaming room is complete without a Sony console, since I got rid of my PS2 due to the contant "disc read errors), it was the first console to die on me, technically. That did not stop me from buying a PS3 in Ealry 2007, the system played flawlessly until the 2nd week. My PS3 blew it's power supply, Sony replaced it ad the second one is working fine. The PS3 failure rate is verly low some say as low as 2 to 3%, but I fell in that category. So in a nutshell after at least 10 consoles from the Atari 2600 to this gen consoles I have only had to fail on me, both were Sony consoles. My wife asked me if I was going to buy another console after going through 4 PS2 and I said hell yeah I have to get all that is great in the PS3, becuase I know that al electronic devices can experience failures. I only wish that MS would have QC'd it better or had a fix action a lot sooner. I think it should have een addressed and solved, but apparently not. You can not do anything about the past, but try to fix what is worng and make sure it does not happen again, right? I doubt if MS could do it all over again they would release a device with this many problems the same goes for Sony with all the disc read errors.

As far as the disagrees, I know way am I defending MS, simply because I do not work for them or own stock in the company. I am only stating facts which are unbiased. People do not like to aknowledge failures of previous consoles they act as like this is the first time that this has happened. It will happen again with the another system in the future. We hope it will not be with the one we own.

decapitator3720d ago

Oh dude..I didn't meant it like that at all..YOu said "still considered a very good console." And I just just wanted to say that piece..:)

uxo223720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

WHAT? How could you even bring yourself to compare the 360 failure rate with that of a boeing 747. That's just ludicrous! I really don't think anyone has died or been badly injured from the failure of an xbox 360. That is so dumb.

You know what, if would be scary if the 747 had a 1% failure rate, if the failure rate that you speak of is one that causes the plane to fall out of the sky.

As for the console failure rate based on console revision. I am yet to see ANY numbers separating the lauch 360 failure rate vs the newer models. Yet people are alway barking about the rates. Every day there is at least 1 STUPID RROD story posted to this site. PEOPLE how many times do we need to hear about this. Everyone (at least the uses N4G have already read at least 10 renditions of this subject.

The fact that the failure rates reported are ranging from 10% to 60% just shows that no one really know what the rate is, yet they are still reporting unproven (scientifically) numbers.

If some want to post RROD stories, lets find something new. Like original 360 failure rates vs newer falcon failure rates. Now that would be an interesting read. You would think that someone like "ABC-7" would have the resources to get some real numbers. Hell, this guys seem more clueless than your typical casual gamer.

Sayai jin3720d ago

No problem, I was just trying to clarify what I was saying.

spoiled93720d ago

Lets say hypothetically your needed to hook up a game console to run your plane's computer, would you use a Xbox360 or a PS3(which might be possible)? That's another way of putting squallsoft's message.

uxo223720d ago

Man, that was even more lame than his comment was..haha

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