How fast is the Wii U after its latest update? Here are some numbers.

NE: "I think the improved load times are what the majority of Wii U owners are looking forward to the most with the Spring update that was just released, and if you’re still waiting for the thing to download/install, you’re someone without a Wii U who wants to see if Nintendo made good on their promise, or you’re just curious what the actual numbers are, I’ve got you covered. All figures are listed in seconds."

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guitarded771853d ago

It really is much faster... I like it. They probably should have spent more time on the OS, but at least they've shown they plan on taking system software updates seriously.

cleft51854d ago

Glad to see Nintendo solving these issues. When they come out with more games I want I will be happy to purchase the system.

PygmelionHunter1854d ago

Iwata said there will be more updates like this until you can seamlessly go from one app to another, I truly hope he wasn't lying.

extermin8or1853d ago

yeah but tbh it should have been like that from day 1 i mean i'd be pretty pissed off if my phone couldn't do it but samsung had come out and said "don't worry there will be patches to allow it to have the functionality we mentioned it'd have before you bought it" - I mean both microsft and Sony have at the very least the main core functions they promise then to be there day 2, sometimes it might take a month r so but like coming up to 6 months....

PygmelionHunter1853d ago

But you have to remember that neither the PS3 nor the 360 were what they are today before all the firmware updates they got (specially the PS3), and those consoles had very limited RAM. The Wii U can use up to 1GB of Ram for OS only, I see great potential in that, and I want Nintendo to realize it too and give us lots of features and great OS performance.

extermin8or1853d ago

issue isn't the amount of RAM but it's transfer speeds, that's the limiting factors, and no they weren't but 90% of their changes where new things, not fixing core functionality..

josephayal1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

my Wii U performed 96% MUCH faster than before

jameson123451854d ago

I'm so happy this was fixed. It always took too long to do anything on the system. Are Hulu Plus's stability issues fixed too?

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The story is too old to be commented.