Digital Foundry- Face-Off: Dead Island Riptide

EG:Polish developer Techland is back, once again utilising its own Chrome Engine 5 to bring Dead Island's lush tropical environments to life. Attractive, expansive and dripping with detail, Riptide is an effective work-out for the bespoke technology, also seeing an increase in overall enemy count and better realising a world overrun by flesh eating monstrosities. The studio has also taken on-board criticism levelled at the first game in other areas: Dead Island Riptide is a noticeable more polished release, with far fewer of the infuriating glitches that previously tarnished the experience. The result is a smoother, more complete journey into the zombie apocalypse.

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PersonMan1817d ago

This game looks terrible on all platforms and screen tearing turns me off.

InMyOpinion1817d ago

Looks less terrible on PC and Xbox 360 though.

CGI-Quality1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Did you actually read the article? One thing they say is the PS3 version has visual ADVANTAGES over both the 360 and PC iterations.

It's the performance and bug issues that it has more of.

1817d ago
gamernova1817d ago

Loving this game on PC. It does have its problems but those problems just make me love the game even more. It is so odd haha