Wii and DS continue to 'dominate game sales' in the UK

Games chart specialists Chart Track and industry body ELSPA have published chart analysis data showing Nintendo dominated the UK industry during February.

According to the latest statistics, the Wii enjoyed 21.3% of all game sales during the month, with the DS running a close second at 19.8%.

Xbox 360 was third with 18.4% of all games sold, while Sony's PlayStation 3 was still at the bottom of the current next-gen consoles with 17.1%.

The PC, however, appears to be on a slowdown, with just 15.2% of all titles sold on the format, ahead of Sony's PS2 (4.1%) and Portable PlayStation (3.8%).

Chart Track's director Dorian Bloch said: "Look at the format share and you'll notice that the PC is not doing particularly well at the moment, as it revolves around The Sims, World of Warcraft, Football Manager and the odd war/strategy title (e.g., Call of Duty), with the more traditional games not performing well at all. We feel the market for PC games is on a downward spiral in terms of value generated in the UK market."

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Intrepid3625d ago

Portable Playstation? Now it's the PPS?

And jeez... who said Nintendo can't sell software?

jinn3624d ago

its cuz kids r still playing with little toys