WA student uses Xbox for aged care help

A Perth student has devised a low-cost home monitoring system for the sick, elderly or disabled, using an off-the-shelf X-box Kinect game console.

As part of a research project, Edith Cowan University computer science honours student Laurence Da Luz has developed software that uses the built-in motion detection features within an X-box Kinect to continually track a person's movements in their home and learn their daily routine.

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AkatsukiPain1878d ago

As much as I think kinect & other devices are just gimmicks, im always down for it when ppl can use it for a good cause. I respect elderly ppl & give those who help them much props. Good job WA student, much respect to u.

Shinra Tensei

coolbeans1878d ago

Indeed. It's fascinating to see just how far superfluous videogame peripherals have come in regards to technology.

Coolinra Beansei

AkatsukiPain1878d ago

[email protected] Coolinra Beansei haha good one. =]

Definitely agree & its always good to see how gaming helps our society in any way. Even [email protected] is alot help aslong as its for a good cause, its never a bad thing.

Well no matter if it doesnt get attention from the rest of the world, those who do know will never forget & are thankful especially the ppl they are helping. The smile they put on their faces is, "PRICELESS".

Indeed, its always cool to have an article that doesnt have each side pulling their hairs out lol. Atleast we can all agree on something positive together once in a while before we go back to our internet text battles lol. =]

Shinra Tensei

NukaCola1878d ago

Like the Wii being used in physical therapy for people with serious injuries from car accidents to combat. Its good when anyone helps another in anyway they can. I truly don't know how much I helped but when PS3 first came out, I used [email protected] a lot because it was a good way to support medical research.

TiberusX871878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Perth doesn't receive a lot of attention within the Game Industry, so it's great to see something productive coming from our hometown. What a remarkable idea!

Jek_Porkins1878d ago

Nice to see a positive human interest story intersect with a positive gaming story.

Knight_Crawler1878d ago

Faith in humanity restored.

goldwyncq1878d ago

If I have a penny every time someone says that...